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Principles & Practice of Geriatric Medicine

Principles & Practice of Geriatric Medicine

Principles & Practice of Geriatric Medicine

  • By: O P Sharma

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ISBN: 9788130934211

Bind: Hardbound

Year: 2015

Pages: 920

Size: 216 x 280 mm

Publisher: Viva Books Originals

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Principles and Practice of Geriatric Medicine is a compilation of carefully chosen topics pertaining to Clinical Geriatrics and Gerontology. The chapters have been written by authors with wide ranging experience in treating the Elderly, especially in India. This approach has been rendered necessary by the fact that the problems faced by the Indian elderly differ from their American or European contemporaries due to differences in race, nutrition, family set up, socioeconomic factors and climatic conditions. Since this book provides a comprehensive account of the care needed by the Indian elderly, it will be an asset for family physicians who treat elderly patients. Besides treatment part, preventive strategies relevant to our country have also been included. Geriatric Medicine is a multi-disciplinary branch of Medical Sciences that has been added to the academic curricula of Medical Colleges. This book will therefore prove a competent guide for Medical Students in general, and students of Geriatrics in particular, who will find everything they need to know within a single volume. The reader/treating doctor will be able to answer the queries of their patients in other fields related to them like financial, legal and constitutional matters. The inclusion of subjects like epidemiology and hospital setup will make it useful for planners as well.

Target Audience:

Medical students, nurses and doctors interested in Geriatric Care.


Dedication • Editorial Board • Foreword • Preface • Acknowledgement • Contributors • Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction - Dr. O. P. Sharma
Chapter 2: Genetic and Molecular Mechanisms of Ageing - Dr. Sajesh Asokan
Chapter 3: Immunology of Ageing  - Dr. Utpal Sengupta
Chapter 4: Pathological Changes in Ageing -Dr. Sandeep R. Mathur, Dr. P. S. Shankar
Chapter 5: The Quantification of Ageing - Dr. D.K. Hazra, Dr. Nandita Hazra, Dr. P Khanna nee Hazra

Chapter 6:
 Clinical Approach - Dr. Harbir Kaur Rao, Dr. Simar Rajan Singh
Chapter 7: Infections - Dr. R. Sajith Kumar
Chapter 8: Various Tools Useful in Geriatric Practice - Dr. Prabha Adhikari M.R.
Chapter 9: Frailty Syndrome - Dr. P. S. Shankar
Chapter 10: Electrolyte disorders in Elderly - Dr. Dhruva Chaudhry, Dr. Ankur Agrawal, Neetu Jain
Chpater 11: Presenting Symptoms: Anaemia -  Dr. Harbir Kaur Rao, Dr. Simar Rajan Singh • Weakness - Dr. R. S. Gupta, Dr. Simar Rajan Singh • Dyspnoea - Dr. P. S. Shankar • Oedema - Dr. R. S. Gupta, Dr. Simar Rajan Singh • Dizziness - Dr. Gurjinder Pal Singh • Confusion - Dr. Gurjinder Pal Singh • Pain - Dr. G. P. Dureja  • Urinary Incontinence - Dr. Rajeev Sood, Dr. Raman Tanwar • Coma - Dr. N.P. Singh & Dr. Anish Kumar
Chapter 12:  Investigations: Lab Investigations - Dr. Gaurav Sharma, Dr. Rakesh Sharma, Dr. Gargi Vidholia • Imaging - Dr. Harsh Mahajan • Sonography - Dr. Rajesh Gothi, Dr. Lakshmi Rajgopal • Echocardiography - Dr. Kewal Chand Goswami, Dr. Neelam Dahiya • GI Endoscopy - Dr. Praneeth Moka, Dr. Govind Makharia, Dr. MP Sharma • Invasive Diagnostic Procedures in Pulmonary Diseases - Dr. Prashant Prakash, Dr. Pooja Agarwal

Chapter 13: Coronary Artery Disease - Dr. Vineet Bhatia, Dr. Upendra Kaul
Chapter 14: Cardiac Arrhythmias - Dr. Raja J. Selvaraj, Dr. Balachander J
Chpater 15: Hypertension - Dr. Rajeev Gupta
Chapter 16: Cardiac Failure - Dr. Sanjay Tyagi, Dr. Prattay Guha Sarkar
Chapter 17: Peripheral Vascular Diseases - Dr. Shoaib F Padaria
Chapter 18: Preventive Cardiology & Non Pharmacological Measures - Dr. S. C. Manchanda, Dr. Arnan Makhija
Chapter 19: Rehabilitation after Cardiac Problem - Dr. Aashish S. Contractor, Dr. Abraham Samuel Babu
Chapter 20: Interventions & Devices in Cardiology - Dr. Pradeep Eswarappa Haranahalli, Dr. Atul Mathur

