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Effective Leadership Strategies for the Digital Age

Effective Leadership Strategies for the Digital Age

Effective Leadership Strategies for the Digital Age

  • By: Norton Paley

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ISBN: 9789387925113

Bind: Paperback

Year: 2018

Pages: 280

Size: 5.5 x 8.5 Inch

Publisher: Viva Books Originals

Sales Territory: Worldwide

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This book consists of guidelines and techniques to assist managers in transitioning into leaders. With increasing numbers of organizations shifting to the digital age, the traditional role of the manager is severely threatened with obsolescence.

Although the downsizing of the mid-level ranks has been ongoing for decades, there is now a forced urgency powered by the pressures of data-driven technologies to capture new markets, improve revenues, counter competitive interferences, as well as to reinvent the organization.

'If you don't reinvent yourself, change your organization structure; if you don't talk about speed of innovation, you're going to get disrupted. And it'll be a brutal disruption' declared John Chambers, former CEO of Cisco Systems.

By empowering and reorienting managers and staff with the skills and mindsets of leadership, these individuals can penetrate deep into the organization and mobilize additional layers of potential leaders. Thus, the boundaries of job title no longer confine leadership.

Result: Systematically harnessing the creative powers embedded in an increasingly educated and experienced workforce would turn it into a dynamic and treasured resource for reinventing the organization.

Special feature: If you expect meaningful input from your people, it will come about only if they are trained, motivated, and disciplined. The book includes a Leader's Toolkit, which provides an interactive system to make empowerment work for you. In turn, your digital-age employees will form the backbone of strategy teams to deal with the challenges of disruption. 


Target Audience:

For managers aspiring to turn into leaders.



Part One - Leadership Through Empowerment

Chapter 1. Empowering Your Staff and Its Multiplying Effect

Chapter 2. Building an Empowered Workplace Around Visionary Leadership

Chapter 3. Developing a Vision: The Initial Step in Empowerment


Part Two - Effective Leadership Strategies for the Digital Age

Chapter 4. Offensive Strategies to Reclaim a Market Position

Chapter 5. Defensive Strategies to Retain Market Share

Chapter 6. Pre-emptive Strategies to Block Aggressive Actions of Competitors

Chapter 7. Expansion Strategies to Reach Additional Markets


Part Three - Leader's Toolkit: Reinventing Your Business

Chapter 8. Sustaining Growth

Chapter 9. Activating Strategy

Chapter 10. Selecting Market Segments

Chapter 11. Understanding the Behavioral Cycle

Chapter 12. Identifying Competitor Behavior

Chapter 13. Viewing Your Industry

Chapter 14. Scanning the Environment


Supplement: Evaluating Your Organization's Readiness


Appendix A: Installing an Internal Communications Network

Appendix B: Evolution of the Digital Age Organization: A Historical Review

About the Author:

Norton Paley has brought his world-class experience and unique approach to business strategy to some of the global community's most respected organizations: American Express, IBM, McDonnell-Douglas, Dow Chemical, Cargill, Chevron, Ralston-Purina, Johnson & Johnson, Hoechst and numerous mid-sized firms. He has lectured in The Republic of China, Mexico and throughout the Pacific Rim and Europe, training business managers and their staff in the areas of planning and strategy development, forging new approaches to problem solving and achieving a competitive edge. His ten published books include: The Marketing Strategy Desktop Guide, How to Develop a Strategic Marketing Plan, Manage to Win, and Mastering the Rules of Competitive Strategy. Paley's books have been translated into Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, and Turkish. Paley developed three computer-based interactive training systems: The Marketing Learning Systems; Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning; and The Marketing Planning System.


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