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Thermo-Mechanical Simulation and Processing of Steels SimPro 16

Thermo-Mechanical Simulation and Processing of Steels SimPro 16

Thermo-Mechanical Simulation and Processing of Steels SimPro 16

  • By: Steel Authority of India Limited, Jha, Saxena, Srikanth, Deva, Karmakar, Nageswaran, Baskiyar

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ISBN: 9789385919862

Bind: Hardbound

Year: 2016

Pages: 656

Size: 191 x 242 mm

Publisher: Viva Books Originals

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Thermo-mechanical simulation is a very effective tool to understand the combined effect of heat and deformation on resulting microstructure and properties of steel and other material. Leading experts worldwide engaged in this important area of research have generated a plethora of valuable information. This compendium showcases some of the recent advancements made in this vibrant field of materials’ research.

Wide ranging themes covered in this compendium include inter alia recrystallization, precipitation & grain growth; simulation of hot deformation processes; Niobium microalloyed steels; thermo-mechanical controlled processing; hot deformation behaviour of stainless steels; mathematical modelling of metallurgical processes; process optimization & quality improvement; structure-property correlation; emerging steel products; welding process & simulation; and materials processing & characterization.

The wealth of information contained in this book will definitely help in steering the future course of research in this highly exciting field, leading to new material development, process optimisation and quality & yield improvement.

Target Audience:

Students and Academicians of Materials Science and Metallurgy.




Section I: New Insight into Materials Processing and its Application

Chapter 1. Dynamic Transformation During the Torsion Simulation of Plate and Strip Rolling - John J. Jonas, Clodualdo Aranas Jr. and Samuel F. Rodrigues
Chapter 2. High Toughness Steels: Their History and New Developments - Warren M. Garrison Jr.
Chapter 3. Formation and Dissolution of FeTiP Precipitates During Processing of High Strength IF-Steels  - R.K. Ray and Pampa Ghosh

Section II: Recrystallization, Precipitation and Grain Growth

Chapter 4. Precipitation Behaviour of Nb-V-Mo and Single V Carbo-nitrides in Microalloyed TRIP-assisted Steels - E. Abbasi and W.M. Rainforth
Chapter 5. Grain Size Development in Microalloyed Steels During Reheating Effect of Segregation During Solidification - Claire Davis, Fei Wang and Martin Strangwood
Chapter 6. Softening, Recrystallisation and Grain Development During Stress Relaxation Testing - Martin Strangwood, Piotr Kalinowski and Claire Davis
Chapter 7. Numerical Simulation of Grain Growth by Phase Field Method: An Efficient Algorithm -
Anil Kumar Verma, Appa Rao Chintha, Pampa Ghosh, Sanjay Chandra, Sandeep S. and Saswata Bhattacharya
Chapter 8. Quantification of Geometrically Necessary Dislocation Density in Dual Phase Steel Using EBSD - Amrita Kundu and David P. Field

Section III: Simulation of Hot Deformation Processes

Chapter 9. Torsion Simulation Method Applied to Hot Rolling of Steels - Fulvio Siciliano
Chapter 10. Physically Based Constitutive Equations to Describe the Hot Flow Behaviour of Carbon Steel Including the Effect of Chemical Composition - Gonzalo Varela-Castro, José Manuel Prado  Prado and José-Maria Cabrera
Chapter 11. Hot Deformation of Nb, Nb-1Zr and Nb-1Zr-0.1C - J.K. Chakravartty, A.N. Behera, A. Sarkar and R. Kapoor
Chapter 12. Ludwigson Flow Relationship in Ferritic Stainless Steels at Ambient and Elevated Temperatures - Santosh Kumar
Chapter 13. Orientation Sensitive Deformation in Zr: Experimental and Modeling Studies - K.V. Mani Krishna, S.K. Sahoo, D. Srivasta, I. Samajdar and G.K. Dey
Chapter 14. Creep Behaviour Study of Nano-crystalline Stainless Steel and Nano-crystalline Nickel Join Using Molecular Dynamics Simulation - Md. Meraj and S. Pal 1

Section IV: Niobium Microalloyed Steels: Thermo-mechanical Controlled Processing and Applications
Chapter 15. Nano-scale Precipitate Engineering of TiN-NbC Composite for Austenite Grain Size Control in Upstream Processing to Produce Thicker Gage Line Pipe Product with Consistent DWTT Performance in Conventional Hot Strip Rolling - S.V. Subramanian, Ma Xiaoping, Kashif Rehman, Vishwanathan Nagarajan Pradeep Agarwal, Devasish Mishra and Gajraj Singh Rathore
Chapter 16. Development of New Press Hardening Steel with Improved Crash Performance by Nb Microalloying - Bian Jian and Sujoy S. Hazra
Chapter 17. Optimized Production of Niobium Microalloyed Slabs, Plates and Coil - Douglas G. Stalheim
Chapter 18. Modelling the Microstructural Evolution During Hot Strip Rolling of Niobium Microalloyed Steels - Antonio Gorni, Marcelo Rebellato, Vishwanathan Nagarajan  and Ronaldo Barbosa
Chapter 19. Mill Data Based Microstructural Modelling for Thin Slab Direct Rolling of Nb Microalloyed Steels - B. Pereda, P. Uranga, B.  López J.M. Rodriguez-Ibabe, M. Arantes-Rebellato and Vishwanathan Nagarajan

