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Better English

Better English

Better English

Handle Everyday Situation with Confidence

  • By: Dorothy Massey

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ISBN: 9789385919503

Bind: Paperback

Year: 2016

Pages: 144

Size: 140 x 216 mm

Publisher: Studymates Limited

Published in India by: Viva Books

Exclusive Distributors: Viva Books

Sales Territory: India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka


For all learners new to English as well as Key Skills students.

Are you learning or improving your English? Do you need to improve your communication skills? English-language students need to get a grasp of effective spoken English to enable them to handle everyday situations with confidence. Better English builds a knowledge of vocabulary and grammar by taking students through various common situations. This means that from the start you are able to put your knowledge to use. Topics include: everyday phrases, how to ask for help and information, how to book holidays and use public transport, visiting the doctor and/or hospital, how to deal with the bank, coping with the telephone and how to ask for help in emergencies. Key Skills students will find this an ideal companion to work through the speaking and listening component of their course.

Key areas covered include:

  • how to speak about yourself
  • social English: using the right words
  • getting about and shopping
  • doctors and schools
  • job interviews
  • telephones and emergencies

Target Audience:

For all learners new to English as well as Key Skills students.




Chapter 1: Talking about yourself: One -minute summary • Talking about yourself • Talking about your family • Talking about your job • Talking
about your hobbies • Helping you learn

Chapter 2: Social English: One-minute summary • Making introductions • Saying goodbye • Talking about the weather • Asking for help or information • Helping you learn

Chapter 3: Getting about: One-minute summary • Asking for directions • Giving Directions • Using public transport • Booking a holiday • Helping you learn

Chapter 4: Shopping: One-minute summary • Asking for help • Buying clothes and shoes • Returning goods  • Making a complaint • Helping you learn

Chapter 5: Going to the doctor's: One-minute summary • Making an appointment • Saying what is wrong • Understanding the doctor's instructions • Asking questions  • Helping you learn

Chapter 6: At school: One-mute summary • Registering your child for school • Telling the teacher about your child • Asking the teacher for information • Making the most of parent evenings  • Helping you learn

Chapter 7: Finding work: One-minute summary • Registering at the Job Centre • Phoning an employer about a job • Improving your job interview skills • Asking questions at an interview • Helping you learn

Chapter 8: At the bank and post office: One-minute summary • Sending parcels and letters • Asking for official forms • Opening a bank or post office account • Making deposits, withdrawals and transfers • Helping you learn

Chapter 9: Using the telephone: One-minute summary • Asking for the person you need • Leaving a message on an answering machine • Ordering goods by phone • Dealing with wrong numbers and nuisance calls • Helping you learn

Chapter 10: Emergencies: One-minute summary: Making a 999 call • Describing an emergency • Asking a stranger for help • Going to hospital in an emergency • Helping you learn

Chapter 11: Understanding regional speech: One-minute summary • Regional accents • Native languages • Helping you learn

Chapter 12:  Metaphor in spoken English: One-minute summary • Talking about people's personalities • Talking about work relationships • Talking about your life • Helping you learn

Appendix: numbers and dates
Further reading
Useful addresses


About the Author:

Dorothy Massey graduated from the University of Stirling. She formerly taught English and English as a second language at Darlington College, and is a City & Guilds assessor.


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