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Yet More Everyday Science Mysteries

Yet More Everyday Science Mysteries

Yet More Everyday Science Mysteries

Stories for Inquiry-Based Science Teaching

  • By: Richard Konicek-Moran

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ISBN: 9788130930039

Bind: Paperback

Year: 2017

Pages: 216

Size: 140 x 216 mm

Publisher: National Science Teachers Association

Published in India by: Viva Books

Exclusive Distributors: Viva Books

Sales Territory: India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka



In the fourth book of this award-winning series, author Richard Konicek-Moran explores 15 new mysteries children and adults encounter in their daily lives. Relating the mysteries to experiences familiar to elementary and middle school students-Party Meltdown examines ice cubes melting at different rates; Baking Bread explores the importance of yeast; Stuck!uses a playground sliding board to explore properties of friction-the stories show how science is part of everyday life and initiate inquiry-based learning by leaving each mystery without an ending. Students identify the problem to be solved, formulate questions, form hypotheses, test their ideas, and come up with possible explanations. The mysteries cover science concepts such as periodic motion, thermodynamics, temperature and energy, and sound and sound transmission. Students may read and discuss the stories in small groups or take turns reading the stories aloud for whole-class discussions. Each story also includes strategies for teaching the lessons to younger students, lists of related ideas from the National Science Education Standards, and related books and journals that can be used to continue the discussion. The author also includes a chapter on using the stories to emphasize the importance of both science and literacy.

Target Audience:
Science Teachers teaching Elementary and Middle School.


Acknowledgments • Preface: Teaching and Interpreting Science
Introduction: Case Studies on How to Use the Stories in the Classroom
Chapter 1: Theory Behind the Book
Chapter 2: Using the Book and the Stories
Chapter 3: Using the Book in Different Ways
Chapter 4: Science and Literacy
The Stories and Background Materials for Teachers
Matrix for Earth Systems Science and Technology
Chapter 5: The Coldest Time • Climate (Temperature fluctuations during a 24-hour period)
Chapter 6: Is the Earth Getting Heavier? • Decomposition (Recycling the Earth's materials)
Chapter 7: What's the Moon Like Around the World? • Astronomy (The Moon's shape around the world)
Chapter 8: Sunrise, Sunset • Astronomy (How do the sunrise and sunset directions change over the year•)
Matrix for Biological Sciences
Chapter 9: Lookin• at Lichens • Biology (Introducing the lichens in the environment)
Chapter 10: Baking Bread • Yeasts (Exploring the importance of leavening agents in baking)
Chapter 11: Springtime in the Greenhouse: Planting Season • Botany (A family experiments on the needs for seed germinating)
Chapter 12: Reaction Time • Physiology (How fast do you normally react•)
Chapter 13: Seedlings in a Jar • Botany (Explorations in plant physiology)
Matrix for Physical Sciences
Chapter 14: Sweet Talk (Exploring the differences between melting and dissolving)
Chapter 15: Cooling Off • (Mixing different temperatures of substances)
Chapter 16: Party Meltdown (Finding the explanations for differential cooling)
Chapter 17: The Crooked Swing (Solving a mystery and using engineering skills to remedy a problem)
Chapter 18: The Cookie Dilemma (Using chemical tests to identify cookie ingredients)
Chapter 19: Stuck! (Exploring aspects of friction and other forces)


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