Viva Group has been honoured with the Best Publisher Award 2022 by the Delhi State Booksellers & Publishers' Association.

About Us


India is one of the most populous and largest democracies in the world. With a population exceeding one billion, it is one of the world’s fastest growing economies. The country’s growing economy has been accompanied by the growth in literacy and education in the country.

Education is the thrust area of the nation and as such every possible source and resource is being directed towards it. India has more English-speaking people than Britain. Taking into account all the progressive and potential factors it becomes essential for publishers publishing in English language to be interested in making their presence felt in the Indian market.

Viva Group is an organization which has all the answers and solutions for your marketing, distribution and publishing requirements in India. Viva is a professionally managed organization, fully equipped and capable to partner, protect and promote your business interests in the Indian subcontinent. Viva Group is one of the leading publishers and publisher representatives having a strong hold and influence in the Indian publishing industry.


Established for more than 30 years, Viva has grown with the time steadily but swiftly. We added a few feathers to our cap and set up imprints like Viva Education, Source Books for publishing school books and books for competitive examinations respectively. Our online learning curriculum company Viva VOLT (Viva Online Learning Technologies) is part of Viva Group. Collaborating with noted international publishers like Jones & Bartlett Learning Learning, USA, has been yet another step towards our international presence and activity. Many other such relationships have been developed to strengthen business growth.
Viva is headquartered in the capital city of Delhi with over 25k sq ft operational area besides separate warehousing facility of about 20k sq ft. With branch offices in major metropolitan cities of India the network spreads all over the country employing 400 plus personnel. All the branch offices are fully equipped with the latest communication and logistic facilities. Each establishment is headed by highly qualified professionals.
Over the years Viva has grown in size, stature and status and attained excellent trade and professional reputation, in publisher representation, publishing and distribution activities, domestically and internationally.


We have exclusive distribution/representation arrangements with several international publishers which include Kogan Page, Facts On File, Combined Academic Publishers, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, Eurospan, Hodder Education, Jones & Bartlett Learning, Lynne Rienner, World Bank Publishers and W. W. Norton & Company to name a few. To summarize our global connections, a complete list of British, American publishers with whom we are partnering or have business tie-ups is listed at the end of this profile.


Viva Group has offices in New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Kochi, Chennai, Kolkata and Guwahati along with strong relations with a number of distributors and end-users spread throughout the country thereby helping us widen our reach.
We have a list of over 30,000 active customers, which include wholesalers, retailers, library suppliers and institutions. In addition we maintain over 45,00,000 classified emailing addresses which are frequently kept informed through promotional material of publishers’ latest publications/new arrivals, etc.


Viva is an independent publisher of quality books in management, social sciences, humanities, science and technology, medicine, reference and subjects of general interest. Our publishing programme focuses on producing academic and scholarly books for various levels of education and making the latest knowledge available in every subject area.
With a nation-wide distribution network comprising eight branches – New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kochi and Guwahati and resident representatives in key cities – Viva has a strong presence in the Indian and international publishing scene.
Textbooks: Viva publishes textbooks for graduate and postgraduate level courses in science, engineering, medicine, social sciences and humanities.
Academic Books: We are committed to publishing original research works like monographs and dissertations with a wide academic appeal. If your research writing can aid further development of knowledge in that area, publishing it with Viva can be the best way to get it noticed by the academic community.
Conference/Seminar Proceedings: In association with major universities and research institutions, Viva periodically brings out books on latest developments in various academic subject areas. The edited papers and proceedings of an academic conference or seminar are usually published against a buy-back agreement for a designated number of copies. Viva guarantees timely delivery of the finished volumes. Our patrons include the Steel Authority of India Limited, the IITs, Indira Gandhi National Open University, Visva Bharati and other research institutions.
Reprints: We have an ongoing reprint programme. We pick up titles which have better sales potential at a low Indian price and reprint the same against a royalty agreement. This enables publishers to generate revenue where there may not have been any otherwise. The publishers imprints also get better established, which has a knock-on effect on the rest of their list. Under this programme we have reprinted over 1000 titles.
Our Publications also include reprints of books published in the United Kingdom, Europe, USA and Australia. We represent, exclusively or partly, several international publishers from these countries. They include Hodder Education, W.W. Norton, Facts On File and Lynne Rienner. Viva publishes over 1000 titles in a year.


Partners in Progress

We create niche markets for publishers, establish their imprints, take care of their promotion, look after their credit collection and work on demand generation. In short, we turn out a tailor-made marketing plan and strategy in order to generate maximum revenue at minimum cost.
Your Gateway to Business in India: We believe in demand creation at consumer level, followed by establishing distribution channels to cater to this demand effectively.
• We promote and sell books, book orders and help collect payments from customers in India. We like to think of ourselves as an extension of our principals’ marketing department.
• We have in-house access to all required marketing information on the Indian book trade.
• We have a 50,000 strong base mailing list which can be easily customized to suit your specifications.
• We have the set-up and experience in preparing catalogues, leaflets, brochures at a very low cost for wider distribution in India.
• We have expertise in handling all kinds of books and periodicals from mass market to advanced STM books.
• We are persistent in debt collection.
• Being in the business for years now we have developed excellent trade and end-customer relations all over the Indian subcontinent. We enjoy personal rapport with the Chief Executives/Senior Managers of key accounts in the business and are in regular contact with them.
• We have developed new markets for publishers who had no presence in India, and have created specific niche markets through personal selling and carefully targeted direct mail promotion.
• High on Promotion
• Low on Inventory
• Prompt Procurement
• Control on Credit
• Constant Follow-up


We have made effective inroads in the markets of other countries of the Indian subcontinent like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Malaysia, and Nepal. Our export team makes frequent visits to these countries and generates sizable business for publishers which have little or no presence in these territories. Dealing with Viva is a safe, secure and sustainable proposition for publishers who have inadequate or no presence in these countries. Give us your trust and we shall provide you a win-win situation. Let us join hands and help each other to achieve and succeed.


Jones & Bartlett India Private Limited: Jones & Bartlett Learning, an independent publisher headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts, is the seventh largest college publisher in the United States, publishing textbooks, professional, and reference books and a variety of multimedia and online products.
We are pleased to introduce Jones and Bartlett India Private Limited. Our endeavour at Jones and Bartlett India is to come out with quality reprints (in Rupee Prices) to bring knowledge resources within the reach of students and educators. Besides bringing out many titles under the reprint programme, a number of other titles are available in ISE (International Student Edition) whereby the prices are much lower as compared to their original US prices.
Kogan Page India Private Limited (KPI): Our relationship with Kogan Page, UK has further been expanded and KP now has an independent office cum showroom. It is all set for extensive sales and promotion activities in the Indian subcontinent.
Kogan Page (KP) is Europe’s leading and largest independent business books publisher and a major force in international business publishing. Its much-respected list provides comprehensive coverage of business and management related subjects at all levels from initial careers advice to professional texts, reference and analysis. KP enjoys the second largest share of the UK business books market, and is the biggest player in the career and personal development area.
Eurospan India is a joint venture with Eurospan, UK, one of the fastest growing independent sales, marketing and distribution agency. This venture is to facilitate easy availability of books published by US academic professional and reference publishers to Indian readers. The venture comes up with the clear objective to serve the academics, students and professionals in the Indian subcontinent.