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Building Brands, Building Meaning

Building Brands, Building Meaning

Building Brands, Building Meaning

A Guide to Increasing the Financial Value of Brands through Building Positive Meaning

  • By: Kartikeya Kompella

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ISBN: 9788130903392

Bind: Paperback

Year: 2006

Pages: 134

Size: 5.5 x 8.5 Inch

Publisher: Viva Books Originals

Sales Territory: Worldwide

"This book is a user-friendly read enabling everyone in an organisation to see how to participate in branding and understand their role in managing reality and trust flow."

- Chris Macrae, Author of The Brand Chartering Handbook


"A must-read for anyone endeavouring to understand one of the most important business concepts of our time."

- Tom Asacker , Author of A Clear Eye for Branding


"With this book Kartikeya Kompella uncovers the essence of branding and sheds light on every aspect of the concept."

- Jonas Bergvall, Cocos Brand Concepts, Sweden 

"The book triggers and stimulates thinking about issues that are often forgotten due to the frenetic pace of business today. Kartik presents a logical foundation and format for good 'brand think'."

Dr Billy Coop, Owner, Interlink Marketing, Cape Town, South Africa 

"A smart, crisply-written book for the novice and veteran brand builder alike. I shall be keeping it within arms' length as a reference on brand savvy thinking every working day."

- Ren Spiteri, Partner, Bulldog, Malta 



The second book of Kartikeya Kompella's branding series, Building Brands, Building Meaning, discusses how a brand acquires value and meaning. The task of the brand custodian is to make the brand live long in the minds of the consumer. But most companies do not take branding seriously and face oblivion. The book gives a contrastive study of brands that have endured and brands that haven't. What are the commonest mistakes that brands make? What is a value that each brand should uphold? How timely changes in branding strategy have helped certain brands last like a tradition? The author stresses time again that the brands that live in people's mind have a large and loyal market.


Target Audience:

Brand consultants, corporates, boardroom personnels, advertising agencies, market research agencies, entrepreneurs, management students and professionals.


Branding for business • Good intent makes for Good business • Differentiation - the brand lifeline • Values - the cornerstone of brand relationships • The price and value relationship • Your people define what your brand means • Are your systems protecting your brand • Using heritage to maintain meaning • Staying in shape • Every positive experience counts • Bullies never win? A friend in need •  Use every opportunity to brand • Be loyal to earn loyalty • Concern goes a long way • Using information to help determine brand  relationships • A brand's character determines its perspective • Making the bird's eye view count • The dark side • Carry your size with care • Building brands, building meaning


About the Author:

Kartikeya Kompella has spent 14 years in India looking at brands from the perspective of an advertising professional, brand consultant, marketing practitioner and DM consultant. In 2001, he was nominated for the John and Mary Goodyear Award for Excellence in International Market Research. He is the author of Applying the Branding Iron (Viva).


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