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Get That Job

Get That Job

Get That Job

Get That Job

The complete, thorough, hands-on guide to the whole recruitment and selection process

  • By: Andy Gibbs

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ISBN: 9788130914633

Bind: Paperback

Year: 2010

Pages: 240

Size: 6 x 9 Inch

Publisher: How to Books Limited

Published in India by: Viva Books

Exclusive Distributors: Viva Books

Sales Territory: India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka

Choosing your career, changing your job, and getting selected by the organization that's right for you are amongst the most important decisions of your life.

You need detailed practical advice - on career choice; on what organizations look for in the people they recruit; and on tips and techniques to get you through the stages of their selection process. These include presenting a CV, undergoing interviews, taking assessment tests, negotiating salaries and working with head hunters. All are covered in this book. Organizations are increasingly using sophisticated selection techniques, so this book is important if you are not to lose out to someone less talented but better prepared. It includes:

  • Best answers to probable interview questions
  • An example assessment centre
  • Selected websites for further skills development
  • Example CVs, rEsumEs and interviews

Why this book will enable you to do better at interview and selection • What do you really want to do? • Money, income and happiness • Are you a high flyer? • Career choice • and the possibility of change • Three crucial factors that determine career choice • The importance of Plan A , Plan B and Plan C • Exercises to help you decide the career that's right for you • Enjoying what you do • identify your underlying motivators • What are you really good at? • Plan A • Realism: Plan B and Plan C • Professional career counsellors • Government careers advice • How to find out what organisations look for • Advertisements • Cultural influences • are all organisations the same? • American organisations • Canadian organisations • French organisations • Netherlands organisations • German and Swiss organisations • British organisations • Asian organisations • Australian organisations • New Zealand organisations • International organisations • Make the most of your resume • How recruiters screen resumes • Personal details • Statement of objective, or summary • Selecting your best evidence • Exaggerating and lying • Job-based or competency-based resume? • Other style and format issues • Show your draft resume to a friend • Format hints for resumes that are likely to be scanned • Format hints for resumes that are to be emailed • Covering letters and applying to less well known organisations • Covering letter format • By-passing recruitment departments • If you have applied before • Give yourself a better chance • apply for less well-known organisations • Online applications • how to apply effectively in least time • Your resume and cut and paste • Transforming your resume into the on-line application • Interviews • How interviewers decide who to select • What you are aiming to achieve in the interview • Interview Preparation Table • Typical example interview questions • Questions to ask the interviewer • Projecting an air of confidence • Panel interviews • Telephone interviews • Psychometric tests • Personality measures • Ability or cognitive tests • Interest measures • Team or group measures • Answers to example ability questions • Dinner and other informal events • Is dinner part of the assessment? • If it is not part of the assessment • Final stage selection and assessment centres • Exercises to expect • Enjoying the experience • Business simulations • Presentations • Interviews • Ability and/or personality measures • In-tray/case study exercises • Group exercises • Role-play • How candidates are assessed at assessment centres • Other selection methods • Offers and feedback • Time limits • When to discuss salary offers and other issues • Sales talk • Alternatives to applying direct • Staying motivated • Coping with depression • Head-hunters (executive search) • Types of head-hunters • The head-hunting process • When should an organisation use a head-hunter? • Guarantees • How can head-hunters help you find a better job?

About the Author: 
Andy Gibb
 has been in charge of Selection and Head of Global Recruitment for a leading International Energy Company, and Director of International Resourcing for one of the largest and best international professional services firms. He has recruited partners into Corporate Finance, Accounting and Tax. His insights into what organizations look for in new and experienced recruits, how they screen the hundreds of resumes and CVs they receive, how they structure interviews and what you should expect at assessment centres will give you an invaluable edge over other candidates.


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