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Words to Rhyme With

Words to Rhyme With

Words to Rhyme With

  • By: William R Espy

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ISBN: 9788130934433

Bind: Paperback

Year: 2017

Pages: 688

Size: 191 x 242 mm

Publisher: Facts On File Inc.

Published in India by: Viva Books

Exclusive Distributors: Viva Books

Sales Territory: India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka


"This well may be the most comprehensive rhyming dictionary available."


"This is truly an impressive compilation."
—Library Journal

"The trouble with this book is you can?t stop. Who would have rhymed Dieppe with schlep ... And cerise with codpiece! This way madness lies."
—Ton Randall


Willard Espy's Words to Rhyme With is the ultimate collection of rhyming words and technique from a master of wordplay. This essential comprehensive resource for poets and songwriters is back in print with expanded material on rhyming and word usage.
Containing more than 80,000 words, both common and obscure, and divided into single, double, and triple rhyme, Words to Rhyme With is also an expert guide to poetic technique. Accompanying each section are entertaining short verses by Espy that illustrate the craft of rhyme and rhythm. Other features include

  • A “Primer of Prosody” that focuses on the forms of lyric verse and wordplay-the sonnet, villanelle, ballad, limerick, anagram verse, and much more-with examples for each
  • New advice on expanded forms of rhyme, with examples and quotations by notable poets
  • A glossary of lesser-known words that can be used to make unusual and unique rhymes
  • A list of rhymes “overlooked” in the first edition

Target Audience:

General Public




You’d Be a Poet, but You Hear It's Tough?

Author's note • To Charles F. Dery: A Dedication • Acknowledgments • Foreword

Introduction: Rhythm and meter
The stanza
The metric line

Forms of lyric verse: Sonnet • Shakespearean sonnet • Ottava rima • Terza rima • Rhyming sestina • Ballade • Ballade with double refrain • Chant royal • Triolet • Rondel • Rondelet • Roundel • Rondeau • Rondeau redoubl?? • Villanelle • Kyrielle • Ode • Sapphic • Haiku • Pantoum • Ballad • Venus and Adonis stanza • Spenserian stanza • Elegy • Limerick • Clerihew • Double dactyl • Chain verse • Epigram

Word play in rhyme: Procrustean (impossible) rhyme • Mosaic rhyme • Anagram verse • Doublet • Orrnonym • Homonym couplet • ESPYramids • Pangrammic couplet • Univocalic verse • Lipogrammatic verse • Acrostic verse • Limerick with palindromic verse • Abbreviation verse? • Digital verse • Alphabetic verse • Parthenogenetic verse •  Symbols and signs •  Acronymic verse • Grammar verse • Macaronic verse

Caution: identicals do not rhyme

How to use the list of rhyming words
Single rhymes, with stress on the last syllables
Double rhymes, with stress on the next to the last syllable
Triple rhymes, with stress on the second syllable before the last

The glossary
How Dreka's blotting-case fathered a glossary
How to use the glossary Pronunciation key

Appendix A: Meaning of the number keys
Appendix B: Additional words ending in -mancy
Appendix C: Additional words ending in -mania
Appendix D: Additional words ending in ?-phobia

Index of first lines • Overlooked rhymes • Further thoughts on rhyme • Quotations on rhyme, rhythm, and poetry


About the Authors:

Willard R. Espy (1910-1999) was widely known for his light verse, which the New York Times noted ?has been compared favorably to that of Lewis Carroll, W.S. Gilbert, Ogden Nash and Cole Porter.? He published more than a dozen books on language and other subjects, including The Game of Words, An Almanac of Words at Play, The Garden of Eloquence, Have a Word on Me, Say It My Way, and Oysterville: Roads to Grandpa's Village.

Louis Phillips has written and edited numerous books for children and adults, including The Random House Treasury of Humourous Quotations and The Random House Treasury of Light Verse. He teaches creative writing at School of Visual Arts in New York.


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