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Concise Advice: The Visual Communications Book

Concise Advice: The Visual Communications Book

Concise Advice: The Visual Communications Book

Using Words, Drawings and Whiteboards to Sell Big Ideas

  • By: Mark Edwards

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ISBN: 9789386105059

Bind: Paperback

Year: 2017

Pages: 112

Size: 5.5 x 8.5 Inch

Publisher: LID Publishing

Published in India by: Viva Books

Exclusive Distributors: Viva Books

Sales Territory: India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka



'The fastest and most effective way to explain something is by drawing it. Mark is the undisputed champion of explaining how to do this."
Kevin Duncan, author The Diagrams Book and The Ideas Book

"We have successfully incorporated the advice given in The Visual Communications Book. It really can make all the difference in helping you to present complex ideas simply and easily."
Mark Shephard, Director, Symantec Corporation

"Just one of Mark's visual strategies helped me build a multi-million pound company - imagine what a whole book of them could do for your business."
Spencer Gallagher, Founder, The Agency Growth Hackers

A picture paints a thousand words - or so the saying goes. Sometimes it is just so much better to draw and illustrate an idea, rather than to try and explain it with words. By creatively combining the basic building blocks of words, images and shapes, you can make even abstract, complex concepts appear concrete, simple and real.

This practical book will help you to understand the power and potency of visual communications - as well as providing you with the tools and strategies to bring your ideas to life.

Target Audience:
Students and Academicians of Management.





Part 1: Custom Structures • Presenting Systems • Presenting Processes • Presenting Infographics

Part 2: Generic Tools • Common Frameworks and Structures • Graphs • Visual Metaphors, Analogies and Similies • Visual Mechanisms • Coupling Mechanisms

Part 3: Physical Considerations? Colours • Containers • Lines and Arrows • Emoticons • Expressive Shapes • Using Physical Gaps • Anthropomorphisms • Images, Words and Names

Part 4: Vital Concepts • Conceptual Considerations • The Observer's Share • Size • Proximity and Distance • Up/Down and Left/Right • Scale • Style • Order & Sequence • Representing Conceptual Gaps • Movement • Time • Similarity • Symmetry • Compare & Contrast • Information Density • Engaging Minds with Builds and Animation

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About The Author

About the Author:

Mark Edwards has spent 20 years as an independent business consultant - creating visual abstractions, illustrations, models and diagrams to help some of the world's leading organizations to better communicate their insights, solutions, and propositions.


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