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Futurist Advertising

Futurist Advertising

Futurist Advertising

A New Solution for the Future of Advertising

  • By: Emanuele Nenna

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ISBN: 9788130926872

Bind: Hardbound

Year: 2014

Pages: 160

Size: 6 x 9 Inch

Publisher: LID Publishing

Published in India by: Viva Books

Exclusive Distributors: Viva Books

Sales Territory: India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka


Once upon a time there was an art director and a copywriter. These two figures still exist today, but now they are in need of a little help. Two more creative figures - until recently non- existent - are joining forces with them to create a whole new creative team, one that is finally equipped to give rise to the advertising of the future.




This book will provide you with a glimpse of what goes on within the walls of your agency and will help you to get the "ad campaign of the century" - the one that will be remembered by everyone and that

will increase your sales a hundred fold!


At last, a book that tells you how to solve all your existential quandaries on "who does what" in your various departments and offers ideas on creating some order in this tough world in which the list of unlikely new job titles runs longer than the Yellow Pages!

Would-be Advertisers!

Bold youths: venture ye not into the world of advertising without first understanding how it is changing and what new skills it involves. Bill Bernbach said that the future belongs to the bravest. Nowadays courage means throwing yourself into the advertising of the future, not into that of the past?



A timely manifesto for change and success in today's rapidly evolving advertising industry. 

Advertising has always had a clear objective: to promote the sales of a product or service. The success of an advertising campaign is determined by the success of the client's business/brand. But with the advent of social and digital media and the extraordinary changes in the media landscape in general, advertising companies must reassess their roles and ways of operating in order to continue achieving success for their clients.

This book presents a manifesto for the changing face of advertising. But rather than a revolution, this change is more of an evolution. Creative thought has to evolve, creative professionals have to evolve and therefore advertising agencies, too, have to evolve. Leading advertising practitioner Emanuele Nenna provides ideas and direction for this evolution in this timely and important book for everyone involved in the advertising sector.

"Emanuele Nenna didn't survive the earthquake: he read the patterns on the seismograph machine and acted accordingly. This is his proposal for the perfect agency of today. And maybe even tomorrow."

"[This book] explains how to recover the sense and merit of a craft, that of the advertiser, which is brought into serious question"

Mark Tungate, journalist and author of ADLAND: A global history of advertising.


Part 1: The Preliminaries • The Starting Point • Revolution or Evolution • Portraits • Back to Basics

 Part 2: Multiplication • The Two-Person Agency • The Planner Trinity • The Creative Duo is a Foursome. Plus One  

Part 3: Creatives Today • The Art Director Today • Fresh from the States: the Idea Writer • The Attention Planner • The Digital Creative Planner •  The Consumer Turns Brainstormer: the "Creative Consumer"

Part 4: The End • Long Live (Neutral) Advertising!



Emanuele Nenna was previously CEO and partner at various international agencies (Nurun, Tribal DDB, Rapp Collins) until in 2008, when he and two other partners set up Now Available, Italy's first "neutral" advertising agency.


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