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New Employee Orientation Training

New Employee Orientation Training

New Employee Orientation Training

lncludes All the Activities, Handouts, Tools, and Assessments You Need to Create & Deliver Training

  • By: Karen Lawson

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ISBN: 9789387925342

Bind: Paperback

Year: 2019

Pages: 212

Size: 8.5 x 11 Inch

Publisher: ATD Press

Published in India by: Viva Books

Exclusive Distributors: Viva Books

Sales Territory: India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka


A well-planned, comprehensive orientation program benefits both organizations and employees.

Investing in new employees pays big dividends in performance, retention, and engagement. But does your training program cover the essentials of making new hires feel informed, prepared, and supported? Organization development authority and prominent trainer Karen Lawson has created comprehensive new employee orientation workshops to ensure organizational onboarding is done right for the benefit of all employees, regardless of job level or function.

Her two-day, one-day, and half-day agendas include the resources trainers need to deliver practical, interactive sessions. Your workshop will help ensure that new employees integrate smoothly and effectively into their organization and its mission. You?ll also find tools and checklists developed specifically for busy supervisors and managers who conduct orientation in their departments.


Target Audience:

Useful for HR managers & Trainers.




INTRODUCTION: HOW TO USE THIS BOOK • Why Does New Employee Orientation Matter? • Overview of Onboarding and New Employee Orientation • The Onboarding Plan • The Key Players • The New Employee Orientation Training Sessions • What Do I Need to Know About Training? • How Much Time Will Preparation Take? • What Are the Important Features of the Book? • How Are the Agendas Laid Out? • How Do I Use This Book? • Key Points • What to Do Next • Additional Resources


Chapter 1: TWO-DAY NEW EMPLOYEE ORIENTATION WORKSHOP • Two-Day Workshop Objectives • Preparing for New Employees • Before New Hires Start • Employees? First Day • Preparing Participant Materials • Two-Day Workshop Overview • Day-One Overview • Day-Two Overview • Two-Day Workshop Agenda: Day One • What to Do Between Workshop Days • Participant Assignment • Facilitator Assignment • Two-Day Workshop Agenda: Day Two • What to Do Next • Additional Resource

Chapter 2: ONE-DAY NEW EMPLOYEE ORIENTATION WORKSHOP • One-Day Workshop Objectives • Preparing for New Employees • Before New Hires Start • Employees? First Day • Preparing Participant Materials • One-Day Workshop Overview • One-Day Workshop Agenda • What to Do Next • Additional Resource

Chapter 3: HALF-DAY NEW EMPLOYEE ORIENTATION WORKSHOP • Half-Day Workshop Objectives • Preparing for New Employees • Before New Hires Start • Employees? First Day • Preparing Participant Materials • Half-Day Workshop Overview • Half-Day Workshop Agenda • What to Do Next • Additional Resource

Chapter 4: CUSTOMIZING THE NEW EMPLOYEE ORIENTATION WORKSHOPS • Customizing the Delivery Approaches to Orientation • Group Orientation • A Series of One-Hour Sessions • One-on-One Orientation • Self-Directed Orientation • Online Orientation • On-the-Job Training • Customizing the Content • Other Customization Considerations • Expanding the Definition of New Employee • Including the Employee's Family • Being Sensitive to Language, Literacy, and Cultural Issues • Onboarding Executives and Managers • Using Themes • The Bare Minimum • What to Do Next


Chapter 5: IDENTIFYING NEEDS FOR NEW EMPLOYEE ORIENTATION TRAINING • Why Needs Analysis? • Strategic Needs Analysis • Structured Interviews • Focus Groups • Surveys • Individual Learning Needs Analysis • The Bare Minimum • Key Points • What to Do Next • Additional Resources

Chapter 6: UNDERSTANDING THE FOUNDATIONS OF TRAINING DESIGN • Basic Adult Learning Theory • More Theoretical Ideas Important to Learning • Multiple Intelligences • Whole Brain Learning • Theory Into Practice • Establishing a Framework • Identifying Behaviors • Practicing • Providing Feedback • Making It Relevant • The Bare Minimum • Key Points • What to Do Next • Additional Resources

Chapter 7: LEVERAGING TECHNOLOGY TO MAXIMIZE AND SUPPORT DESIGN AND DELIVERY • Why Consider Learning Technologies? • Opportunities to Use Learning Technologies • When Designing Training • Before Training • During Training • After Training • While Building a Learning Community • The Bare Minimum • Key Points • What to Do Next • Additional Resources

