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Prapanch Kanya

Prapanch Kanya

Prapanch Kanya

Indian Philosophy in the Second Millennium

  • By: Ritu Kamal and Gopal Kamal

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ISBN: 9788130905297

Bind: Paperback

Year: 2008

Pages: 448

Size: 5.5 x 8.5 Inch

Publisher: Viva Books Originals

Sales Territory: Worldwide


In Prapanch Kanya the history of the last millennium gets re-written, with segues into Indian Philosophy, network theory, the issue of the Gypsy Diaspora, South East Asian history and genetic research. The various aspects of Indian Philosophy - Vyakarana, Mimansa, Nyaya, Dharmashastra, Alankar and the Sciences are brought together holistically. Highlighting the contributions of the Indic civilisation to contemporary science and culture, this book draws parallels between the principles of Indian philosophy and the findings of advanced biology and genetics.

History is seen as a Whole: Sciences and Liberal Arts form the Parts

Read the Whole: Enjoy the Parts

Learn about the relationship of Whole and Parts
(The crux of all debates between Buddhist and Hindu Philosophy)

Discover the Parts of Genetics as well

A Wholesome book in many Parts

Part fiction, part sciences, part philosophy

See 800-2100AD in a novel light, with you in the focus.


Target Audience:

Students of Philosophy, Genetics, Researchers in Biosciences, general public.


Introduction • Sangam: when the five girls meet • One shall Proliferate • Spacefares reduced • Who is there? • Sarasvati the lost • Palindromes • Pratishruti: Echo without • Reduction to one • Sarasvati, the last • Can we record absence • Revisions and Visions • The abhava of Shweta • A new entrant: be silent! be Sarasvati • Story of Shifa • Protein • Where is She? • The South East Asian envelope • Shruti: Angkor vat: Notre dame • Shifa's tale • The manuscrip(s)tian mission • Gadadhara and vivaha • Navya nyaya: A note on analysis of cognition • Bull in China, debate: Dignaga • Gangesha teaches on line • Year 901:chess remove the reign of queen supreme • Ashwagati • 1000 AD • Dignaga's damaru • Anandvardhan • Allegorical Interlude • Dream sequence of mighty giants • What There is? • Udayana and Being • The structure of the world • Arch?? • The broken mirror • Ease and disease in economies-India and Britain 16-17th century • Tsunami • Chiti-rupa and chitrarupa • Mahabalipuram • Abhava: Shweta • Zero and Infinity • Zero and one in Chanda Shastra • Shikha: The problem of evil in biology • Spare parts and whole: the genomic scene: duplications and evolutionary • Dhanvantari uvaacha: alu-terntave splicing bhava? • atma-gyan or Shikha • Of mice and men • The Hunt • Network of who's, why's, what's and how's where? • The new game of mouse-man chess, ppygg and ganesha • The protein network • Bose Einstein condensation: explained via networks • Protein evolution philosophy • Brave new world of the new taxonomy • Ease and disease in 21st century • mahaRishi NegAtion • The great Gandhian Continent • Gautam & Darwin II • Gandhi and buniyadi taalim • Tao of Biology

About the Authors:

Gopal Kamal is a senior official with the Government of India. He is also a former scientist with BARC, Trombay, a philosopher, and the author of several books and articles on Indian philosophy and science. His works include a monograph entitled ?Mathematics in the Times of the Sulva Sutra? and the books Teevra Gandhaar and Man Hi Mathura.

Ritu Kamal is a newly-minted bioengineer from Princeton University. She is currently working with HIV/AIDS patients in South Africa. She is the author of the prequel to this book, Panch Kanya, which was nominated for the International Dublin Literary Award, 2002.


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