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Environmental Epidemiology

Environmental Epidemiology

Environmental Epidemiology

Principles and Methods

  • By: Ray M. Merrill

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ISBN: 9789380108100

Bind: Paperback

Year: 2010

Pages: 494

Size: 159 x 229 mm

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

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Environmental epidemiology plays a critical role in public health, providing a scientific approach to understanding and describing the relationship between human health and the physical, chemical, biological, and psychosocial factors in the environment —information that is vitally important to public health planning, policy, and prevention strategies.

Environmental Epidemiology: Principles and Methods offers a current and comprehensive introduction to the basic concepts used in the field. With a unique emphasis on research methods, this text provides students and practitioners in public health with the tools needed for investigating environmentally-related public health problems. Unlike other texts on the subject, this text presents environmental epidemiology in the context of global warming, stratospheric ozone depletion, and deforestation. It also covers the traditional topics of radiation and air, soil, and water pollution.

Key features:
    •  Chapter topics represent fundamental concepts, research methods, and application areas in environmental epidemiology.
    •  Chapters are divided into concise sections, each with several practical examples.
    •  Learning objectives and study questions with descriptive answers are provided in each chapter.
    •  Tables and figures summarize and clarify important concepts and information; key words are bolded in the text  and defined.
    •  The text is accompanied by a TestBank, Instructor's Manual, and PowerPoint slides available online.

Target Audience: 

Developed for an introductory course in environmental epidemiology, Environmental Epidemiology is ideal for undergraduate and graduate students in public health, as well as field public health workers.



Section I: Concepts and Methods in Environmental Epidemiology •  Introduction to Environmental Epidemiology •  Basic Elements of Research, Exposure and Outcome Assessment •  Monitoring Environmental Health •  Epidemiologic Study Designs •  Statistical Modeling and Inference •  Casual Inference.

Section II: Environmental Epidemiology According to Person, Place and Time •  Disease Clusters •  Mapping and Geographic Information Systems •  Time Series.

Section III: Applications of Environmental Epidemiology •  Indoor and Ambient Air Quality and Health •  Soil and Food Contaminants and Health •  Water and Health •  Radiation and Health •  Climate Change and Health

Appendix I:  Measures and Data Sources for Environmental Public Health Indicators •  Appendix II: Potential Sources of Data and Information for Environmental Public Health Indicators •  Appendix III: Selected Statistical Techniques and Tests •  Appendix IV: Exposure History Questionnaire •  Appendix V: Answers to Odd- Numbered Chapter Questions •  Glossary •  Index


About the Author:  

Ray M. Merrill, PhD, MPH - Brigham Young University, Utah.
Ray M. Merrill, Ph.D., M.P.H. has been actively involved in epidemiology since his professional career began in 1995. As a Cancer Prevention Fellow at the National Cancer Institute, he worked with leading researchers in the area of cancer epidemiology. In 1998 he joined the faculty in the Department of Health Science at Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, where he continued his research in epidemiology. Since 1999 he has also held an adjunct faculty position in the Department of Family and Preventive Medicine at the University of Utah. In 2001, he spent a sabbatical working in the Unit of Epidemiology for Cancer Prevention at the International Agency for Research on Cancer Administration, Lyon, France. He has won various awards for his research in cancer epidemiology.
Dr. Merrill currently teaches introductory and advanced level classes in epidemiology and biostatistics. He has over 100 professional publications in epidemiology and public health journals. He is currently a full professor of epidemiology and biostatistics at Brigham Young University.


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