Chapter 8: DELIVERING YOUR NEW EMPLOYEE ORIENTATION WORKSHOP: BE A GREAT FACILITATOR • The Learning Environment • Program Preparation Checklist • Participant Materials • Handouts • Presentation Slides • Workbooks and Journals • Videos • Toys, Noisemakers, and Other Props • Facilitator Equipment and Materials • A Strong Start: Introduction, Icebreakers, and Openers • Feedback • Role Plays • Participant Presentations • Ball Toss • Journaling • Responding to Questions • Training Room and Participant Management • A Word About Dealing With Difficult Participants • An Unforgettable End • The Bare Minimum • Key Points • What to Do Next • Additional Resources

Chapter 9: EVALUATING WORKSHOP RESULTS • Levels of Measurement • Level 1: Measuring Participant Reactions • Level 2: Measuring the Extent to Which Participants Have Learned • Level 3: Measuring the Results of Training Back on the Job • Level 4: Measuring the Organizational Impact of Training • Return on Investment • Reporting Results • The Bare Minimum • Key Points • What to Do Next • Additional Resources


Chapter 10: THE FOLLOW-UP COACH • Conducting Periodic Check-ins • 30-Day Follow-Up Survey • 60-Day Follow-Up Survey • Chat-and-Chew Sessions • Learning Opportunities • Webinars • Discussion Forums • Guided Research • Resourcing • Building Relationships • Buddy Program • Mentoring • Building a Sense of Community • Tours • Meetings With the President or Executives • Social Events • Key Points • What to Do Next

Chapter 11: THE SUPERVISOR'S TOOLKIT • Setting the Tone • Preparing for the Employee's Arrival • Considering New Employee Concerns • Employee's First Day • Employee's Second Day • Employee's First Week • The Bare Minimum • What to Do Next


Chapter 12: LEARNING ACTIVITIES • Learning Activities Included in New Employee Orientation Training

Chapter 13: ASSESSMENTS • Assessments Included in New Employee Orientation Training

Chapter 14: HANDOUTS • Handouts Included in New Employee Orientation Training

Chapter 15: TOOLS • Tools Included in New Employee Orientation Training • Workshop Tools • Supervisor's Toolkit

Chapter 16: ONLINE SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS AND DOWNLOADS • Access to Free Supporting Materials • Customizable Materials • Working With the Files • PDF Documents • PowerPoint Slides



About the Author:

Karen Lawson is a noted international consultant, speaker, and author. As founder and president of Lawson Consulting Group, she has built a successful consulting firm specializing in organization and management development as well as executive coaching. Her extensive consulting and seminar experience includes team development, communication, leadership, and quality service across a wide range of industries. Clients include a variety of prominent organizations from financial services, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, manufacturing, healthcare, government, and education. In her consulting work with Fortune 500 companies as well as small businesses, she uses her experience and knowledge of human interaction to help leaders at all levels make a difference in their organizations.

Karen is the author of 13 books: The Trainer's Handbook of Leadership Development; The Art of Influencing; Improving On-the-Job Training and Coaching; Improving Performance Through Coaching; The Trainer's Handbook; Train-the-Trainer Facilitator's Guide; Involving Your AudienceMaking It Active; Skill Builders: 50 Communication Activities; New Employee Orientation Training (ASTD); Real-World Career Tactics for Women; Leadership Development Basics; Training During Tough Times; and 101 Ways to Make Training Active (co-author). She has also written chapters for scores of professional collections in addition to numerous articles in professional journals. In addition, she has created several assessment instruments and developed new, cutting-edge learning tools and delivery methods, including a 12-session professional development audio series for managers; web-based training programs; and teletraining courses.

She holds a doctorate in adult and organization development from Temple University; a master of arts in English from the University of Akron; and a bachelor of arts from Mount Union College. She is also a graduate of the National School of Banking in Fairfield, Connecticut. She is one of only 400 people worldwide to have earned the Certified Speaking Professional designation from the 4,000-member National Speakers Association. She has received numerous awards for her outstanding contribution to the training and speaking professions. Lawson was named one of Pennsylvania's "Best 50 Women in Business" and among the Philadelphia Business Journal's "Women of Distinction."

She has been actively involved in professional organizations such as the National Speakers Association and the Association for Talent Development, holding leadership positions at both the local and national levels. She is also an active member of the Union League of Philadelphia.

Karen is currently an adjunct professor at U.S.-based DeSales University and Arcadia University in the international MBA program and has served on the adjunct faculty for the University of Delaware, Saint Joseph's University, Villanova University, Cabrini College, Peirce College, Bucks County Community College, and Rochester Institute of Technology at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. In addition, she conducts online programs for the United Nations System Staff College.


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