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The Highly Effective Teacher

The Highly Effective Teacher

The Highly Effective Teacher

7 Classroom-Tested Practices That Foster Student Success

  • By: Jeff C. Marshall

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ISBN: 9789387925496

Bind: Paperback

Year: 2020

Pages: 140

Size: 171 x 241 mm

Publisher: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD)

Published in India by: Viva Books

Exclusive Distributors: Viva Books

Sales Territory: India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka


What are the secrets to unlocking student success? And what can teachers do to get better at helping students develop deep understanding of content, attain higher-order thinking skills, and become secure, confident, and capable learners?

In this book, teacher and professor Jeff Marshall showcases how teaching with intentionality answers these questions. Specifically, he introduces the Teacher Intentionality Practice Scale (TIPS), a framework for both supporting and measuring effective teaching. Taken together, the framework's seven TIPS provide a research-based, classroom-tested guide to help teachers

  • create coherent, connected lessons;
  • use strategies and resources, including technology, that truly enhance learning;
  • organize a safe, respectful learning environment;
  • develop challenging and rigorous learning experiences;
  • promote interactive, thoughtful learning;
  • nurture a creative, problem-solving classroom culture; and
  • deliver feedback and formative assessment that inform teaching and learning.

Marshall's needs-assessment instrument can help teachers, working independently or in a cohort, determine the best starting point for improving their practice. Practical, straightforward rubrics for each TIP describe the various levels of teacher proficiency. Based on his own teaching experience and observations in hundreds of classrooms, Marshall also offers action tips for each framework component and a list of resources for further study. Written for teachers and leaders at all levels and in all content areas, The Highly Effective Teacher is a guide for thoughtful, intentional teaching with one goal: success for all students, in every classroom.

Target Audience:

This book is a guide for thoughtful, intentional teaching with one goal: success for all students, in every classroom.





Needs Assessment: What Do You Need Most?

TIP 1: Coherent, Connected Learning Progression

TIP 2: Strategies, Resources, and Technologies That Enhance Learning

TIP 3: Safe, Respectful, Well-Organized Learning Environment

TIP 4: Challenging, Rigorous Learning Experiences

TIP 5: Interactive, Thoughtful Learning

TIP 6: Creative, Problem-Solving Culture

TIP 7: Monitoring, Assessment, and Feedback That Guide and Inform Instruction and Learning

Conclusion: Moving Forward

Appendix A: Teacher Intentionality of Practice Scale (TIPS)

Appendix B: Resources and Bibliography



About the Author


About the Author:

Jeff C. Marshall is a professor in the Eugene T. Moore School of Education at Clemson University and is the director of the Inquiry in Motion Institute with the mission of facilitating teacher transformation in K?12 mathematics and science classrooms through rigorous and authentic inquiry-based learning experiences.

Among his accomplishments, Marshall received the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching; he has published 4 books, more than 60 articles, and given more than 130 presentations in the last 10 years. Further, he serves as a consultant for numerous school districts, universities, and grant projects across the United States.

Marshall received a bachelor of science degree from University of Central Oklahoma and his master's degree and doctor of education degree from Indiana University in curriculum and instruction. Marshall can be contacted at 404-A Tillman Hall, Clemson, SC 29634. Phone: 864- 656-2059. E-mail:


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