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Liberal Arts and the Public Good

Liberal Arts and the Public Good

Liberal Arts and the Public Good

The Humanities and the University

  • By: Pramod K. Nayar

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ISBN: 9789395654555

Bind: Hardback

Year: 2023

Pages: 248

Size: 6 x 9 Inch

Publisher: Viva Books Originals

Sales Territory: Worldwide

The Humanities have defined, for centuries now, what we mean by the public, the demos, and therefore, democracy as well. The essays in this collection bring to the interested reader concerns that the Humanities as a discipline have addressed for some time now: atrocities and human rights, cultural memory, difference and dissent, climate crisis, the space of the university and the state of the disciplines within, and the transformation of the public university system itself through policies and pressures of different kinds.
Written in response to immediate contexts, these reflections on higher education and the liberal arts, particularly the role of the literary – its ‘sanitization’, its connection with dissent and freedom and the ways in which the humanities deals with critical concerns such as climate change – address the public through the frames of humanistic understanding, in the language of public debate.


Target Audience:
Useful for people interested in public humanities, higher education, public policy, english literature, literary studies and general readers with academic interests.




I. Higher Education: Policy, Pressures and the Public
Chapter 1: Human Rights, Higher Education and Pedagogy  
Chapter 2: The Public University, Public Good and Public Accountability 
Chapter 3: The ‘Gift’ of Higher Education 
Chapter 4: Autonomy or Academic Capitalism  
Chapter 5: Rankings and Responsibility 
Chapter 6: In Pursuit of ‘World Class Universities’  
Chapter 7: The Spectre of Rankings  
Chapter 8: Digital Education Initiatives 
Chapter 9: NEP – Reinventing Higher Education? 

II. The Classroom and the University
Chapter 10: Academic Freedom and Academic Responsibility  
Chapter 11: Digitized Learning 
Chapter 12: The Camera and the Classroom  
Chapter 13: Rethinking Academic Freedom 
Chapter 14: The University’s Many Questions  
Chapter 15: Universities, Language, Freedom 
Chapter 16: Knowledge in the Digital Era 
Chapter 17: The Entrepreneurial University 
Chapter 18: The Managerial University and the Liberal Arts 
Chapter 19: Intellectual Autonomy, Intellectual Property and the New Enclosures 
Chapter 20: Marketing Academia  

III. Literature, Aesthetics and the Humanities
Chapter 21: The Literary Aesthetic and Reading for the Other 
Chapter 22: The Liberal Arts in the Age of Illiberalism (with Anna Kurian)  
Chapter 23: Questions of the Humanities and its ‘Value’ 
Chapter 24: Poetry from the Ghettos 
Chapter 25: Poetry, Walls and Freedom 
Chapter 26: Language and the Humanities 
Chapter 27: Why We Need the Humanities Now More Than Ever
Chapter 28: Humanities in the Age of Extremes 
Chapter 29: Humanities of Crisis: Climate Change and the Discipline
Chapter 30: Humanities and the Public Good 
Chapter 31: The Liberal Arts and Authority in the Digital Age
Chapter 32: Pedagogy Online 
Chapter 33: Fear of Small Numbers  
Chapter 34: Populism and the Academia 
Chapter 35: Poetry and Climate Precarity 
Chapter 36: Poetry and Protests  
Chapter 37: Poetry in Times of Terror 
Chapter 38: Power of the Aesthetic  
Chapter 39: Public Knowledge  
Chapter 40: Sanitizing Literature  
Chapter 41: The Enemy in Poetry  
Chapter 42: When Hope and History Rhyme  
Chapter 43: In-discipline  
Chapter 44: Writers, Reading, Freedom 
Chapter 45: Genocide and Language 
Postscript: The ‘Doomed University’  

About the Author:
Pramod K. Nayar holds the UNESCO Chair in Vulnerability Studies at the University of Hyderabad, where he teaches in the Department of English. He is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and the English Association, and a member of the Advisory Board of the Sahitya Akademi. His books from Viva include An Introduction to Cultural Studies (2008) and From Text to Theory (2017). His most recent books include Nuclear Cultures (2023), Life/Writing (2023), Alzheimer’s Disease Memoirs (2022), The Human Rights Graphic Novel (2021), Essays in Celebrity Culture (2021), Indian Travel Writing in the Age of Empire (2020), Ecoprecarity (2019), besides the edited collections, From Discovery to the Civilisational Mission: English Writings on India (6 Volumes, 2022) and Colonial Education and India 1781-1945 (5 Volumes, 2019). His essays have appeared in journals such as Modern Fiction Studies, Ariel, Studies in Travel Writing, Prose Studies, Celebrity Studies, Postcolonial Studies, Journal for Early Modern Cultural Studies, and also in anthologies on posthumanism, celebrity culture, environmental humanities.


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