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Developing Mental Toughness

Developing Mental Toughness

Developing Mental Toughness

Developing Mental Toughness

Gold Medal Strategies for Transforming Your Business Performance

  • By: Graham Jones & Adrian Moorhouse

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ISBN: 9788130914640

Bind: Paperback

Year: 2010

Pages: 206

Size: 6 x 9 Inch

Publisher: How to Books Limited

Published in India by: Viva Books

Exclusive Distributors: Viva Books

Sales Territory: India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka

"This book has helped me better understand where my own mental toughness as a performer comes from, and provided a valuable resource for taking the lessons l?ve learned into the commercial world."

Greg Searle, 1992 Olympic Gold Medal rower

"This book is the most useful, insightful and complete resource I have come across for those who want to unlock their full potential. It will be really useful in helping people to find ways to solve problems they previously thought unsolvable."

Steve Yick, IS Programme Director, Dixons Store Group

"Packed with stories, advice and self-assessment exercises, this book provides an original step-by-step guide to replicating gold medal brilliance in modern business."

Helen Latham, Former Director of Value Solutions, Capita Symonds

Description: High achievers do more than merely cope with pressure - they thrive on it!

This book has been written for executives in business who wish to achieve consistent, high level performance under pressure. It is underpinned by published research form leading sport psychologist Professor Graham Jones, which shows that high achievers do more than simply cope with pressure - they thrive on it!

The vital factor in thriving on pressure and moving to higher levels of business performance is the development of mental toughness.

By applying elite sport psychology to the business world, this book highlights the enormous role played by pressure in both business and sport and draws parallels between them. It shows how, by developing mental toughness, it is possible to manage pressure to such an extent that you are able consistently to deliver extraordinary levels of performance.

Together with the necessary skills and competencies you need to perform your role, mental toughness is the vital factor in delivering high performance that is sustainable.

It will enable you to:

  • Thrive on, rather than merely cope with, pressure
  • Maintain belief in yourself even when it's being seriously challenged
  • Achieve a level and type of motivation that works for rather than against you
  • Stay focused on the things that matter in the face of a multitude of potential distractions


Target Audience: Business heads, professionals in sale department, general public

Introduction: Adrian's story • Grahm's story • Content and layout of the book • Why Mental Toughness Is Important: What is so pressured about sport and business? • The pressures on leaders • Business pressures • What is pressure? • Do only the tough survive • In a nutshell • What Mental Toughness Is: ?I need to be mentally tough, but what is it? • What mental toughness is not • What mental toughness is • Chris Andy Scott Emma Studies • Keeping Your Head Under Stress : Stress: the dark side of pressure • What do you do with your stress? • Stress: what is it and what are its effects? • Stress: how to control it and keep your head • Controlling the effects of stress: symptom-focused strategies • Challenging the thinking that causes you stress: appraisal-focused strategies • Tackling the situations and circumstances that cause you stress: situation-focused strategies • Staying Strong In Your Self-Belief: What does self-belief look and sound like? • What is self-belief? • Developing self-esteem • Developing self-confidence • Making Your Motivation Work for You : How far are you prepared to go to achieve your ambitions? • So what's next? • Some key questions about motivation • A closer look at internal and external motivation • So what is optimal motivation? • Self-determining your motivation through setting goals • Maintaining Your Focus on the Things that Matter : Are you focused on your focus? • Focus and mental toughness • Switching focus • Frequently-Asked Questions About Mental Toughness: What difference will it really make if I improve my mental toughness? • Can you be too mentally tough? • Just how easy is it to develop mental toughness? • What about mental toughness in teams? • How is mental toughness different from emotional intelligence? • In a nutshell • wrap-up • Index

About the Authors: 
Professor Graham Jones 
is a founding Director of Lane4 Management Group Ltd. He was formerly a Reader in Sport Psychology at Loughborough University for 11 years before becoming Professor of Elite Performance Psychology at the University of Wales, Bangor. He has over 100 publications in the area of high level performance, including books on stress and performance and the psychology of elite performance and a recent article in Harvard Business Review. He is also a former Editor of the international journal, The Sport Psychologist. Graham is a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society and a Registered Sport Psychologist with the British Olympic Association. His applied work includes consulting with numerous elite performers, including World Champions and Olympic medal winners, professional golfers on the European Tour, the 1996 GB Olympic team, the Wales rugby union team, the British Bobsleigh Association, the Great Britain hockey team and the Royal Marines. He has also worked with individual world- ranked performers from a variety of sports, including squash, swimming, football, judo, ice skating, track and field athletics, rugby league, motor racing, cricket, snooker and trampolining. Graham's experience of working with business executives spans over ten years, and includes working closely with company boards as well as on large scale initiatives around culture change, mergers and global roll-outs of people development programmes. Some of the organisations he has worked with include Ericsson, Fujitsu, Coca-Cola Enterprises, The Coca Cola Company, Safeway, Lloyds TSB, Bourne Leisure, JP Morgan, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Roche Pharmaceuticals, Daimler Chrysler, CRH, Woolworths, Capita Symonds, 3M, the UK Atomic Energy Authority, Sainsburys, easyJet, Accenture, Invesco, Dyson, St. Mary's Hospital, Paddington, Merrill Lynch, UBS, National Grid, Honda, Linklaters and Goldman Sachs.

Adrian Moorhouse MBE retired in 1992 from a career unparalleled in British swimming, with twelve years at international level highlighted by an Olympic gold medal at the Seoul Olympic Games and sustaining his World Number One ranking for 6 years. Adrian was also the European Champion 4 consecutive times and Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist in three Games. He broke the World Record over 5 times and held it for over 5 years. In 1987, he was awarded an MBE for his services to swimming. A former Radio 4 children's show presenter, his work in the field of sport is still ongoing as a swimming commentator for the BBC and as a patron of SPARKS charity. Adrian is now the Managing Director and co-founder of Lane4 Management Group, a successful international performance development consultancy. Adrian's role at Lane4 centers around shaping Lane4 as a business and driving company growth whilst ensuring the maintenance of strong client relationships and the delivery of high quality products. Some of the organisations that Adrian has worked with include Honda, Sainsbury's, SJ Berwin, Deutsche Bank, Microsoft MSN, Accenture, DSM, Exxon Mobil, Bourne Leisure, Curry's, Budget, Roche Pharmaceuticals, Lloyds TSB, Safeway, Bausch & Lomb and Manchester Airport PLC.


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