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The Marketing Toolkit

The Marketing Toolkit

The Marketing Toolkit

The Marketing Toolkit

Bite-sized wisdom - perfect for busy people who would sooner be succeeding, not reading

  • By: Jeff Della Mura

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ISBN: 9788130914572

Bind: Paperback

Year: 2010

Pages: 178

Size: 6 x 9 Inch

Publisher: How to Books Limited

Published in India by: Viva Books

Exclusive Distributors: Viva Books

Sales Territory: India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka


Discover how marketing really works and transform your business.

A veritable Swiss Army knife of useful information.

If you need more customers or you could and should be doing better business, read on.

This book aims to be easily understood and acted on. It has been written for anyone tasked with improving sales or developing new market opportunities within a small or medium sized organisation. Above all, this book provides quick access to evergreen wisdom and uncomplicated, practical, information that will help move you forward.

The Marketing Toolkit demystifies the marketing process and provides clear, actionable steps on more than fifty linked topics. If you want to know how marketing works and how it can help to strengthen or grow any business this book is definitely for you.

  • The ten fundamentals of marketing
  • Finding the stepping-stones to success
  • Creating your business name, image and brand
  • The secrets of selling and communication
  • Making the best use of the (well) written word
  • Marketing media - choosing the best options
  • Tips, techniques and time-savers from more than 35 experts
  • Dealing with specialist providers
  • Making it happen - even on a small budget
  • Finding - and keeping - profitable customers.


Target Audience: Small business heads, marketing heads.


The ten fundamentals of marketing • Only action creates action - what marketing is and why you need it • Know your business - what it is, how it is, where it is heading • Know your market - the four "C" words that can determine your success • Know thine enemy - your customers will know them, shouldn't you? • Knowledge is power - making your market research work • Choosing the right customers - find the best ones, know what they want • Pick your destination - weigh the options and set your own agenda • Planning for success - forget the plans, but don't ignore the planning • Raise your flag - help customers to see you and understand you • Shout from the rooftops - the crucial role of marketing communications • The stepping-stones to success • Building a brilliant brand - creating great value from great values • Measuring performance - what works, what doesn't and what next? • Think strategically - know why you're doing it, before you do it • Sales and selling - the cold facts about warming up sales • Setting your house in order • Winning the name game - is yours a great name or a great shame? • Logo, badge and icon - the rules that will help you form a winning symbol • Strapping straplines - the importance of having a mouse that roars • Stretching your marketing budget - making every penny count • Queue alone - improve your chances by being the only contender • Sales and communication nuggets • Effective communication - because if it fails to fails • Creating impact - stand out by being outstanding • Graphic design - don't bother looking good, look great! • Website design - just the same, but totally different • Features, benefits, action - saying what it is, what it does, how to get it • Making the best use of the (well) written word • Writing business letters - don't underestimate the snail-mail option • Headline news - get the headline right and the rest is easy • Wise web-words - writing for the internet and other digital declarations • Popular marketing media and options • All the world's a stage - selecting the right communication options • Advertising - what it is and where it works best • Direct marketing - the benefits of getting up close and personal • Effective PR - accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative • Trade shows and exhibitions - the boredom, the foot-powder and the glory • Internet options - from blooming blogs to steady streaming • Internet marketing - a whole not-so-new world of shopportunity • In-house marketing - ihm = diy = roi = happy accountants • Telemarketing - turning cold contacts into hot prospects • Sales promotion - exclusive special offer, read now while stocks last! • Word-of-mouth marketing - creating envoys and ambassadors • Mobile marketing - moving with the market • Tools,tips and time-savers • Networking - make sure that your networking is working properly • Vital statistics - surveys and questionnaires - YES, NO, MAYBE and how • Sales literature - what it is, what's important, what's not and why not • Press advertising - what works best and what's best to avoid • Working with techies - Earth calling webmaster, come in please, over • Working with creatives - please don't cry, it's lovely, honestly! • Hiring consultants - the pros and cons of high quality professional support • Hiring freelancers - making music with one-man-bands • Buying print - the possibilities and pleasures of paper and ink • Negotiating - critical moves for buyers, sellers and survivors • The point of it all • profitable customers • Happy customers - the good, the bad and the hideous.

About the Author: 

After more than thirty years at the coalface of the marketing and communication industry, Jeff Della Mura knows what works and what doesn?t. He is a Chartered Marketer, a Fellow of The Chartered Institute of Marketing, a tutor and an award-winning business adviser. An enthusiastic and supportive observer of growing businesses, Jeff has written numerous expert guides, briefings and courses.

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