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Becoming A Can-Do Leader

Becoming A Can-Do Leader

Becoming A Can-Do Leader

A Guide for the Busy Manager

  • By: Frank Satterthwaite, Jamie Millard

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ISBN: 9789387925243

Bind: Paperback

Year: 2019

Pages: 152

Size: 6 x 9 Inch

Publisher: ATD Press

Published in India by: Viva Books

Exclusive Distributors: Viva Books

Sales Territory: India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka


"Becoming A Can Do Leader provides specific suggestions and compelling examples to help leaders find the 'can-do zone' —an optimum mix of engagement and delegation that releases a team's energy in the most productive way."
—Clay Jones, Retired Chairman and CEO, Rockwell Collins

"Becoming a Can-Do Leader not only recognizes the struggles we all have as working managers, but gives practical tips for becoming more effective and efficient—a win-win all around!"
—Karen Freedman, VP of Learning, global insurance company

"A real break from the traditional 'play your position' leadership philosophy, Becoming a Can-Do Leader shows the reader how to lead and do at the same time, a valuable and necessary skill in today's fast-paced world."
—Jane Brown Grimes, Former President and Chairman of the Board, U.S. Tennis Association

"The new economy is demanding a new kind of leader who is both manager and technical expert—both leader and doer. Unfortunately there was precious little advice on how to effectively perform both roles, until now. Becoming A Can-Do Leader provides 
practical advice on mastering both roles, and creating a powerful learning culture."

—Walter McFarland, Co-Author, Choosing Change

"At Johnson & Wales University we like to disrupt conventional thinking in ways that will enable our students to continue to achieve professional success as leaders in the fast-changing world ahead. Becoming a Can-Do Leader provides practical steps for doing just that."
—Thomas L. Dwyer, Provost, Johnson & Wales University

"Unleashing the ?can-do? in each of us is a prerequisite for delivering value in today's workplace environments. Becoming a Can-Do Leader provides useful tips and tools so managers can deal with fast-moving change while still delivering on their commitments."
—Beth Nelson Cliff, VP, Head of Talent and Organizational Development, Shire

"Becoming a Can-Do Leader is a must read for those of us driven to distraction by having to be both a leader and a doer."
—Tom Casey, Managing Principal, Discussion Partners Collaborative

"Becoming a Can-Do Leader addresses the dichotomous relationship between leading and doing in a practical way that empowers managers to still do what they love while also building team capability. The can-do leadership approach offers a shift in leadership practices that is timely in the faster-paced, results oriented world of business today."

—David J. DeFilippo, EdD, Chief Learning Officer, Suffolk Construction

"Incorporating the can-do leader concepts and strategies into our management training has brought about a very positive measurable impact on the performance of our leaders and their teams."
—Don Nusser, VP and Manager of Learning & Development, Mott MacDonald North America

"Becoming a Can-Do Leader stands out as a great how-to guide for those busy executives who both lead by doing and do by leading. I found it chock-full of useful insights and practical ideas and I?ll keep it on my desk for daily use."
—Bill Wray, Chief Risk Officer, Washington Trust Bank

"Based on real-world practical experience, Becoming a Can-Do Leader is a valuable resource for getting things done. The strategies, tools, and learning culture presented in this quick read are valuable for all managers."
—Paul R. Sullivan, Founder and former Managing Director, Global Partners Inc.

"Becoming a Can Do Leader employs practical solutions to problems from a variety of fields that reach beyond the particular context, putting theory into practice, addressing challenges drawn from real life. The book's authentic distillation of complex strategies is a gift for player-managers in the new millennium."
—Emmett P. Tracy, MBA, PhD, Postgraduate Dean, Hult International Business School

"The authors help managers become better leaders by providing useful ways to both develop their people and apply their professional expertise. A must read for managers at any level."
—Alan Frohman, Executive Coach Author, The Middle Manager's Challenge

"In a time when managers are being asked to do more and more, Becoming a Can-Do Leader provides them with practical methods to get the work done, develop their people, and continue to grow professionally. It can turn a frustrated manager into a fulfilled one."
—Matt Nash, SVP Marketing, national donor advised fund charity


Manage without giving up the work you love and discover the leader within.

Conventional management thinking says that to manage effectively you must delegate. It implies that managers fall into a dangerous trap when they continue to perform tasks they love from a previous role. And it says that to not ?let go? is to give in to a controlling tendency that robs staff of development opportunities. But not everyone agrees.

Today's increasingly knowledge-driven, cost-competitive work world is changing the way management gets done. More and more, people in management roles are becoming can-do leaders who must continue to practice their speciality while managing and developing the skills of others. But this group has had few guidelines to follow—until now. In Becoming A Can-Do Leader, executive coaches Frank Satterthwaite and Jamie Millard say it's time that management thinking catches up with reality. Their extensive experience training and coaching player-managers at all levels has shown that successful managers both delegate and do.

