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Talent and Skills

Talent and Skills

Talent and Skills

Discovering the Art

  • By: V.R.K. Prasad

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ISBN: 9789386385079

Bind: Paperback

Year: 2020

Pages: 112

Size: 5.5 x 8.5 Inch

Publisher: Viva Books Originals

Sales Territory: Worldwide

Foreword by: Dave Ulrich, Rensis Likert Professor of Business, University of Michigan Partner, The RBL Group  

What Dave Ulrich Says About the Book :

“As nurturers we try to help others identify their strengths so that they can shape their purpose and make wise choices. I have discovered in my role as talent coach and mentor three critical questions:

[1] what do I want? This question helps an individual sort out passions and strengths into a personal purpose. Knowing what one wants shapes choices and gives meaning and direction to live.

[2] who do I serve? Success is not an individual activity, but one rooted in helping others. It is important for those who desire to succeed to do so by helping others develop their talents.

[3] how do I build? Long term personal success comes from building it into the organizations and institutions where we live, work, and play. We have found in our research that organization has 4 times the impact of the individual in business performance. Recognizing and shaping a culture ensure that ideas outlast the individual

Why go through this desire to nurture and questions to do so? 

Because the book by Dr. V.R.K. Prasad offers wonderful insights, tips, and wisdom that can be used for those seeking to find their place in life and answer the questions I raise. 

In this readily accessible and broad reaching book, he does an exceptional job defining talent and showing that you as an individual are responsible for your talent development. While you may be given DNA from your heritage, what you create with that promise is up to you. He also shares how to improve your personal skills through grit and resilience, accepting success with humility and showing resilience and grit in failure. The ideas are interwoven with inspirational stories of individuals who have been successful in sports, music, business, and politics. He draws on his decades of wisdom and passes his insights onto others.

Any younger (or older) person who wants to achieve all that is possible will find gems pearls of insight in these ideas.”



No human being is born without any skill, or a strong desire to dream, nurture, thrive and succeed in his or her endeavours. The fact remains that only a few people achieve glory while many others with similar talent or skills remain invisible. The book is divided into four chapters. Chapter 1 deals with the basic discussion on talent and skills highlighting the views and opinions expressed by various experts in the field. Chapter 2 is devoted to the process of ‘Nurturing and Developing the Talent’, discussed yet again with some lndian scriptures touch. In Chapter 3 of the book a fairly large number of simple and live cases have been highlighted to motivate and inspire anyone who is looking for cranking of the engine. Talents and skills
developmental process outlined in simple steps at various stages forms the core of Chapter 4 of the book. The book is aimed at every school, college, university student or even at a working executive so that he or she starts believing in himself or herself and develops the talent and skills he or she is passionate about.


Target Audience:

This book is useful for every school, college, university student or even at a working executive so that he or she starts believing in himself or herself and develops the talent and skills he or she is passionate about.





Chapter 1: Understanding Talent: What is it?

Nature Versus Nurture- an endless debate, Giftedness and Talent, Natural Talent, Talent, Passion and Hard work, Talent and Failures Colin Higg's Concept, Talent as Family Heirloom, Talent and Institutions, Role of Grit, Role of Myelin; Daniel Coyle's concept, Mathew Syed's Take, Talent, Hard work, Passion and Skill, Perspectives from Indian Scriptures, Talent as per Hindutva , India's Talent Based Heritage, Summing up Part I.

Chapter 2: Nurturing and Developing Talent

Understanding Development, Panchasheela of Human Development: Indian View.

Chapter 3: Some Case Studies

Verma Siblings, Chandan Nayak's story, Rio's Success stories, Sindhu's Silver Lining, Role of Home Schooling, Malvika's Magic, Identification of Talents in children, Ahirwar's Asseveration, What of WhatsApp, Kate's Kite Flies High, Erik Weihenmayer, Bolla the Entrepreneur, Kiara Nirghim, Robby a Prodigy, Tender Wonders, Pranav's Peak, Rohan's Mensa Score, Anant the Lyricist, Maverick Millionaires (Mustafa's ID Fresh, Anil Jyothi Reddy, Kalpana Saroj, Bhavesh Bhatia, Sudheer Nair, The Turakhia Brothers and Ather Energy Duo).

Chapter 4: Way Forward: Route to the Top

Failures as Inspirations, The Skill Development Stages



About the Author:

Col. Dr V.R.K. Prasad has Master's degrees both in business administration and in environmental sciences, apart from qualifications in electronic engineering. He functioned as an electronics engineer in the lndian Army, and holds postgraduate qualifications in personnel management and industrial relations, and also an M.Phil in labour studies. He received doctoral honours in business management from Osmania University. His publications include more than sixty papers and articles, five edited books and five self-authored books viz. Managerial Imperatives, The Business of HR in Business Schools, The Effective Manager Skills and Strategies, Effective HRM Practices: Perspectives on Engineering Education in India, and Education and Nation Building. His 46 years of service life includes 27 years in the telecom branch of the lndian Army, followed by a brief stint in the telecom industry and a long period of academic research and reflection. Col. Dr V.R.K. Prasad has been the Dean of a prominent business school (IBS) in Hyderabad, later founder Director of lcfai School of Human Resource Development (ISHRD), an exclusive HR School, and is presently the Vice Chancellor of a private university under the aegis of a higher education enterprise having pan-India operations.


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