Chapter 21: Pneumonia - Dr Jyotsna M Joshi
Chapter 22: Pulmonary Tuberculosis - Dr. V. K. Arora
Chapter 23: Asthma - Dr. Salil Bhargava
Chapter 24: COPD - Dr. Sahajal Dhooria, Dr. Digambar Behera
Chapter 25: Interstitial Lung Disease - Dr Jyotsna M Joshi
Chapter 26: Cor-Pulmonale - Dr. P. S. Shankar
Chapter 27: Lung Cancer - Dr. P. S. Shankar
Chapter 28: Sleep Disorders - Dr. S.Ramnathan Iyer, Dr. Revati R. Iyer.
Chapter 29: Non Invasive Ventilation - Dr. S.N. Gaur, Dr. B. Gopal
Chapter 30: Mechanical Ventilation - Dr. Ashfaq Hasan, Dr. Syed Mahmood, Dr. Aleemuddin Naveed, Dr. Sandeep Saboo

Chapter 31: Upper G I Bleeding - Dr. Sreejith Vasudevan, Dr. Govind K Makharia, Dr. Mahesh Prakash Sharma
Chapter 32: Lower G I Bleeding - Dr Charles Panackel, Dr Sunil K Mathai
Chapter 33: Gastrointestinal Infections - Dr. B. S. Ramakrishna
Chapter 34: Motility Disorders of the Gastrointestinal Tract - Dr. V. Jayanthi
Chapter 35: Digestive Cancers - Dr. K. M. Mohandas
Chapter 36: Liver Disorders - Dr. Rakesh Aggarwal, Dr. Amit Goel
Chapter 37: Gallbladder and Biliary Tract Disorders - Dr. Rakesh Tandon
Chapter 38: Pancreas - Dr. V. K. Dixit, Dr. A.K. Jain

Chapter 39: Diagnostic Approach in Rheumatology - Dr. Lata Bichile
Chapter 40: Inflammatory Rheumatic Diseases - Dr. Milind Y Nadkar, Dr. Vikram A Londhey
Chapter 41: Osteoarthritis - Dr.Siddharth kumar Das
Chapter 42: Back pain - Dr. S. J. Gupta
Chapter 43: Soft Tissue problems - Dr. Sanjay Wadhwa

Chapter 44: Diabetes Mellitus - Dr. Anoop Misra, Dr. Atul Luthra
Chapter 45: Insulin Therapy - Dr. Subhash Kumar Wangnoo, Dr. Radhika Jindal, Dr. Mohammad Asim Siddiqui
Chapter 46: Insulin therapy in special situations - Dr. J. K. Sharma, Dr. R. P. Agrawal
Chapter 47: Thyroid Disorders - Dr. R D. Lele
Chapter 48: Obesity - Dr. N. S. Neki
Chapter 49: Osteoporosis - Dr. Neeru Gera, Dr. Ambrish Mithal
Chapter 50: Andropause - Dr. Mala Dharmalingam
Chapter 51: Hormonal Basis of Cancer - Dr. D.K. Hazra, Dr. Sujit Kumar, Dr. Padmamalika Khanna

Chapter 52: Acute Renal Failure - Dr. A. Vimala
Chapter 53: Chronic Renal Failure -  Dr. D. S. Rana

Chapter 54: Stroke - Dr. B.C. Bansal, Dr. Nupur Jain, Dr. Rajinder K. Dharnija
Chapter 55: Epilepsy - Dr. M.V. Padma, Dr. Deepa Dash
Chapter 56: Movement Disorders - Dr. Madhuri Behari, Dr. Chaturbhuj Rathore
Chapter 57: CNS Infections - Dr. U.K. Misra, J Kalita, Dr. D Dubey
Chapter 58: Alzheimer's Disease - Dr. Gurjinder Pal Singh
Chapter 59: Peripheral Neuropathies and Neuralgias - Dr. Gurjinder Pal Singh
Chapter 60: Syncope - Dr. M. S. Sridhar
Chapter 61: Cognitive Decline - Dr. Manjari Tripathi

Chapter 62: Psychiatric Disorders - Dr. Neelam Kumar Bohra

Chapter 63: Anaemia - Dr. Indumati Ambulkar, Dr. S.H. Advani
Chapter 64: Bleeding Disorders - Dr. Dipika Mohanty, Dr. Kanjaksha Ghosh
Chapter 65: Leukaemias - Dr. Indumati Ambulkar, Dr. S.H. Advani

Chapter 66: Skin Ageing - Dr. Sanjiv Kandhari
Chapter 67: Skin Problems - Dr. Govind Srivastava

Chapter 68: Sexuality - Dr. Mala Dharmalingam
Chapter 69: Sexual Problems - Surgical Approach - Dr. Ajit Saxena

Chapter 70:  Nutrition Support - Dr. Seema Puri
Chapter 71: Nutritional Consideration - Dr. Rekha Sharma, Dr. Parmeet Kaur

