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Indian Voices in ELT

Indian Voices in ELT

Indian Voices in ELT

  • By: Francis Peter

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ISBN: 9789386105363

Bind: Paperback

Year: 2017

Pages: 280

Size: 185 x 242 mm

Publisher: Viva Books Originals

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Indian Voices in ELT focuses on theoretical insights and practical experiments carried out in the area of TED (Teaching English to the Disadvantaged) at different centres in India. The authors include some of the best-known names in ELT as well as practitioners from India and abroad with a varied range of experience. Beginning with conceptual articles situating and defining the target group, the collection moves on to specifying the components that could define a pedagogy of the disadvantaged.
The articles that raise other India-specific questions would interest those in similar situations elsewhere as well. Some daringly different ideas and positions expressed suggest that ELT in India has come of age. The issues raised and empirical data reported in many of these articles match some of the best international practices. This volume to a great extent reveals the goings-on within the country that has for long been regarded as a linguist's paradise and provides a window for the world to take a peep into the world of Indian ELT.

Target Audience:
People interested in ELT and linguistics.


Teachers” Growth (N.S. Prabhu) • Condemned without Crime”““Grammar-Translation Method (Shreesh Chaudhary) • To Use or Not to Use Technology for Teaching English (M.N.K. Bose) • Can We Dispense with R.P. in ESL Classroom “Here and Now” “An Indian Perspective (Stanley Mohan) • Linguistic Aspects of ESL Listening”““Some Observations (R. Usha) • Technically Speaking (S.P. Dhanavel) • (In)Significance of Teaching Writing in General English Curriculum (K. Elango) • Teaching Transactional Email Writing: A Contextualized Paradigm (K.S. Antony Samy) • The Semiotics of Communication (Thilagavathi G. Joseph) • Identifying the Socio-Linguistic Gap: A Corpus-based Comparative Analysis of Two Young Learner English Textbooks from Tamil Nadu,India (Kirsten A. Anderson) • A Profile of the Disadvantaged Learners in the Context of Teaching English to the Disadvantaged (A. Joseph Dorairaj) • Towards Understanding Rural ELT (Amol Padwad) • The Power of Context (Alan Maley) • Teaching English to the “Disadvantaged” (TED): Towards a Socio-cultural Perspective (T.S. Arul Kumar) • Empowering the At-Risk Learners (Francis Peter S.J) • Moving Forward in Tertiary-level ELT: Hard Curricular Choices (Makhan L. Tickoo) • Lexical Phrases and Their Role in Language Acquisition (Manjula Duraiswamy) • Key Issues in Developing a Parallel Course in Writing for Under-privileged Students (Aysha Vishwamohan) • Error Correction Strategies for ESL Student Writing (Anam Govardhan) • Involving Learners in the Assessment Process: A Case Study of Disadvantaged Learners (V. Saraswathi) • Assessment and Motivation in English Language Teaching (S. Devaki Reddy) • Positive Washback: The Power to Empower L2 Learners (J. John Love Joy) • “Simply English”: Spoken English Demystified (Lavanya Mavillapalli and Francis Peter) • Reading to Respond: Activating Readers” Responses through Drama Praxi (Annie Kuriachan) • Using Media as a Bait to Get Tertiary-Level Students Reading (Illango Ramasamy) • Reading the BOOK: Reading the WORLD (Sridhar Bala) • Schema Activation and Reading Comprehension (Shagufta Imtiaz)


About the Author:

Francis M. Peter, a Jesuit priest, is Reader in English at the Postgraduate and Research Department of English at Loyola College, Chennai. He is also the founder-Director of RACE-Loyola (Research Academy for Cumulative Excellence), a centre that promotes language-related skills.
Fr Peter has an MA in English Language and Literature from Madras University, a PGDTE from the Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages (now English and Foreign Languages University), Hyderabad, and a B.Ed. from Madurai Kamaraj University. He acquired an additional MA in ELT from Ealing College, London, and completed his Ph.D. from Bharathidasan University, Trichy. He has held many administrative positions during his 28 years in tertiary education including that of the Principal of St Xavier's College, Palayamkottai, and the Secretary and Correspondent of Loyola College, Chennai. He has twenty-eight books and a number of papers to his credit and has conducted over 500 seminars and workshops all over the country and abroad.


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