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Time Management Training

Time Management Training

Time Management Training

Includes All the Activities, Handouts, Tools, and Assessments You Need to Create and Deliver Powerfu

  • By: Lisa J. Downs

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ISBN: 9789387925465

Bind: Paperback

Year: 2019

Pages: 196

Size: 8.5 x 11 Inch

Publisher: ATD Press

Published in India by: Viva Books

Exclusive Distributors: Viva Books

Sales Territory: India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka


Empower workshop participants to reclaim their time.

Kitchen fire or time waster? The inability to differentiate robs us of precious time and well-being. Master trainer Lisa J. Downs has developed a collection of complete workshops and tools you?ll need to conduct effective two-day, one-day, and half-day time management workshop programs that teach how to reclaim time and productivity.

Empower workshop participants to strategically manage procrastination, negotiate priorities, and exercise control over how they spend their time by helping them develop their time management and productivity skills.

Complete with effective training methodologies, this book helps you accelerate learning and leverage technology for maximum efficiency. Workshop programs found in this volume make planning easy and can be tailored for the unique needs of your organization.

Target Audience:

People interested in Time Management Training.





INTRODUCTION: HOW TO USE THIS BOOK • Why Is Developing Time Management Skills Important? • Which Program Is Best? • Half-Day Workshop • One-Day Workshop • Two-Day Workshop • What Do I Need to Know About Training? • How Much Time Will Preparation Take? • What Are the Important Features of the Book? • How Are the Agendas Laid Out? • How Do I Use This Book? • Key Points • What to Do Next • Additional Resources


Chapter 1: HALF-DAY TIME MANAGEMENT TRAINING WORKSHOP • Half-Day Workshop Objectives • Half-Day Workshop Overview • Half-Day Workshop Agenda • Key Points • What to Do Next

Chapter 2: ONE-DAY TIME MANAGEMENT TRAINING WORKSHOP • One-Day Workshop Objectives • One-Day Workshop Overview • One-Day Workshop Agenda • Key Points • What to Do Next

Chapter 3: TWO-DAY TIME MANAGEMENT TRAINING WORKSHOP • Two-Day Workshop Objectives • Two-Day Workshop Overview • Day-One Overview • Day-Two Overview • Two-Day Workshop Agenda: Day One • What to Do Between Workshop Days • Two-Day Workshop Agenda: Day Two • Key Points • What to Do Next

Chapter 4: CUSTOMIZING THE TIME MANAGEMENT WORKSHOPS • Customizing the Content and Activities • Gauge the Climate • Make It Real • Customizing the Workshop Format • One-Hour Workshops • Two-Hour Workshops • Theme-Based Workshops • Customizing Delivery With Technology • The Bare Minimum • What to Do Next


Chapter 5: IDENTIFYING NEEDS FOR TIME MANAGEMENT TRAINING • Why Needs Analysis? • Strategic Needs Analysis • Structured Interviews • Focus Groups • Surveys • Individual Learning Needs Analysis • The Bare Minimum • Key Points • What to Do Next • Additional Resources

Chapter 6: UNDERSTANDING THE FOUNDATIONS OF TRAINING DESIGN • Basic Adult Learning Theory • More Theoretical Ideas Important to Learning • Multiple Intelligences • Whole Brain Learning • Theory Into Practice • Establishing a Framework • Identifying Behaviors • Practicing • Providing Feedback • Making It Relevant • The Bare Minimum • Key Points • What to Do Next • Additional Resources

Chapter 7: LEVERAGING TECHNOLOGY TO MAXIMIZE AND SUPPORT DESIGN AND DELIVERY • Why Consider Learning Technologies?  • Opportunities to Use Learning Technologies • When Designing Training • Before Training • During Training • After Training • While Building a Learning Community • The Bare Minimum • Key Points • What to Do Next • Additional Resources