Chapter 72: Anesthesia - Dr. Ashok Kumar Saxena, Dr. Gautam Girotra

Chapter 73: Dental Problems - Prof. (Dr.) Mahesh Verma, Dr. Aditi Nanda

Chapter 74: Urogenital Problems - Dr. Ajit Saxena
Chapter 75: Surgery - Dr Navneet Kaur
Chapter 76: Special Issues in Management of Geriatric Trauma - Dr. Chhavi Sawhney, Dr. Parin Lalwani, Dr. Sanjeev Lalwani, Dr. Rajeev Uppal

Chapter 77: Orthopedic Problems - Dr. P.K. Dave
Chapter 78: Joint Replacement Surgeries - Dr. S.K.S. Marya, Chandeep Singh
Chapter 79: Lumbar canal stenosis - Dr. H N Bajaj, Dr. Sunil Katoch, Dr. Sameer Anand
Chapter 80: Vertebroplasty and Kyphoplasty - Dr. H. N. Bajaj, Dr. Sunil Katoch, Dr. Sameer Anand
Chapter 81: Arthroscopic Surgery - Dr. Raju Vaishya
Chapter 82: Falls - Dr Dominic Benjamin
Chapter 83: Mobility Aids - Dr. Sanjay Wadhwa
Chapter 84: Geriatric Rehabilitation - Dr. Rakesh Kumar Srivastava

Chapter 85: Gynecological Disorders - Dr. Suneeta Mittal, Dr. Pakhee Aggarwal
Chapter 86: Hormone Replacement Therapy - Dr. Bindu Kulshreshtha, Dr. A. C. Ammini

Chapter 87: ENT Problems - Dr. Nidhi Dhawan

Chapter 88:  Eye Problems - Dr. Lalit Verma, Dr. Aashraya Karpe

Chapter 89:  Financial Health - Mr. R. N. Lakhotia, Mr. A. K. Nair
Chapter 90: Elder's Abuse - Dr. Anand P. Ambali
Chapter 91: Provision in Law and Constitution - Dr. Sanjeev Lalwani, Dr. T.D. Dogra
Chapter 92: Prevention of Ageing - Dr. D.K. Hazra, Dr. K. Gantait, Dr. P Khanna nee Hazra
Chapter 93:  Health Promotion and Preventive Strategies - Dr. O.P. Sharma, Dr. Vivek Handa, Dr. Narinder P Singh
Chapter 94:  Vaccination - Dr. Sureshkumar Dorairajan, Dr. A. Muruganathan
Chapter 95:  Rejuvenation Therapy - Dr. B.R. Prasad
Chapter 96: Yoga - Dr. N.J. Patil

Chapter 97: Clinical Pharmacology - Dr. Urmila Thatte, Dr. Karman Sridharan
Chapter 98: Therapeutics Considerations - Dr. Sudeep Khanna
Chapter 99: Pain Management - Dr. G. P. Dureja
Chapter 100: Drug Interactions - Dr. Meenaxi Sharda
Chapter 101: Drug Prescription - Dr. Atul Gogia, Dr. S.P. Byotra

Chapter 102: Government Initiatives - Sagar A Borker
Chapter 103: Medical Care Set up - Dr. O.P. Sharma, Dr. Vivek Handa, Dr. N.P. Singh

Chapter 104: Nursing - Dr. Asha Sharma
Chapter 105: Dementia Day Care Concepts - Dr. Radha S. Murthy
Chapter 106:  Palliative care - Prof. (Dr). Lingegowda.K. B


About the Editor:

Dr. O. P. Sharma is a consultant physician with special interest in Geriatrics. As a National Professor of Geriatrics and General Secretary, Geriatric Society of India, he has vast experience in organizing conferences on Geriatrics at the Regional, National and International levels. He is the Course-Director cum Editor on "PG Diploma Certificate Course on Geriatrics" of IMA AKN Sinha Institute, New Delhi and Course Writer of "PG Distance Education Course on Geriatrics" of IGNOU. He is the editor of Indian Guidelines for Vaccinations in Older Adults 2012 and Indian Recommendations for Vaccination in Older Adults 2015. He is the editor of Indian Journal of Geriatric Care. Besides being a Founder Fellow of Indian College of Physicians, Geriatric Society of India and International College of Nutrition, he is also a Fellow of IMA College of General Practitioners, IMA Academy of Medical Specialties, International Academy of Medical Specialties, Indian Academy of Clinical Medicine and Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh. A recipient of various orations and awards, he is life member of twenty-three Scientific Associations. Envisioning the need for a comprehensive textbook on the care of the Indian Elderly, he has conceptualized, edited and brought out the third edition of this first textbook on Geriatrics and Gerontology for medical students, nurses and doctors interested in Geriatric Care.


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