Section V: Thermo-mechanical Controlled Processing
Chapter 20.
 Experimental and Simulated Strain Path Diagram and Forming Limit Diagram of Twinning Induced Plasticity (TWIP) Steel - Marrapu Bhargav, Asim Tewari and Sushil K. Mishra
Chapter 21. Machining as a Thermomechanical Process to Modulate Functional and Mechanical Behaviour of Steel - G. Mani Ratnam, Manish Prakash, K. Mondal and S. Shekhar
Chapter 22. Optimization of Process Parameters of Boron Microalloyed Steel in thin Slab Caster to Avoid Transverse Corner Cracks - Mrigandra Singhai, Srimanta Sam, D. Satishkumar, Subhasish Chakraborty, Sanjay Gurme, Atanu Borkotoki and Pradip Patra
Chapter 23. Effect of Thermo-mechanical Processing Schedule on the Texture and Microstructure of Pipeline Grade API X80 Microalloyed Steel - V. Rajinikanth, P. Munda, Tipu Kumar, Sandip Ghosh Chowdhury and Sandeep Sangal
Chapter 24. Thermo-mechanically Rolled High Strength Heavy Plates for Hydro Power Application - Akshay Shingweker, Nitin Amte and M. Venkatraman

Section VI: Hot Deformation Behaviour of Stainless Steels
Chapter 25. On Dynamic Softening Behaviour in Ferritic Stainless Steel - K. Jyoti, U.B. Murmu, Bhawna Khalkho, P. Saravanan, S. Srikanth, S.N. Prasad and C.D. Singh
Chapter 26. High Temperature Deformation Behaviour of 304L SS After a Non-conventional Heat Treatment - Dipti Samantaray, Utpal Borah, A.K. Bhaduri and Pradip Dutta
Chapter 27. Microstructural Development During Hot Deformation of Chapter Stainless Steel - S. Patra, A. Mandal, V. Kumar, D. Chakrabarti and L.K. Singhal
Chapter 28. Model D8B: An Empirical Constitutive Equation to Depict the Flow Behaviour of 316LN Stainless Steel During Instability - Santosh Kumar, Arvinth Davinci, Aashranth B., Dipti Samantaray, Utpal Borah and A.K. Bhaduri
Chapter 29. Effect of Strain Rate and Deformation Temperature on Work Hardening Behaviour of Austenitic Stainless Steel - A. Kumar, R.K.P. Singh, K. Aniket Anand and Vinod Kumar

Section VII: Mathematical Modelling of Metallurgical Processes
Chapter 30. The Role of CFD in Steelmaking: Single and Multi-phase Modeling of Argon-Steel-Slag Interactions in Ladle Metallurgy and Casting Processes - Dipak Mazumdar
Chapter 31. Numerical Simulation and Modeling of Co-extrusion of Zircaloy-2 and ? Zr-Sn Alloy for Double Clad Tube Manufacturing - S.K. Jha, Kumar Vaibhaw, K. Chetan, M. Ravindran, D. Srivastava and N. Saibaba
Chapter 32. Application of Residence Time Distribution Analysis for Flow Optimization in Slab Caster Tundish - Rajeev Kumar Singh and Rakesh P.S.
Chapter 33. Thermodynamic Modelling of Micro-segregation and its Effect on Recrystallization in Dual Phase Steels - Savya Sachi and Gerald Tennyson
Chapter 34. Determination of Zener-Hollomon Parameter of a Low Alloy Medium Carbon Steel under Hot Compression Physical Simulation - Niranjan Kumar, Sanjeev Kumar and S.K. Nath

Section VIII: Process Optimization and Quality Improvement
Chapter 35. Semi-Solid Processing: An Alternative Technique for Manufacturing of Austenitic Stainless Steel Products - Arun Kumar Bhaduri, Dipti Samantaray and Pradip Dutta
Chapter 36. Process Optimization for Quality Improvement in RUBM at  JSPL, India - Shamshad Shaik and Ramesh Kumar Ajmeria
Chapter 37. Web-portal System for Online Prediction of Mechanical Properties of Hot Rolled Coils using Mathematical-ANN Hybrid Model - S. Rath, P.P. Sengupta, S.K. Thakur, V. Kumar, A. Goswami, K.V. Raman, R.N. Nayak, P. Talukdar and A.P. Singh
Chapter 38. Material Design for Improving Formability, Spot Weldability, Fatigue and Stretch Flangeability of Hot Rolled Automotive Steels - Pradeep Agarwal, G.V. Ramana, Devasish Mishra, P.K. Ghorai and G.S. Rathore
Chapter 39. Effect of Heterogeneous Distribution of Stored Energy on Recovery and Recrystallization of a Heavily Deformed AISI 304L Steel Using Interrupted Annealing Process - Sailaja Sharma, B. Ravi Kumar, B.P. Kashyap and N. Prabhu
Chapter 40. Hot Deformation Behaviour Studies on Medium Carbon Steel by Thermo-mechanical Simulation and Finite Element Method - Kumar Aniket Anand, Kartik Nageswaran, Md Serfraj Alam, Vinod Kumar and Md Israr Equbal