Chapter 8: DELIVERING YOUR TIME MANAGEMENT WORKSHOP: BE A GREAT FACILITATOR • The Learning Environment • Program Preparation Checklist • Participant Materials • Handouts • Presentation Slides • Workbooks and Journals • Videos • Toys, Noisemakers, and Other Props • Facilitator Equipment and Materials • A Strong Start: Introduction, Icebreakers, and Openers • Feedback • Role Plays • Participant Presentations • Ball Toss • Journaling • Responding to Questions • Training Room and Participant Management • A Word About Dealing With Difficult Participants • An Unforgettable End • The Bare Minimum • Key Points • What to Do Next • Additional Resources

Chapter 9: EVALUATING WORKSHOP RESULTS • Levels of Measurement • Level 1: Measuring Participant Reactions • Level 2: Measuring the Extent to Which Participants Have Learned • Level 3: Measuring the Results of Training Back on the Job • Level 4: Measuring the Organizational Impact of Training • Return on Investment • Reporting Results • The Bare Minimum • Key Points • What to Do Next • Additional Resources


Chapter 10: THE FOLLOW-UP COACH • Create a Communication Strategy • Partner With Managers • Before the Workshop • After the Workshop • Link Time Management to Organizational Metrics • Support Action Plans • Offer Additional Learning Opportunities • The Bare Minimum • What to Do Next • References


Chapter 11: LEARNING ACTIVITIES • Learning Activities Included in Time Management Training

Chapter 12: ASSESSMENTS • Assessments Included in Time Management Training

Chapter 13: HANDOUTS • Handouts Included in Time Management Training

Chapter 14: ONLINE SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS AND DOWNLOADS • Access to Free Supporting Materials • Customizable Materials • Working With the Files • PDF Documents • PowerPoint Slides




About the Author:

Lisa J. Downs, MS Ed, ACC, CPLP, is a leadership development coach, facilitator, and consultant specializing in helping technical professionals and executives work at their best and achieve their desired business results. As president and owner of her company, DevelopmentWise Consulting, Lisa focuses on using assessment tools in her work with leaders and their teams to gain greater self-awareness of their behaviors, recognize the impact of those behaviors, and work toward who they want to be as leaders and as people to accomplish their goals. Lisa began her career in education in 1996 and has worked in workplace learning and talent development since 2003.

Lisa's previous corporate roles include working in learning and leadership development with the technology company EMC??, The Boeing Company, PEMCO Mutual Insurance, and T-Mobile USA. She also has six years of experience working in the accounting industry, supporting CPAs with their learning and executive leadership development. Prior to transitioning to workplace learning and talent development, Lisa taught high school language arts (English, speech and debate, journalism and media) for five years. Her first career was in radio broadcasting, and she worked at both commercial and public radio stations.

While a member of the ATD Board of Directors, Lisa served as chair of the ATD National Advisors for Chapters Committee in 2013-2014, a volunteer committee she began serving on in 2010. She is also a past chair of the ATD Chapter Recognition Committee and a past president of the ATD Puget Sound Chapter. She now facilitates several education programs for ATD, including the Coaching Certificate, the online and in-person versions of the Creating Leadership Development Programs Certificate, and Essentials of Identifying and Developing High-Potential Employees, an online program she developed for ATD. Lisa also led the project to design and develop the latest program in ATD's Master Series, Expert Coach, which she will also facilitate.

A highly experienced speaker, Lisa has spoken at the ATD International Conference and Exposition several times on the topics of leadership development, high-potential employee development, and career development for learning professionals, and at local events for the ATD Puget Sound Chapter, the Lake Washington Human Resources Association, and Seattle SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management). She is an active member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), SHRM, and Women Business Owners, a group of fellow women entrepreneurs in Washington State.

In addition to Time Management Training, Lisa, is the author of Listening Skills Training and Negotiation Skills Training in the ASTD Trainer's WorkShop Series. She is also the author of "Managing Learning Programs," a recent TD at Work publication, has been published in TD magazine, and has written blog posts for ATD's Communities of Practice. As a member of the Forbes Coaches Council, she has also been featured as a contributor on

Lisa holds an MS Ed degree in adult education from Western Illinois University and a BA degree in speech communications from Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois. She earned her Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential from ICF in 2015 and her Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) credential from ATD in 2010.

She and her husband, Chris, live in the Seattle area with their two wonder cats, Gracie and Fletcher.


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