Whether you're trying to survive your first promotion or coaching executives who yearn to keep up with their field, essential guidelines for can-do leadership are inside this book. You?ll find workplace examples that ring true, as well as unique strategies and tools that both help you identify your values and provide insight into your natural leadership style.

Don't let your knowledge and skills decline by stepping completely out of the professional picture. It's time to get productively and selectively involved in the work, enabling you to manage more effectively and keep up with important advances in your field—all while developing and leading your team to success.

Discover how to work strategically with staff while continuing to grow expertise in your profession. That's can-do leadership.


Target Audience:

This book is intended for people in leadership role.



Introduction: Too Busy to Read This Book?

Chapter 1. To Make the Can-Do Mind Shift: Be a Myth Buster

Chapter 2. To Get the Right Stuff Done: Think TPL

Chapter 3. To Unleash the Can-Do Spirit: Check Their VITALS

Chapter 4. To Enhance Your Leadership: Engage in Situational Doing

Chapter 5. To Build a Can-Do Team: Use Delegation That emPOWERS

Chapter 6. To Keep Improving: Create a Can-Do Learning Culture

Chapter 7. To Be a Star With Career Security: Be a Can-Do Champion

The Can-Do Leader's Lexicon

Appendix I: Can-Do Leader TPL Leadership Style Profiler

Appendix II: Can-Do Spirit VITALS Checkup


About the Authors


About the Authors:

Frank Satterthwaite is a professor of organizational leadership and past director of the MBA program at Johnson & Wales University. He is the senior author of The Career Portfolio Workbook: Using the Newest Tool in Your Job-Hunting Arsenal to Impress Employers and Land a Great Job (McGraw-Hill 2003), which was selected as an Editor's Choice at the Wall Street Journal's His autobiography as an athlete, The Three-Wall Nick and Other Angles (Holt 1979), received critical acclaim from The New Yorker magazine.

Frank has given numerous presentations with Jamie Millard on developing the can-do mindset at international conferences, and has been a frequent blogger for the Association for Talent Development (ATD) Management Community of Practice. Frank and Jamie's webcasts, podcasts, and video clips on can-do leadership are included in the ATD online library.

In addition to Frank and Jamie's cover story for TD magazine in June 2016, Frank's articles have appeared in numerous national magazines, including Esquire, and he has appeared on nationally broadcast radio and TV programs in both the United States and Canada. He also wrote and hosted six half-hour educational TV shows for PBS affiliate WXXI.

Frank has a management consulting and executive coaching practice in which he helps managers become can-do leaders. He studied psychology at Princeton and received a PhD in organizational behavior from Yale. He was also a member of the U.S. national men's squash team. Frank and his architect wife, Martha Werenfels, live in Rhode Island. They have (and are very proud of) two sons, Peter and Toby. Frank can be reached at


Jamie Millard is the executive partner and co-founder of Lexington Leadership Partners, a leadership development firm focused on customized leadership training and executive coaching. Many of the book's can-do leader concepts were tested and refined based on his extensive experience as a leader, consultant, trainer, and coach.

Jamie's clients have included AECOM, AT&T, Bayer MaterialScience, Conti, Draper Laboratory, DuPont, EMC, GE, GTech, Heidrick & Stuggles, The Home Depot, IBM, KVH, The Learning Company, Macronix, Mercy Hospital, Mott MacDonald, Nationwide Insurance, Nuance, PwC, Raytheon, Rockwell Collins, Rohm & Haas, Schering Plough, State Street, United Technologies, U.S. Navy, VCE, and WEA Trust.

Jamie formerly led the National Organization Change Management Practice at CSC Consulting. Prior to that he was a managing director at Coopers & Lybrand (now PwC), which acquired Harbridge House, where he led the Continuous Improvement and Project Management practices. Earlier, he was a manager in Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co (now KPMG). He began his journey in leadership as a U.S. Army captain and U.S. Army Ranger.

Jamie and Frank regularly present at ATD and other international conferences on helping busy managers become can-do leaders. Together, they are featured in ATD webcasts, video clips, podcasts, and blogs, which are available in the ATD online library.

Jamie holds a BS from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and an MBA from the University of Rhode Island. He is a member of the Global Educator Network with Duke Corporate Education, a professor at Hult International Business School, and an adjunct executive professor at Northeastern University. Jamie and his wife, Ann, live in Rhode Island, where they raised their three sons, Eric, Scott, and Adam. Jamie can be reached at


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