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Building Brands

Building Brands

Building Brands

Strategy and Tactics

  • By: Luis Gallardo

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ISBN: 9788130926834

Bind: Hardbound

Year: 2014

Pages: 272

Size: 6.25 x 9.5 Inch

Publisher: LID Publishing

Published in India by: Viva Books

Exclusive Distributors: Viva Books

Sales Territory: India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka



"Luis Gallardo expertly guides the reader in understanding the complexity of today's corporate world and lucidly highlights what the roads to successful and high performance leadership involve. The author's broad views, based on his solid knowledge as a longstanding business expert, make his book a must read for all leaders. He has made a unique and critical contribution to both the theory and practice of leadership."

Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior at IMD and internationally bestselling author of Hostage at the Table and Care to Dare

"Building high-performing brands in today's ever changing world becomes a huge task for global brands. Luis Gallardo has been able to develop and explain a really helpful and powerful framework to foster winning multinational businesses. A must read!"

                      ALFREDO GANGOTENA
                                       Global CMO, MasterCard Worldwide

"Luis Gallardo has a rare and special understanding of how successful brands are built. He combines deep understanding of business issues with practical, action-oriented, yet highly creative strategies that bring transformational results. This book is essential reading for anyone looking to make headway in today's business world.
       JIM PRIOR
CEO, The Partners



How is it that some brands and companies manage to last decades, fending off crises and turbulence and continuing to prosper, while others fail? What does it take to achieve sustainable value and success?

Luis Gallardo argues that executives and managers not only have to think holistically - in terms of strategy, structure and operations - but also act personally - to become "rousers" - if they are to succeed in these ever-changing times. As a manager, you have to engage people, from top to bottom, and provide an understanding of the company's mission and brand. As well as taking a broad, systems approach, you have to rouse, ignite and excite the people in your organization in order to make things happen. This balance between strategy and tactics, big picture and detail, planning and action, corporate direction and personal responsibility is the key to progress and resilience for your company in today's turbulent times.


Leading in Turbulent Times • The new reality • A changing world • Volatility and change at work • Think holistically, act personally • Value at Work • Value: what it means and why it matters • Finding your purpose • Creating value • The new bottom line: quality, sustainability and decency • Introducing the Six Rs • The six Rs explained • Connecting the six Rs • Succeeding with the six Rs • The Age of Reason • With good reason • The point is that the point matters • The people factor • The best place to start building your business, brand and career • Revitalizing Revenues • Change is not just changing, it's racing • In pursuit of opportunities, new markets and new market space • The impact of innovation on revenue • Being entrepreneurial • Delivering operational success • Rousers • Rousing leadership • Leading people the right way • Reputation • Instant, vital, all-encompassing: the essence of reputation • Creating reputation • Building Strong Relationships • Why focus on relationships? • Building sustainable relationships • Moving beyond transactions • Developing Resilience • Resilience: what it means and why it matters • Developing resilience: the right people, the right teams • Sustainability • Values, skills and resilience are individual • The Holistic Way to Build a World-Class Business • In case we forget • Thinking better • Taking a holistic view • Time to act • Get personal. Be responsible? Getting it together • Think • Critical thinking • Strategic thinking • Lateral thinking • Thinking at work • Being Holistic • Holism: what it means and why it matters • A systemic view • A holistic approach • Taking Action and Making It Personal • Making it happen • Creating an environment for action • Making it personal • Final Thought

About the Author:

Luis Gallardo is a global brand and marketing leader and expert in the areas of strategic brand management, brand engagement, brand expression, marketing, communications, business development, and reputation management. Former managing director of global brand & marketing at Deloitte, Luis provided leadership to Deloitte's member firm network of more than three thousand marketing and communications professionals.

Luis collaborates and teaches Reputation and Brand Management at IMD, IESE, ESADE, IE, and EOI. He is also frequently called on as a keynote speaker at numerous events around the world to discuss topics related to branding and how Think Holistic, Act Personal is the key to helping businesses succeed in today's global economy. Luis is the founder of THAP Group, a multinational brand, communications and marketing strategy consultancy.


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