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Plant Physiology

Plant Physiology

Plant Physiology

The Structure of Plants Explained

  • By: Edwin Oxlade

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ISBN: 9789385919398

Bind: Paperback

Year: 2016

Pages: 164

Size: 134 x 209 mm

Publisher: Studymates Limited

Published in India by: Viva Books

Exclusive Distributors: Viva Books

Sales Territory: India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka



The purpose of Plant Physiology is to introduce the reader to the study of plants and cover all of the material that is usually found in agricultural and horticultural colleges and university introductory courses. The book breaks the learning material down into bite sized chunks of information that helps you to understand exactly how the biological processes actually work. There are diagrams and charts that make the information clear and easily understandable. This high intensity focussed approach to writing takes you to the central core of the concepts in plant physiology without any wasted words, meaning you save huge amounts of time when reading, a valuable aid for any reader. 
This book explains: 

  • importance of water
  • photosynthesis and the fixing of carbon dioxide
  • respiration and the need for energy
  • enzymes and the control of metabolism in plants
  • mineral nutrition and the uptake and transport of minerals in plants
  • solute transport and phloem translocation
  • plant movements and plant growth substances
  • photomorphogenesis, phytochrome and photoperiodism
  • correlations and their causes

Target Audience:

Covers all of the material that is usually found in agricultural and horticultural colleges and university introductory courses.





Chapter 1: Water • The importance of water • The pathway of water through a plant • The mechanism of water movement • Water relations of single cells • Plants in dry places
Chapter 2: Photosynthesis • Photosynthesis- the general picture • The chloroplast • Carbon dioxide fixation • Light reactions of photosynthesis • Photosynthetic products
Chapter 3: Respiration • The need for energy • ATP • Substrates for respiration • Glycolysis • Pentose phosphate pathway • Fermentation • Krebs cycle • Photorespiration
Chapter 4: Enzymes and the Control of Metabolism • The nature of metabolism • Rules for chemical reactions • Enzymes
Chapter 5: Mineral Nutrition • Autotrophic nutrition • Essential elements • What is meant by essential? • Macro and micro elements • Uptake and transport of minerals • Transport of ions across membranes • Entry into the root • Movement in the xylem • Assimilation of mineral ions
Chapter 6: Solute Transport • Solute transport • Phloem translocation • Experimental evidence • Loading and unloading of the phloem • The mechanism of phloem transport
Chapter 7: Plant Movements • The nature of plant movements • Three steps to movement • Explosive mechanisms
Chapter 8: Plant Growth Substances? What are plant growth substances? • The discovery of auxin • Classes of plant growth substance • Notes on the five groups of growth substances • How do growth substances work?
Chapter 9: Photomorphogenesis, Phytochrome and Photoperiodism • Light effects • Photoperiodism
Chapter 10: Correlations • Introduction • Apical dominance • Senescence • Seasonal correlations due to temperature
Chapter 11: Seed Germination • What is a seed? • Stages in germination
Chapter 12: Seed Germination (2) • Conditions for germination • Seed dormancy
Web sites about Plant Physiology • Index


About the Author:

Dr Edwin Oxlade has taught at school level and at university level and therefore has a unique insight into the demands on students. As well as teaching biology Edwin Oxlade is also a regular journalist for a well-known UK horticulture magazine.


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