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Management Briefs: Proven Selling Skills

Management Briefs: Proven Selling Skills

Management Briefs: Proven Selling Skills

For Winners

  • By: Ronan McNamara

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ISBN: 9788130931043

Bind: Paperback

Year: 2015

Pages: 104

Size: 6 x 9 Inch

Publisher: Mosaic Press

Published in India by: Viva Books

Exclusive Distributors: Viva Books

Sales Territory: India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka


"This book should be read, and the ideas should be implemented by any organisation looking to increase or maintain sales in today's challenging times. The "What" and the "How" contained in the pages are valuable tools for all sales situations. Your sales teams will immediately increase their productivity if they understand and use this book.
-Fergus Gloster
Founder & Former CEO of EMEA

"This is a welcome addition to sales literature; it comprehensively addresses the specific personal sales skills necessary for selling success. It will help the sales beginners to start on the right road, or remind seasoned sales professionals of what they need to do to be more effective."
-Siobhan McAleer
Programme Director Irish Management Institute

"No matter what position you hold in an organisation, you have to sell products, ideas or yourself. Ronan has very skilfully and systematically taken the mystique out of selling  and shows how this can be a realisable process. This book is more than just a collection of arguments but a real ?how-to-approach? in the process of selling. Regardless of your selling experience, novice or master, it should remain at hands? reach on one's desk for continual reference. By applying these concepts and action points, my approach to selling has fundamentally changed, leading to very tangible successes. A permanent on my desk!"
-Mike Kehoe
Business Development and Strategy Manager, IBM

"Ronan has changed sales performance in our organisation, by helping our sales teams to focus on executing exactly the right sales behaviours. I am delighted that he has written a book on these skills and processes. It is a true reference guide for what top sales producers should actually do."
-Niamh Kelly
HR Director, Magnet Networks & Hibernia Atlantic, Columbia Venture Capital Companies

"This stuff works."
-Fergal Brehony
General Manager, Nycomed Products Ireland





Chapter 1 Winning New Business? The Challenge • What the Successful Sales Professionals Know • Earning the Most Commission • The Process of Winning New Business • Managing Your Own Sales Pipeline • Knowing Your Sales Numbers • Cold Call Reluctance • How to get Appointments - Tips and Scripts

Chapter 2 Listening Skills • Listening Skills for the Professional Salesperson • Passive Listening • Passive Listening Triggers Interactive Listening • Active Listening for Winning Sales • An Active Listening Tool

Chapter 3 Questioning Skills • The Art of Questioning • The Funnelling Questioning Technique • A Questioning Framework • Getting the Information You Need to Sell Effectively • The Power of ?How?? and ?What?? • An Agenda for Success

Chapter 4 Qualifying Skills • C MAGNETS - Saving You Time, Money and Effort • C MAGNETS: Competition? Money? Authority? Goals? Needs? Encourage Objections? Timescale? Solution and Size? • The Greatest Waste of a Salesperson's Time • Qualifying Prospects During the Sales Cycle • Using C MAGNETS for Sales Success • How and When to Use C MAGNETS

Chapter 5 Influencing Skills • Knowing Your Objectives • Managing Your Credibility • Watching Your Body Language and Personal Appearance • Negotiating Effectively

Chapter 6 Objection Handling Skills? Handling Objections Effectively • The Feel, Felt, Found Technique of Handling Objections and Beyond • Over 500 Scripts to Handle an Objection • Clarifying and Deepening Your Understanding of the Prospect

Chapter 7 Closing Skills • The Elemental Sales Skill of Closing • Eight Different Closing Techniques

Chapter 8 Four Winning Sales Habits? Have a Call Plan for Every Sales Call • Systematically Improve Your Sales Effectiveness by Reviewing the Call • Recognise Buyers? Personal Styles and Flex Your Own • Be Assertive During the Sales Process

Chapter 9 Leading The Sales Team? The Responsibilities of a Sales Manager • Sales Leadership Skills • Sales Recruitment • The Two Essential Sales Abilities • Managing the Sales Pipeline Stages • Tough Questions for Your Team

Chapter 10 Ronan's Selling Rules • Ronan's Selling Rules

About the Authors:

Ronan has over twenty years practical sales and management experience, gained primarily in the Financial Services, Training and IT sectors.
He has worked with GE Capital International and IBM among others. Following over six successful years in sales roles in IBM, Ronan set up Cumara Learning & Development in 2004. Cumara specialises in igniting sales and management performance.
Ronan has gained extensive field-based consulting and training experience. He has delivered systematic analysis, design, delivery and evaluation of sales training interventions for a wide range of clients. They come from the Pharma, IT. FMCG, Financial and SME sectors. Cumara develops long-term relationships with these customers.

Ronan's education highlights include an honours MBA from University College Dublin, a Training & Development Diploma from the lrish lnstitute of Training & Development with distinction, together with a Diploma in Sports Psychology.
Ronan is a member of the American Society for Training & Development and of The lrish lnstitute of Training & Development. He is also an Associate Faculty member of the IMI (Irish Management Institute).
His professional passions are learning and performance for sales individuals, teams and organisations.
Ronan may be contacted at

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