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Isotopicity Paradigm

Isotopicity Paradigm

Isotopicity Paradigm

Isotopic Randomness in the Digital Universe

  • By: Alexander Berezin

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ISBN: 9789385919190

Bind: Hardbound

Year: 2016

Pages: 252

Size: 153 x 229 mm

Publisher: Cambridge International Science Publishing

Published in India by: Viva Books

Exclusive Distributors: Viva Books

Sales Territory: India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka



The world we live in is made of atoms and most atoms have 2 or more stable isotopes. This book discusses the isotopic diversity of chemical elements under the unifying idea of  • isotopicity". That allows to describe in a singular way a broad range of effects of isotopic randomness in physics and chemistry of solid and liquid systems, material science, nano-technology and engineering ("isotopic engineering"), biology, informatics, quantum computing, etc. The book can be equally read by professionals (scientists, academics, students, engineers) as well as by a broad segment of the lay public, it does not have mathematical technicalities and it is highly interdisciplinary in its scope and style.
Entries Included:
 •  Isotopes and Isotopicity:"Whats" and"Whys •
 •  Physics and Chemistry of Isotopes
 •  Isotopic Engineering
 •  Isotopic and Digital Information
 •  Isotopicity and Self-Organization
 •  Isotopicity and Living Systems
 •  Isotopicity and Quantum Entanglement
 •  Isotopicity and Delta Potentials
 •  Isotopicity and Cosmology
 •  Paths and Mazes of Science and Discovery
 •  Isotopicity"A New Unifying Paradigm •
 •  Conclusion

Target Audience:

Students and academicians of physics, chemistry, material science, nano-technology, isotopic engineering, biology, informatics, quantum computing.



Chapter 1: Isotopes and Isotopicity:  • Whats •  and  • Whys •  •  Primer on Isotopes • Isotopic Curiosity and Prime Numbers • Isotopicity Meme • Isotopicity and Nanotechnology • Milestones of Isotopes • Isotopic Freedom and Many Facets of Isotopicity • My  • Newton Apple •  of Isotopicity
Chapter 2: Physics and Chemistry of Isotopes •  Isotopic Effects in Physics and in Applications • Phonon- and Electron-Related Isotopic Effects in Solids • 1. Isotope Effect on Lattice Constant and Molecular Volume • 2. Isotopic Shifts of Band Gaps • 3. Isotopic Dependence of Melting Temperature • 4. Isotopic Effects in Thermal Conductivity • 5. Isotopic Effects For Electronic Mobility • 6. Isotopes and Frenkel-Poole Effect  •
7. Isotopes and Ballistic Phonons • 8. Isotopic Effects and Electrostatics • 9. Isotopic Effects in the Jahn- Teller Effect • 10. Isotopic Effects in the Electronic Auger Effect • 11. Other Possible Isotopic Effects • Isotopically-Induced Anderson Localization • Instability of Isotopically Mixed Systems • Isotopicity and Quasicrystals
Chapter 3: Isotopic Engineering •  Isotopic Fiber Optics • Isotopic Information Storage • Isotopic Superlattices • Isotopic Quantum Wells • Isotopic Tribology • Isotopic Effects in Corrosion • Isotopes in Quantum Computing • Isotopic Correlations in Large Cell Crystals
Chapter 4: Isotopicity and Digital Information •  Energy and Information • Isotopic Individuality and Isotopic Freedom • Isotopic Randomness as a Symmetry Breaking Factor • Isotopic Combinatorics and Isotopic Informational Entropy • Effects of Isotopic Randomness and Isotopic Pseudo-Randomness • Isotopic Random Number Generators • Isotopicity and Pythagoras • Emergence, Eternal Records and Normal Numbers • The Library of Babel by Jorge Luis Borges • Informational and Memory Aspects of Isotopicity • Isotopic Memory Effects in Crystal Lattices
Chapter 5: Isotopicity and Self-Organization •  Nature's Quest For Patterns • Isotopicity as a Factor For Self-Organization • Isotopic Combinations and Isotopic Clusters • Isotopic Relatives of Strange Attractors • Isotopic Points • Informational Capacity of Isotopic Trajectories • Isotopic Trajectories and Isotopic  • Data Mining •  • Isotopic Patterns as Quantum Automata For Self -Organization • Isotopic Self-Organization at Nanoscale Level • Informational Self-Organization in Isotopically Random Soft Structures • Isotopic Neural Networks
Chapter 6: Isotopicity and Living Systems •  Biological Implications of Isotopic Diversity • Isotopic Biology • Isotopic Randomness and Evolution • Isotopic Bio-Nanotechnology • Experiments on Isotopic Replacements in Biosystems • Unstable Isotopes and Biological Information • Neutron Tunneling and Quantum Consciousness • Isotopic Castling • Isotopicity,  • Morphogenetic Fields •  and Bohm's  • Implicate Order •  • Fractal Hierarchy in Isotopic Positional Correlations in Crystals • Isotopic Randomness and Consciousness • Isotopes, Information and Quantum Self
Chapter 7: Isotopicity and Quantum Entanglement • Quantum Non-Locality and Quantum Entanglement • Common Sense Non-Locality: Magnetism • Isotopicity and Quantum Non-Locality • Information-Bearing  • Isotopic Signatures •  • Isotopicity and Infinity
Chapter 8: Isotopicity and Water Memory •  Isotopic  • Devil's Staircases •  • Many Faces of Water • Isotopes and Water Memory • How Isotopicity May Help Water to Remember Its Past • Isotopicity and Homeopathy
Chapter 9: Isotopicity and Delta Potentials • Delta Function • Zero-Range Potentials • Isotopic Randomness as Pattern of Neutron Field
Chapter 10: Isotopicity and Cosmology •  Universe at Tower Exponential Scales • Cosmic Scales of Nuclear Wave Functions • Tower Exponents and Planck Units • Euclidean Embedding • Isotopic Randomness and Omega Number
Chapter 11: Paths and Mazes of Science and Discovery •  Societal and Economic Aspects of Isotopic Engineering • Orthodoxies and Heresies • Mainstream Science: Game of Escapism • Premature and Delayed Discoveries • Mobius Strip and Its History: Why So Late •  • Mobius Strip and Recycling Bins • More Delayed Discoveries • Universal Emergence and  • Platonic Pressure Effect •  • Platonic-Cantor Pressure Effect • Physical Roots of Leibniz Principle • Isotopicity and Salvador Dali
Chapter 12: Isotopicity - A New Unifying Paradigm •  • Discoveries, Ideas and Terminology Barrier • Fuzzy Boundaries and Paradigm Aversion Syndrome • Research Dynamics and Peer Review Effects

About the Author:

Alexander Berezin is Professor (Emeritus) of Engineering Physics at McMaster University with over 40 years of teaching and research experience. Ph. D. in Theoretical Physics (Quantum Mechanics) from Leningrad (Saint Petersburg) University in Russia (USSR). Prof. Berezin joined the faculty at McMaster in 1980 and retired in 2010, after exactly 30 years of teaching career in physics and engineering. He was/is active in many areas of physics (solid state physics, fiber-optics, quantum theory, etc) and also in several other disciplines (biophysics, sociology, philosophy, . architecture, etc). He published many articles for the general public in the news media and also gave a number of technical and popular lectures for a variety of audiences in many countries.


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