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Management Briefs: Redundancy

Management Briefs: Redundancy

Management Briefs: Redundancy

A Development Opportunity for You!

  • By: Frank Scott-Lennon, Brian Mclvor, Fergus Barry

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ISBN: 9788130931050

Bind: Paperback

Year: 2015

Pages: 104

Size: 153 x 229 mm

Publisher: Mosaic Press

Published in India by: Viva Books

Exclusive Distributors: Viva Books

Sales Territory: India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka


This book has been written to help those who find themselves in redundant situations.
The focus of the book is on how to use this time as a development opportunity.
Within the book you will find insightful help in:
  • Coping with the initial shock
  • Taking stock and moving in easy steps
  • Analysing your actual situation
  • Finding your new role from your skills
  • Approaching alternative careers/organisations
  • Improving your performance at interview
  • Commencing your search for a better worklife balance
The learning within the book is presented in a most accessible manner and the book offers a real opportunity to further your own development!


Chapter 1 Expectations of your Organisation:Preliminary Communication • Professional and Dignified Delivery of the Communication about Redundancy • A Fair Package • Financial Advice • Outplacement Support
Chapter 2 Coping with the Initial Shock: The Initial Trauma • The Grieving Process • Why Me? • How will the firm survive without my valuable input? • Communicating the New Reality to Family and Friends
Chapter 3 Taking Stock and Moving in Easy Steps:This is where I am, is it? • What I have to Offer • Matching this to what is needed • Possible learning from your redundancy • The Required Attitude and Mindset to move forward! • Where to from here? • Your Future Career Offering
Chapter 4 Analysing your Actual Situation: Where have I come from? / Where do I start right • now? • Examining your ROLES, ACHIEVEMENTS and RECOGNITION/REWARD? Other possible areas for attention • What do you want out of a future Job/Career? • Resisting an obvious Temptation! • Getting your mind-set right • Investing in your own development • Family support • Preparatory work is a full-time job! • Reciprocal Network of support • The ?Positive? Challenge
Chapter 5 Finding your new ROLE from your skills:The process in context • Identifying your transferable skills • Three ways of identifying your skills • The six Families of Skills • Skill levels • Producing your Top Skills List • How to find your potential ROLE (or job) from • your skills
Chapter 6 Identifying your FIELD: What's your expertise? What do you know? • What interests you? • How you learn: The value of experience • Finding your expertise and where it can be used • The choices- to specialise or be a generalist • How to find your FIELD from your expertise • Combining your favourite subjects to generate options • Getting experience: Internships etc. Options not • immediately apparent to you
Chapter 7 Approaching Alternative Careers/Organisations: Combining expertise and skills to identify ROLES and FIELDS? Indentifying working conditions that are best for you • Approaching Alternative Careers/Organisations • First Stage: Matching and Research • - Career & Field • - Exploring the four types of career change • - Doing basic background research on organisations • using the internet and other sources • Second Stage: Indirect and direct approaches - not including interviews • - Identifying your supports • - The five types of contacts • - The three types of interviews • - Making indirect contacts and maintaining a database • - Targeting Industries and Individuals • - Setting objectives for your meetings • - Doing in-depth information interviewing on targeted jobs or organisations • - Making direct approaches by email, letter or in-person • - Strategies to avoid • The role of the CV in the pre-interview phase • Follow-up: Expressing your thanks, passing on relevant information, keeping in contact
Chapter 8 Approaching Organisations • Interviewing Skills (the THIRD stage): Ways of looking at job interviews • Basic presentation skills for interview • What chance do I really have? • Do I know what makes me an effective performer at an interview? • Answering the ten basic interview questions • Leading Interviewers to your preferences (LIP) • The power of "practice makes perfect"
Chapter 9 Your Vision of Life in the Future:A Search for Better Life Balance • Engaging the "NOW" • the present moment • Collaboration with other like minds • Developing a Personal Path to Enhanced Life Balance • Searching for a Contribution to Community • Finding your inner Spirit • Linking inner Spirit to Life Balance

About the Authors:

Frank Scott-Lennon is the creator of and he has ambitious global plans for this publishing venture.
Frank is an experienced Management Consultant workingin the areas of:
  • Performance Management
  • Bullying & Harassment
  • Corporate Governance
  • Team Development
Frank is a non-Executive Director of a number of progressive niche companies.
Frank may be contacted at

Brian McIvor has been involved in training and development work in personal and career development over the last 30 years in Ireland, Europe and the United States. Previous experience included working as a Training Specialist in Scientific Management, in the institute of Public Administration and as Staff Development Officer in Irish Life nad Permanent. He has broadcast frequently on radio and television in Ireland on career matters.
Brian is an experienced Management Consultant working in the areas of:
  • Performance Management
  • Personal and Career Development
  • Pre-Retirement Planning
Brian may be contacted at

Fergus Barry is the founder of Empower Ltd, a fast growing international Strategic Human Resources and Performance Development Software Solutions and Strategic Consulting Company.
Fergus has a unique mix of academic and practical experience in researching and implementing performance development solutions that improve bottom line results. He is an experienced Management Consultant working in the areas of:
  • Performance Management
  • Change Management
  • Architecting the Human Organisation to enable high performance
  • Strategic HR & IR
Fergus may be contracted at

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