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The Trainers' Toolkit

HR- Training, Development and Coaching Book

The Trainers' Toolkit

  • By: Virendra Kumar Sharma

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ISBN: 9789393329462

Bind: PB

Year: 2022

Pages: 98

Size: 5.5 x 8.5 Inch

Publisher: Viva Books Originals

Sales Territory: Worldwide

Why not be as effective a trainer as Guru Dronacharya? 
The Trainers’  Toolkit

India today needs effective training on a massive scale. A lot of training is going on to equip our unemployed for some vocation or to encash our demographic dividend, and of course in the corporate world and among the civic agencies – the NGOs. However, the issue is as to how much of it is effective in terms of the training sessions leading to results on the field – results in the shape of ability to consistently turn out a quality output and provide near-perfect performance. Another aspect of the results is the investment needed in terms of time taken to acquire that ability, number of accidents that may happen injuring the learner in the process or the extent of wastage of materials. 
This book is aimed at promoting the effectiveness of training endeavours in whatever field.  
Learning of involved methodology by the trainers will be easy from case studies that the author in his four-decades-plus career span has actually found to be effective in practice.  The case studies written give adequate ‘to-do’ guidelines to implement that methodology when the need arises.  
The kit also serves as an introduction to three areas (coaching, assessment of competencies and leadership) that the trainer may not be fully conversant with. He can update himself on the latest broad outlines here and then seek professional help if he chooses to introduce the subject. 

Target Audience:
People involved in training endeavours in any field.  


Chapter 1. Principles of Learning
Chapter 2. Assessment of Training Needs
Chapter 3. Practical Skill Training
Chapter 4. Developing a Productivity Mindset 
Chapter 5. Assertiveness 
Chapter 6. Conflict Resolution 
Chapter 7. Team Performance Workshop 
Chapter 8. IT Project – Creating an Integrated Schedule 
Chapter 9. Supervision 
Chapter 10. Counselling an Employee on a Performance Problem 
Chapter 11. Managing Anger 
Chapter 12. Training Effectiveness 
Chapter 13. Breaking the Ice 
Chapter 14. Excellence 

Introduction to Concept Areas
Chapter 15 Development Centres – Assessment of Competencies 
Chapter 16 Leadership 
Chapter 17 Coaching 


About the Author:
Virendra Kumar Sharma graduated as a mechanical engineer from Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh, and did his master’s in business administration from the Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi, Delhi. In his four-decades- plus career he also has experience as a trainer, assessor and researcher in Human Resource Management.
V.K. Sharma has also participated in several international seminars and conferences, including those held in London, Malaysia, Singapore and the USA. He has worked for all sectors of the Indian economy – the public, the private and the multinational in his four-decades of experience. He is also the acclaimed author of Human Resource Management: Evolution and the Challenges Ahead, India on the Move and Managing by Facts: Case Studies, all three published by Viva, besides several academic papers published in journals and magazines.  


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