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New Directions in Higher Education

New Directions in Higher Education

New Directions in Higher Education

  • By: A R Kidwai

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ISBN: 9788130927541

Bind: Paperback

Year: 2020

Pages: 528

Size: 172 x 242 mm

Publisher: Viva Books Originals

Sales Territory: Worldwide


Written by leading experts in various fields, the essays in this volume aim to sensitize teachers to the problems that confront our polity.They explain the relation between education and the most relevant issues of the day relating to socio-political and economic life, society and development.The book covers the curriculum of the UGC Orientation Programme for university and college teachers as part of their Career Advancement Scheme.

The course topics in the book include:

Component A: Awareness of linkages between society, environment, development and education

Component B: Philosophy of education, Indian education system and pedagogy  

Component C: Resource awareness and knowledge generation

Component D: Management and personality development

This volume will prove instrumental in enlightening teachers, in prompting them to reflect on these issues and in initiating a lively, rewarding discussion. All this will contribute to the development of staff and to the construction of a better society, comprising mature, responsible and proactive teachers.



Section 1: Component A - Awareness of Linkages between Society, Environment,Development and Education

Biodiversity Conservation: Why and How? - Dr. Faiza Abbasi

Inclusive Development in India: An Overview - Dr. Syed Noman Ahmad

Climate Change and Human Health Scenario - Prof. Rais Akhtar

Youth Power - Dr. Nafees Ansari

National Integration: The Indian Experience - Prof. Mirza Asmer Beg

Secularism: The Indian Perspective - Prof. Mirza Asmer Beg

Multiple Cultures - Dr. Reeta Bagchi

Education: A Catalyst in Gender Justice Dr. Juhi Gupta

Status of Women - Dr. Seemin Hasan

Multilingualism - Prof. Imtiaz Hasnain

Implication of Pollution on Environment Quality and Human Beings - Dr. Arshad Husain

Environment Protection - Prof. Wazahat Husain

Value-Based Education - Prof. S Abdul Kareem

Rural Development - Prof. Ali Mohammad

Public Interest Litigation Movement and Consumer Protection in India Dr. M Zafar Mahfooz Nomani

Gender Justice - Dr. Namita Singh

Dimensions of National Integration - Dr. RS Varshney

Human Rights - Prof. Abdulrahim P Vijapur

Egalitarian Society and Equality - Prof. Abdulrahim P Vijapur

Section 2 : Component B - Philosophy of Education, Indian Education System and Pedagogy

Educational Evaluation: Some New Trends Prof. CPS Chauhan

Macro Teaching: Lectures at the University Stage - Prof, Najmul Haq

Learning Process and Theories for Teachers - Prof. Najmul Haq

Higher Education System in India: Policies, Programme, Planning and Autonomy - Prof. Masoodul Hasan

Technologies for Teaching and Learning in the Internet Age - Prof. Ahrar Husain

Higher Education: Issues and Challenges - Prof. Farhatullah Khan

Open and Distance Learning Systems in India: Challenges, Prospects and Road Ahead Dr. UC Pandey and Dr. Shireesh Pal Singh

Rethinking Quality Parameters in Higher Education - Prof. SL Sharma

Education Research and Policy Decisions - Prof. RP Singh

Section 3 : Component C - Resource Awareness and Knowledge Generation 

Information Network: An Overview - Dr. IA Khan and Dr. Aasim Zafar

Information Technology Prof. Shabahat Hussain

Using Your Smartphone to Enhance Reading Capability Dr. Mohammad Asim Siddiqui

Fundamentals of Computer Systems Dr. Aasim Zafar

Section 4 : Component D - Management and Personality Development

Communication Techniques - Prof. Javed Akhtar

University College Teachers Coping with Stress: An Empirical Study - Dr. S Reshma Jamal

Communication Skills - Mr. GA Kaleem

Leadership Effectiveness - Dr . CN Kumar

Communication Skills for Workplace Contexts in the 21st Century - Dr . Raashid Nehal

Management of Education - Prof. Mirza S Saiyadain

Thinking Skills and Scientific Temper - Dr. Syed A Sayeed

Strategies of Academic Writing - Dr. Mohammad Asim Siddiqui

Institution Building and Leadership: Sir Syed as Exemplum - Prof. Parvez Talib

About the Author:

Prof. Abdur Raheem Kidwai completed his M.A., M.Phil. and Ph.D. in English literature from Aligarh Muslim University, India. He obtained a second Ph.D. in English from the University of Leicester, UK, and an Advanced Certificate in Teaching of English as a Foreign Language from Aston University, UK. He has been a Professor at the Department of English, Aligarh Muslim University, and a Visiting Professor, Department of English, University of Leicester. He has published several books including Orientalism in Lord Byron's Turkish Tales (1 995), The Crescent and the Cross: Image of the Orient in English Literature (1 997), Stranger than Fiction: Image of lslam/Muslims in English Fiction (2000), Essential Teachings of the Quran (2004), Behind the Veil: Representation ofMuslim Women in Indian Writings in English 1950-2000 (2007), Bibliography of the English Translations of the Quran 1647-2002: A Critical Study (2007), 365 Sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (2007) and Literary 0rientalism:A Companion (2009). Prof. Kidwai is currently Director, Academic Staff College, Aligarh Muslim University


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