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Think Everest: Scaling Mountains with the Mind

Think Everest: Scaling Mountains with the Mind

Think Everest: Scaling Mountains with the Mind

  • By: Atul Karwal, Anita Karwal

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ISBN: 9788130919546

Bind: Paperback Flaps

Year: 2015

Pages: 264

Size: 140 x 216 mm

Publisher: Viva Books Originals

Sales Territory: Worldwide


 "No doubt this inspiring book , Think Everest , will encourage others to emulate Atul Karwal's achievement."
—His Holiness the Dalai Lama

"A must read...for everyone who dreams big."
—Kiran Bedi

"It's a story of grit ,deep love for adventure and nature and most significantly reveals the power of mind over physical human weakness."
—Geet Sethi, The Times of India

"A truly inspirational book , it makes an impassioned call on the reader to choose one's own Everest...It shows how one can discover one's own 'extraordinariness' through consistent pursuit of 'the ordinary life'."
—Indian Mountaineer

"Not only the descriptions make you breathless , but the humour also leaves you in fits of laughter...A must read."
—Chitralekha (Gujarati magazine)

"A motivational book...It also delves on the standards of physical fitness required for such an expedition , the food , the equipment and the costs involved."
—Anil  Mulchandani, India Today

"The book pushes us hard to realize our true potential and not give up even if the success is delayed."
Spice Route (Spicejet in ?flight magazine)

"This book must be read by all those whose dreams are as huge as Everest."
—Divya Bhaskar

"It is not just an account of a courageous journey but imparts a strong philosophic message for overcoming great difficulties of life."
—Sandesh (Gujarati daily) 


An ordinary man, mired in the uncertainties of life and anxieties about the unknown, sets out to fulfil his dream through a daunting journey to the summit of Mount Everest. The story of his perilous yet ethereal expedition and the humbling tryst with the epitome of Creation is also a meditation on the limits and limitlessness of being human.

Target Audience: 

People looking for real life inspirational and motivational stories, mountaineering and survival tactics enthusiasts.


Contents: Foreword  • Introduction  • Route to the Summit • Prologue  • Will I, Won’t I? • Early Years • The Journey Begins  • 5. Base Camp Ahoy! • Call from Everest   • Heightened Learning • Testing Days • Getting Selected  • Date with Khumbu • Preparation and All That It Takes  • Body Is the Medium • Life at the Base Camp  • Anna and I  • Thoughtful Days at the Base Camp  • The Thrill of Sports and Adventure  • Volunteer or Victim  • Our Gifts from God  • Friends in High Places  • On Your Marks and Get Set  • Que sera sera • What Will Be, Will Be  • Clearing of the Clouds  • Epilogue • Schedule of the 76-Day Expedition • Characters in the Book • Members of the SAMA Mt Everest Expedition, 2008 • Glossary • References


About the Author: 

Atul Karwal is an officer in the Indian Police Service and Anita Karwal is from the Indian Administrative Service. They are posted in Gujarat and are the proud parents of two teenaged daughters Janvi and Tanvi. Atul has an enduring interest in adventure and fitness, while Anita is fond of painting, reading and writing.


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