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Creating a Learning and Development Strategy, 2/e

Creating a Learning and Development Strategy, 2/e

Creating a Learning and Development Strategy, 2/e

The HR Business Partner’s Guide to Developing People

  • By: Andrew Mayo

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ISBN: 9789386243874

Bind: Paperback

Year: 2017

Pages: 220

Size: 153 x 229 mm

Publisher: Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

Published in India by: Viva Books

Exclusive Distributors: Viva Books

Sales Territory: India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka


Learning and development programmes must be intimately linked with your organisation's business strategy to create value. This book explains how to plan, create and implement a learning and development strategy that is aligned with your business? goals and objectives.

Through the use of strategic information and tools, along with practical examples, checklists, and assignments, this text will help you to discover how to work with colleagues to align learning and development, as well as challenge business assumptions to clarify your organisation's needs and objectives.

Target Audience:
Students and Academicians of Human Resource Management, HR Managers and developing businesses.


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Chapter 1: The context of a people development strategy • Human capital and its role in creating value • Strategic alignment • Strategy and philosophy • the strategic partnership role • Business strategy, organisation development strategies and HRD strategy • Developing human capital • A model for creating an HRD strategy • Strategy documentation • In brief • References and further reading

Chapter 2: The general or ?umbrella? strategy • The five drivers of the general strategy • Mission, vision, values and long-term goals • What about organisational values? • Beliefs and principles of people management • A few words about the learning organisation • Core competences, OD strategy and the external environment • Principles, populations, policies, processes and programmes • In brief • References and further reading

Chapter 3: Supporting today's priorities? Deriving learning goals from business goals • Proactive goals • Remedial drivers • Setting useful learning goals and objectives • In brief • References and further reading

Chapter 4: Strategies for professional HRD management? Strategic analysis, mission and vision • HRD's own beliefs and choices • People development processes and tools • Classic HRD tools • Design of learning processes • In brief • References and further reading

Chapter 5: Career and continuity planning • Future resourcing • Classifying and assessing potential and ?talent? • Balanced career management processes • Mapping the opportunities in an organisation • Some questions in continuity management • Choices in managing career development • In brief • References and further reading

Chapter 6: Prioritising and resourcing? Prioritising the demands • Funding strategies • Premises, equipment and technology • Organisation, roles and capabilities • Networks • External vs internal resources • In brief • References and further reading

Chapter 7: Return on investment? The need to be numerate • The efficiency of HRD • Measuring the effectiveness of what HRD delivers • Levels of evaluation and objective setting • Benchmarking • In brief • References and further reading

Chapter 8: Marketing and political considerations? The place of HRD in managers? thinking • Producing the strategy • Engaging employees in their own development • A shadow side to organisations • Top management support • Challenging top management • Analysing the levels of involvement in strategic decision areas • Gaining support and influence • Testing perceptions • Marketing and publicity • Conflicting messages between HR and HRD • Final thought • In brief • References and further reading

Appendix A: Creating a learning and development strategy • Appendix B: The elements of strategic HRD • a checklist


About the Author:

Andrew Mayo is a Professor of Human Capital Management at Middlesex University Business School and the Director of Mayo Learning International Ltd, a consultancy specialising in developing human capital. He is also a Fellow and Programme Director at the Centre for Management Development at London Business School. He spent 28 years in international organisations before taking up his portfolio career. He is married with two grown-up children and lives in St Albans.


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