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Language in Shakespeare

Language in Shakespeare

Language in Shakespeare

Yet Another Review

  • By: Bhim S Dahiya

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ISBN: 9789386243690

Bind: Hardbound

Year: 2020

Pages: 260

Size: 140 x 216 mm

Publisher: Viva Books Originals

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Originally presented as Seminar Papers in the Dept. of English of M.D. University, Rohtak, at the Annual Shakespeare Conference, organised regularly by the Shakespeare Association, India, the collection of papers under the title Language in Shakespeare: A Postmodern Review are contributed by a select group of Shakespeare scholars who acted as Resource Persons at the Rohtak Seminar held early this year.
Although seemingly restricted to a single aspect of Shakespeare's work, the papers included in the volume cover much that the Bard of Stratford-Upon-Avon has explored in the greatest articulation of the possibilities that the English language offers to great creative writers of Shakespeare's order. I can assure my expected readers that this bunch of select papers would not disappoint anyone looking for fresh ideas and interpretations relevant to the greatest dramatic work (comprising 39 plays) ever created in any of the world languages.
Admitting the narrowness of the limited explorations made in the volume, the editor can assure the eager scholar that the papers collected (actually selected) here will not disappoint in suggesting new possibilities that a seemingly old subject like Language in Shakespeare can offer. The collection intends to pave the way for further explorations into key questions concerning language and literature, scanned through Theories and Philosophies evolved for the specific investigations always at work in the researcher's room.

Target Audience:

Students and academicians interested in Shakespeare and English Literature.

Chapter 1: Introduction (Bhim S. Dahiya)
Chapter 2: The Hungarian Shakespeare: Two Centuries of Shakespeare Reception and Translation in the Kingdom of Hungary (Andrea Seidler)
Chapter 3: Language in Shakespeare: An Overview (Bhim S. Dahiya)
Chapter 4: Hungarian Hamlet (Margit Kves)
Chapter 5: Language in Shakespeare (Anand Prakash)
Chapter 6: Agarkar's Vikara Vilasita: The Marathi Avatar of Hamlet: An Interesting Case of Colonial Encounter (Maya Pandit)
Chapter 7: Genius and Citizen: The Construction of Shakespeare in Ludwig Tieck's Novelette Dichterleben (Poets' Life, 1824/1825) (Wolfgang Müller-Funk)
Chapter 8: Power of Language in Antony and Cleopatra (Hema Dahiya)
Chapter 9: Contrasting Uses of Language in Julius Caesar (S.P.S. Dahiya)
Chapter 10: Language as a Tool of Manipulation and Power: An Analysis of Shakespeare's Richard III
(Pankaj Sharma)
Chapter 11: Shakespeare and the Tradition of Rhetoric (Monika Sethi)
Chapter 12: Forms of Communication in Shakespeare: Why Shakespeare Wrote the Way He Did: The Social Factor (Loveleen)
Chapter 13: Shakespeare and the Language of Modernity (Payal Nagpal)
Chapter 14: Moving through Language from Theology in Morality Play to Humanism in Tragedy: A Study of Shakespeare's Language in Hamlet (Sucheta Pathania)
Chapter 15: "Seasoned with Gracious Voice": Rhetorical Aspects of Law Discourse in Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice and Measure for Measure (Sujata Rana)
About the Contributors

About the Editor:

Having been in an uninterrupted exercise of reading and interpreting English literature, Literary Theory, and Criticism for over fifty years, Professor Bhim S. Dahiyahas been holding the position of the President, The Shakespeare Association (India), for over a decade. The said Association also brings out The Journal of Literature Studies (earlier titled The Journal of Drama Studies) - a twice-yearly publication, encouraging talent in creative writing, translation work, and literary criticism, since 2007. Professor Dahiya obtained his Ph.D. degree from the University of Cincinnati (U.S.A.) in 1974 and has been teaching English at the universities in India and abroad ever since. He has not only authored over two-dozen critical books on English literature, but has also been regularly supervising seminars and conferences on Shakespeare. Such events involve senior scholars of the subject from India and abroad and are followed by publications of select papers in the form of books, which now number over a dozen. The next issue of the Journal of Literature Studies, due for release at the upcoming International Seminar at Sirsa University in October 2016, contains papers from the previous seminar under the title Language in Shakespeare: A Postmodern Review, and Professor K.K. Rishi's Urdu/Hindi translation of a selection of Shakespeare's sonnets. Participants at the Mega Event would be served with a rich feast of literary publications, besides a rare opportunity of listening to globally acclaimed senior scholars on the subject of Reworking Shakespeare: Translation, Adaptations, Reappropriations.


Anand Prakash • Andrea Seidler • Bhim S. Dahiya • Hema Dahiya • Loveleen • Margit K??ves • Maya Pandit • Monika Sethi • Pankaj Sharma • Payal Nagpal • S.P.S. Dahiya • Sucheta Pathania • Sujata Rana • Wolfgang Müller-Funk


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