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The Story of Astronomy in India

The Story of Astronomy in India

The Story of Astronomy in India

  • By: Chander Mohan

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ISBN: 9789389166033

Bind: Paperback

Year: 2020

Pages: 140

Size: 171 x 241 mm

Publisher: Viva Books Originals

Sales Territory: Worldwide


Humans have always been fascinated and excited on observing the sun, the moon and the stars, and their rising and setting. As the human race evolved and mastered agriculture and domesticating animals, seasons and weather became key to their livelihoods. It was perhaps at this stage that the humans developed the rudiments of the subject which we now call astronomy, which helped them know in advance when to sow a particular crop and when to reap it. It was necessary to keep a record of the passage of time and to observe natural phenomena that repeat periodically.

This book familiarises the reader with the evolution and growth of astronomy in the Indian subcontinent over the ages. Apart from this, the reader will find an account of the interaction of Indian astronomy with its counterparts in different parts of the world. The present status of our knowledge of astronomy and cosmology is discussed too. The appendix introduces the basic essentials of panchang, horoscope and astrology.

Target Audience:

People interested in astronomy, cosmology and physics.




Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Prehistoric Era

Chapter 3. Astronomy in Vedic Era

Chapter 4. Vedang Jyotish

Chapter 5. Astronomical References in Religious Scriptures

Chapter 6. Astronomies of the West

Chapter 7. Aryabhata-I

Chapter 8. Pancha Siddhantika of Varahamihira

Chapter 9. Surya Siddhanta

Chapter 10. Varahamihira to Bhaskaracharya-II

Chapter 11. Siddhant Shiromani of Bhaskaracharya-II

Chapter 12. Bhaskaracharya-II to Jai Singh

Chapter 13. Jai Singh and His Observatories

Chapter 14. After Jai Singh

Chapter 15. Interaction with the Astronomies of the World

Chapter 16. Modern Era Astronomy

Chapter 17. Our Universe

Chapter 18. Cosmology



I. Panchang, Horoscope and Astrology

II. Siddhantas, Karnas and Koshtakas

III. Observational Instruments of Indian Astronomy.        



About the Author:

Prof. Chander Mohan obtained his B.A. (Hons.) and M.A. in mathematics from Panjab University and Ph.D. from Roorkee University (now IIT Roorkee). He worked as a lecturer, reader and professor in the mathematics department at Roorkee University. He also worked as Professor and Dean at Amity School of Computer Science, Noida, and as Professor and Head, mathematics department at IILM College of Engineering and Technology, Greater Noida. Presently, he is working as Professor at the department of computer science and engineering in Ambala College of Engineering and Applied Research, Devasthali, Ambala, Haryana.

Prof. Mohan has published over one hundred research papers in journals of international repute. He has also published six books. He is member of several technical and research societies and his autobiographical sketches have appeared in some national and international "Who's Who". He is a founder member of the Indian Astronomical Society and a member of the International Astronomical Union.


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