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Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

From Personal Insight to Organisational Performance

  • By: Graham Lee

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ISBN: 9789386105073

Bind: Paperback

Year: 2017

Pages: 182

Size: 6.5 x 5 mm

Publisher: Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

Published in India by: Viva Books

Exclusive Distributors: Viva Books

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Leadership coaching has become a key to success for both individuals and organisations. Graham Leede monstrates here that he is a master of the field, packing his book with insights and practical ideas. No one has done a better job of integrating our understandings from psychology into the training of today's leaders. I enthusiastically recommend this book to managers, coaches, therapists and students!
David Gergen, Director, Center for Public Leadership, John F Kennedy School, Harvard University and Former Adviser to Four US Presidents'

A wise and thought provoking account of professional coaching. Graham Lee invites us to look more deeply at managerial motivations, and shows how coaching can guide the process of increasing self-awareness and creating lasting change.The model of authentic leadership is particularly useful; I could immediately recognise how colleagues fit within it, and so understand the psychological journey that coaching will need to entail.
Stuart Horwood Managing Director, BT Wholesale Markets

If you are going to readjust one book on coaching this year, this is the one.
David Megginson, Professor of HRD, Sheffield Hallam University and co-chair European Mentoring & Coaching Council.

How good is much of the coaching available to managers today?
Effective leadership coaching can massively improve a manager's performance ? but unfortunately good coaching is more than just passing on one's own business experience. Developing authentic leadership through coaching is about changing deeply personal,  often unconscious, elements of a manager's behaviour.

Leadership Coaching sets out a five-stage coaching model, and works through each of these stages in detail, highlighting the skills that coaches require and the issues they are likely to face. It also offers HR managers sponsoring coaching an understanding of the competencies necessary for effective coaching, and provides a standard procedure for buying in coaching services.
Lee triumphantly succeeds in combining practical business experience with an accessible presentation of the deeper psychological aspects of improving managerial performance and overcoming resistance to change.

Target Audience:

Ideal for management student and corporate leaders, trainers, professors. 


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Introduction: The aim of the book • Key themes • Who is the book for? • An outline of the book

Chapter 1: The challenge of authentic leadership: The paradox of leadership • Authentic leadership • Defensive or reactive forms of leadership • Defiant leadership • Compliant leadership • Developing authentic leadership • The bias towards task • The problem of task-focused coaching • Leadership coaching • Distinguishing coaching and therapy

Chapter 2: The ACE FIRST model of change : ACE FIRST patterns • The ACE FIRST model of change • Using the model to evoke change • Actions, cognitions and emotions (ACE patterns) • ACE patterns • FIRST: The context for change

Chapter 3: The role of the unconscious: The unconscious • Key unconscious processes • Unconscious processes and the capacity to think • Implications for change • Making links

Chapter 4: Learning: LASER: A coaching process • Making Learning Possible • The Learning Space • The practical management of the learning space

Chapter 5: Assessing: The aims of assessing • Sources of information • Questioning • Assessing unconscious factors • Transference • Counter transference

Chapter 6: Story-making: Multiple perspectives • Story-making through conversation • The systemic story • The cognitive story • The history story • The personality story • The relationship story

Chapter 7: Enabling: The change cycle • Using stories to enable change • Enabling change according to leadership style

Chapter 8: Reframing: Reframing emotions • Reframing cognitions • Reframing actions • Ending

Chapter 9: Qualities and competencies: Core competencies • Training • Theoretical learning.? Experiential learning • Ongoing development • Buying coaching

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About the Author:

Graham Lee, a qualified psychologist with adecade's managerial experience in the business world, shows coaches how to be more sophisticated in their understanding of psychology and how to develop the skills that will enable them to work on both the psychological and the practical elements of improving managerial performance.


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