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Management Briefs: Career Detection

Management Briefs: Career Detection

Management Briefs: Career Detection

Finding and Managing Your Career

  • By: Brian Mclvor

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ISBN: 9788130931012

Bind: Paperback

Year: 2015

Pages: 136

Size: 6 x 9 Inch

Publisher: Mosaic Press

Published in India by: Viva Books

Exclusive Distributors: Viva Books

Sales Territory: India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka

"Brian Mclvor is one of the most enthusiastic and creative career practitioners I know. This book is a systematic guide to finding the right career path, and managing life and work together as you follow it."
-John Lees
Author of "How To Get A Job You'll Love"

?"Such a useful, clear, step by step career guide! Like a good detective, Brian Mclvor guides us through the labyrinth of career research, helping us to make important discoveries along the way. This book will definitely be on my book shelf!"
-Andre4 Harpur
Author of "Work - Inspiration and Transformation"

"If you are NOT jumping out of bed on a Monday morning, clicking your heels together on your way to work, then this is the book for you. Brian has produced a comprehensive and practical set of career-planning exercises in one slim volume - this is career management for the 21st century in a nutshell."
-Rowan Manahan
Author of "Where's My Oasis"

"You are lucky, lucky, lucky to have this friend, and to have this book, to guide you through career planning, that you might enjoy a better life and live triumphantly, under skies sunny or stormy."
-Richard Nelson Bolles
Author of "What Color is Your Parachute?"




How to use this book:
Finding and managing your career can be a bit of a mystery! This book can be used in two ways:

1. If you are completely unsure of what you want out of your career work through all of the exercises in Chapters 1-7, complete the Career Blueprint at the end of the book and use the goal setting tools in Chapter 10 to plan your next moves. If you do not wish to write on the text there is a PDF workbook available for free on-line at Chapters 8 and 9 are additional resources to help you deal with common problems

2. If you are clear about most of your career issues consult the book plan that is evident within the Table of Contents to check what you need. It is suggested that you use the Career Blueprint to double-check that you have everything!


Chapter 1 WHY do I need a career plan?
What is my career?: What am I looking for? • What will the rewards be for me? • 12 Challenges to your career in the 21st Century • 10 questions you should ask yourself about your career • What are you looking for? A career or a job? • What is success? • Values, goals and legacy • What anchors your career choices? • Elements of the Career Process • Your own personal success statement

Chapter 2 Are my Work and Life in Balance?
Getting Work and Life in Balance: Balancing sustainability and vision • The four components of Career and Life Balance: Working, Learning, Playing and Giving • Getting life into proportion • Stress and burnout • Knowing yourself • personality tests and profiles • Examining your role models

Chapter 3 WHAT Can I do? (Identifying your SKILLS and ROLE)
Identifying your transferable skills:What are skills? • Why are skills so important? • What do I use my skills on? • What are traits? • Three ways to find your skills set • The six families of skills • Skills levels • Producing your top skills list • Identifying your ROLE from your skills

Chapter 4 WHAT do I know? (Identifying your FIELD)
Finding your expertise and where it can be used: What do you know? What interests you? • How you learn • the value of experience • Benchmarking your level of expertise • The choices: to specialise or to be a generalist? • Brainstorming your level of expertise • Combining expertise and skills

Chapter 5 WHERE can I go?
What are the working conditions that best suit you?:Hell at work- what stops you performing • Heaven at work • what gets you going • Resources for finding organisations • Approaching organisations • Promoting yourself: Creative alternatives to the CV

Chapter 6 HOW committed are you?
Success in career management = Attitude + Behaviour + Commitment • Getting your attitude on track • What is your behaviour? • How committed are you? • Managing your weaknesses • Using your two brains in tandem: The Logical (left) brain and the Creative (right) brain

Chapter 7 WHO can help?
Working with others: Networking and ?Buddying? • Identifying your supports • The five types of contacts • The three types of interviews • Making an impression

Chapter 8 The tool kit
Resources to help you decide: Listing and sifting • Journalling • Using the Internet • Managing your information • Prioritising • How do you make the future happen? • Meditation and Relaxation • Brainstorming • Incubating ideas

Chapter 9 When things don?t go to plan
Some frequent challenges and problems:Family Issues • Peer groups • Career change as a form of bereavement - dealing with rejection • Special needs and so-called ?handicaps? • The need for tough thinking and straight talking • Ten common problems • The need for celebration and reward

Chapter 10 WHEN and HOW will it come together?
Putting it together and making it happen:Your Career = Your Chosen Role in Your Chosen Field • Phases of Career Development • Creating your future • Balancing Vision and Sustainability • Goal setting and you • Action plans

Career Blueprint
Your Career Blueprint including: Your success statement • What you can do (skills) • What you know about (subjects) • Where you can contribute (fields of activity) • How you operate (attitude) • Your support group/allies • Your plans

About the Authors:

Brian Mclvor has been involved in training and development work in personal and career development over the last 30 years in Ireland, Europe and the United States. Previous experience includes working as a Training Specialist in Scientific Management in the Institute of Public Administration and as Staff Development Officer in Irish Life and Permanent. He has broadcast frequently on radio and television in Ireland on career matters.


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