Section IX: Structure — Property Correlation
Chapter 41. Development and Effect of Dual-phase Low-carbon Steels Having Different Grain Structures - A. Karmakar, N. Rarhi, D. Chakrabarti and Vinod Kumar
Chapter 42. Microstructure Evolution and Origin of Surface Cracks Induced During Processing of Microalloyed Steels - S.N. Ojha
Chapter 43. Effect of Cooling Rate on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Medium Carbon Steel - Md Israr Equbal, Md Talha, Balbir Singh and Rajkumar Ohdar
Chapter 44. Designing Microalloyed Pipeline Steel Using Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm in Tandem - Santanu Pattanayak, Swati Dey, Subrata Chatterjee, Sandip Ghosh Chowdhury and Shubhabrata Datta
Chapter 45. Hot Forging Behaviour of Medium Carbon and Medium Carbon Vanadium Microalloyed Steels: A Comparative Study - Md Israr Equbal, Raj Kumar Ohdar, Balbir Singh and Pinaki Talukdar

Section X: Emerging Steel Products
Chapter 46. Microstructure of TRIP Aided Steel: An Overview - Ravi Ranjan, Tanmay Bhattacharyya and S.B. Singh
Chapter 47. Industry 4.0: The Next Wave - Dhananjay Kumar
Chapter 48. Hardening Behaviour and Crashworthiness of Boron Added Low Alloyed Steel - Anjana Deva, M. Deepa, Saikat K. De, S.M. Mulla, D.D. Kulkarni, A.K. Bhakat and B.K. Jha
Chapter 49. Effect of Cooling Parameters on Microstructure and Toughness Properties of API X-70 Line Pipe Steel - Ashwini Nalge, Nitin Amte, Yogesh Patel and M. Venkatraman
Chapter 50. Adoption of Advanced High Strength Steel for Commercial Vehicles - Sunil Raina and Manish Jain
Chapter 51. Development of 55Si7 Spring Steels for ERC Application at ISP, Burnpur - Abhinandan Chatterjee, Somnath Kumar, K.K. Keshari, Santosh Kumar, S. Ghosh and R. Datta

Section XI: Welding Process and Simulation
Chapter 52. Thermo-mechanical Simulation of Stress Induced Transformation and HAZ Characteristics of Arc Welded Austenitic Stainless Steel - P.K. Ghosh, Ravindra Kumar, Abhishek Goyal and Vipin Bansal
Chapter 53. Effect of Peak Temperatures on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Weld Simulated Heat-affected Zone for Nb-microalloyed Steel - Sanjeev Kumar and S.K. Nath
Chapter 54. Experimental Investigation of Tailor Welded Blank in Automotive Applications - S. Sunil Raj, G. Ramya, S. Dhanasekaran and S. Ravishankar
Chapter 55. A Review on Thermo-mechanical Simulation Studies for Welding of High Strength Micro-alloyed Pipeline Steels - Satish Kumar Sharma and Sachin Maheshwari
Chapter 56. Toughness Behaviour for Simulated Heat Affected Zone of Welds of SA 508 Class 3 Steel - Santosh Kumar, Rajneesh Kumar, Ajoy Kumar Pandey and  Santosh Kumar Singh

Section XII: Materials Processing and Characterization
Chapter 57. Effect of Stress Ratio on Ratcheting Fatigue Behaviour of Ti-stabilised Interstitial Free Steel - Partha Sarathi De, Jayanta Kumar Mahato and P.C. Chakraborti
Chapter 58. Investigations on the Influence of Oxidation in Causing Hot Cracking in Steels - Osvaldo Guilherme Comineli
Chapter 59. Forging of Lightweight Shaft and the Assessment of Residual Stresses on the Forged Parts - P.K. Ajeet Babu, M.R. Saraf, Suraj Mani Chaurasiya, Suhail M. Mulla, Shashank Shekhar and Kaustubh Kulkarni
Chapter 60. Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of A-356 Aluminium Alloy Reinforced with Graphite, Boron Carbide and Fly Ash Hybrid Metal Matrix Composite - Ajay Kumar, D. Vengatesh, Srishti Mishra, Sachin Mishra and Balbir Singh
Chapter 61. An Investigation of Die Deformation During Hot Forging Process - Sanket Inamdar, Abhijit Patil, Govind Jagtap, Manoj Ukhande, Shyam Takale and R.K.P. Singh
Chapter 62. Oxidation Behaviour and its Impact in Residual Life Assessment of Cr-Mo Steel Components - B.B. Jha, R. Sahoo, T.K. Sahoo and S.N. Ojha
Chapter 63. Surface Hardening of Ti6Al4V by Laser Alloying with Mo2C and Mo2C + MoS2 Using Preplaced Powder Technique - Preeti Priya, A. Roychowdhury, M. Sharif, B.K. Dey and M.V.K. Ramprasad

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