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Language Development and Disorders

Language Development and Disorders

Language Development and Disorders

A Case Study Approach

  • By: Carol Angell

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ISBN: 9789380108131

Bind: Paperback

Year: 2010

Pages: 438

Size: 158 x 242 mm

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

Published in India by: Jones & Bartlett India

Exclusive Distributors: Viva Books

Sales Territory: India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar


Prepare for Clinical Interactions with this Essential Textbook on Language Development!

To effectively prepare for careers in special education and speech therapy, students need to know how to apply their knowledge in practical settings. Language Development and Disorders: A Case Study Approach uses case studies in a problem-based instruction format so students can discuss and apply their knowledge in controlled settings to prepare them for real-life clinical applications.

In addition to providing an overview of speech and language development and disorders, this text offers transcribed real-life case studies of both typical and atypical speech and language development. By reading transcribed conversations of children at various ages, readers will be able to identify components of language development as well as intricate issues that may arise when a disorder is present. Discussions regarding diagnoses of problems and beneficial instructional approaches become more meaningful when centered on real children. The case-based approach and transcript feature of this text will build students’ knowledge while enhancing critical thinking skills in preliminary application situations.

Key features:

• Transcribed conversations at all developmental stages.

• Allows professional candidates to identify the information in actual spoken language.

• Opportunity for candidates to perform brief assessments including Mean Length of Utterance (MLU), total number of words, and more.

• Case studies representing all developmental stages and some communication disorders using real-life examples

•  . . . and much more!


Target Audience: 

Appropriate for an introduction to language development and communication disorders courses in:

• special education

• education

• educational psychology

• psychology departments

Also appropriate for an introduction to speech/language pathology course.




Part I: Language Development

Chapter 1: Phonological Development • Chapter objectives • Terminology • Articulation • Summary • Chapter 2: Morphological Development • Chapter Objectives • Free Morphemes • Bound Morphemes • Calculating Morphemes • Summary • Chapter 3: Syntactic Development • Chapter Objectives •  Grammatical Terminology- Part of speech • Basic syntactic structure • Sentence construction • Visual representations of syntactic structures • Measuring Syntactic development • Summary • Chapter 4: Semantic Development • Chapter Objectives • Concept acquisition • Concept development • Concept structure •  Initial word development • Defining words • Definition types •  Storage and retrieval • Preschool word development • Later word development • Summary • Chapter 5: Pragmatic Development • Chapter objectives • The speech act • The conversation • Conversational skills • Narrative discourse • Summary • Chapter 6: Language development milestones • Chapter objectives • Early language development milestones • Summary

Part II: Communication Disorders

Chapter 7: Phonological/Articulation Disorders • Chapter objectives • Causes/ etiology • Common sound production errors • Detecting phonological/articulation disorders • Summary • Chapter 8: Voice Disorders • Chapter objectives • Causes • Voice production processes • Types of voice disorders • Production quality voice disorders • Physical anomalies causing voice disorders • Vocal hygiene • Summary • Chapter 9: Fluency Disorders • Chapter objectives • Stuttering • Avoidance behaviors and strategies • Positive and supportive communication environments • Cluttering • Summary • Chapter 10: Hearing Impairments • Chapter objectives • The hearing mechanism • Measuring hearing loss • Factors affecting hearing loss •  Type of hearing loss • The hearing team • Classroom indicators of hearing problems • Educational approaches: Habilitation versus rehabilitation • Classroom conditions and instructional tips • Summary • Chapter 11: Language Disorders • Chapter objectives • Causes and consequences • Language components and language disorders • Associated conditions and language disorders • Instructional strategies for language disorders • Summary

Part III: Case Study Language Samples

Chapter 12: Language Sample Analysis • Chapter objectives • Language transcription • Summary • Stage I: 12 months to 18 months • Transcript One • Stage II: 18 months to 24 months • Transcript One • Transcript Two • Stage III: 24 months to 36 months • Transcript One • Stage IV: 36 months to 48 months • Transcript One • Transcript Two • Stage V: 48 months to 60 months • Transcript One • Transcript Two • Transcript Three •  Transcript Four • Communication Disorders • Transcript One • Transcript Two • Transcript Three • Transcript Four • Transcript Five • Transcript Six.


About the Author:

Carol A. Angell, PhD - Associate Professor, Department of Educational Studies, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

Carol A. Angell, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor in the Department of Educational Studies at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. Dr. Angell currently oversees graduate and undergraduate curriculum as the director of the Graduate Special Education Program and the Undergraduate Joint Teacher Education Program. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in regular and special (cross-categorical special education) education teacher preparation. Course topics taught include language development and communication disorders, elementary reading methodology, cross-categorical instructional methodology, special education law, introduction to special education, field experience supervision. Dr. Angell's research interests include early literacy instruction and assessment, inclusion of students with disabilities, and attitude awareness toward persons with disabilities.


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