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Delicious Keto Recipes

Delicious Keto Recipes

Delicious Keto Recipes

A Guide for Caregivers

  • By: Manjari Tripathi, Mala Manral, Damn Preet Kaur Bedi, Bhargavi Ramanujam

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ISBN: 9789388653954

Bind: Paperback

Year: 2019

Pages: 200

Size: 172 x 242 mm

Publisher: Viva Books Originals

Sales Territory: Worldwide


Delicious Keto Recipes: A Guide for Caregivers, this book on dietary therapies to Boost Brain Health gives practical aspects of making dishes according to Indian recipes. The ingredients suggested in these recipes are common and easily available in market. This book is not only for experienced (trained) dieticians but also for other health professionals including doctors, nurses and anyone in the care of a person with epilepsy, obesity, gluten sensitivity/celiac disease, dementia and many such conditions which benefit from ketogenic/modified Atkins/low glycemic index diet.

All the 88 recipes in this book have been prepared, tasted by dieticians and the scientific team involved in the management of these conditions. One of the parents whose child is on diet therapy has contributed by giving recipes of many baked dishes which are acceptable to children.

Target Audience:

This book is not only for experienced (trained) dieticians but also for other health professionals including doctors, nurses and anyone in the care of a person with epilepsy, obesity, gluten sensitivity/celiac disease, dementia and many such conditions which benefit from ketogenic/modified Atkins/low glycemic index diet.




List of Abbreviations

Section 1: Introduction to Epilepsy • Epilepsy • Types of Seizures • Medical Management of Epilepsy and Epilepsy Surgery

Section 2: Dietary Therapy in Epilepsy • History of Ketogenic Diet • How Dietary Therapies Work in Epilepsy • Indications and Contraindications • Discontinuation of Diet • Preparing for Diet Therapy • The multidisciplinary team • Initiation of diet therapy in four phases • Pre-initiation counselling • Washout Diet • Planning Diet Therapy • Monitoring and follow-up of Diet Therapy • Efficacy of Ketogenic Diet • Benefits and Side Effects of Diet Therapy • Vitamin and Mineral Supplementation

Section 3: Variants of Ketogenic diet • Classical Ketogenic Diet • Modified Atkins Diet • Low Glycemic Index Treatment (LGIT) • Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) • A Comparison between Ketogenic Diet Therapies in Epilepsy

Section 4: Carbohydrate Counting from Packaged-foods

Section 5: Summary of Diet Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions

Recipe Booklet • Indianized Ketogenic Diet • Dietary Guidelines for Modified Atkins Diet

BEVERAGES • Flavoured Milk • Masala Chhach • Sweet Lassi/Chhach • Papaya Smoothie • Strawberry Smoothie • Almond Milkshake • Soya Coconut Drink • Hot Tea • Instant Coffee • Soda Lemonade • Iced Tea • Lem-o-gin • Jeera Pani

BREAKFAST • Instant Soya Idli • Soya Upma • Soya Uttapam

MAIN MEAL (LUNCH/DINNER) • Soya Flour Dough • Soya Granules Khichadi • Soya Vegetable Pulao • Soya Palak • Dal Makhani • Vegetable Korma • Egg Soya Pulao • Paneer Korma • Palak Mushroom • Crispy Vegetables • Soya Poori with Butter • Vegetable with Mayonnaise • Baked Vegetables with Spinach Sauce • Creamy Mushrooms • Palak Paneer • Cauliflower Basket • Baked Vegetables with White Sauce • Pea Soya Mushroom • Soya Lollipops • Soya Chunks Curry • Soya Sambhar Dal

EGGS • Cheese and Mushroom Omelette • Veggie Egg Bhujia • Hariyali Omelette • Cheese Egg Omelette • Egg Paratha • Half Fried Eggs • Devilled Eggs

MEAT • Fried Chicken/Fried Fish • Chicken/Fish Tikka • Chicken/Fish Masala Curry • Chicken/Fish/Mutton Biryani

SOUPS AND SAUCES • Basic Mayonnaise Recipe • Mixed Vegetable Soup • Cream of Chicken Soup • Cream of Mushroom Soup • Cream of Tomato Soup

RAITA • Fruit Raita • Egg raita • Cucumber Raita • Carrot Raita • Bottle Gourd/Ghiya Raita

DESSERTS • Soya Kheer • Fruit Ice Cream • Paneer Kheer • Carrot Halwa • Soya Halwa • Soya Bread Halwa • Sugar Free Chocolate

SNACKS • Paneer Fry • Vegetable Upma • Egg Cheese Cutlets • Cheese Pancake • Mini Pizza • Namakpara • Chidwa • Kathi Rolls • Peas Paneer Chaat • Noodles • Mix Seeds • Nachos • Dhokla • Paneer and Coconut Ladoos • Namkeen Sev

CAKES AND BISCUITS • French Bread • Mug Cake • Chocolate Muffins • Butter Biscuits • Jeera Biscuits • Cashew Biscuits • Bourbon Biscuits • Almond Biscuits

Appendices • Appendix 1: Carbohydrate Exchange List • Appendix 2: Vegetable Exchange • Appendix 3: Fruit Exchange • Appendix 4: Classic Ketogenic Diet Calculation • Appendix 5: WHO Recommended Energy Allowance, 2001 • WHO Recommended Protein Allowances, 2007 and Pellock • Appendix 6: Modified Atkins Diet Charts • Mad Instructions • Appendix 7: Carbohydrate Washout Diet • Carbohydrate Washout Diet Sample Menu • Appendix 8: Sample LGIT • Appendix 9: List of Food Items with Low Glycemic Index • Appendix 10: Food Items with Medium and High Glycemic Index (To be strictly avoided in the diet) • Appendix 11: Instructions for Ketone Check • Appendix 12: Follow-up Charts


About the Authors:

Dr Manjari Tripathi is an eminent Neurologist and a senior Professor at AIIMS, New Delhi. She was awarded the NIH-FELLOWSHIP in EPILEPSY at the prestigious University College of Los Angeles, USA, and has numerous research publications and projects on epilepsy, dementia, multiple sclerosis, sleep disorders, headache, etc. She is an integral part of the comprehensive epilepsy care program at AIIMS. She started two new procedures for drug resistant epilepsy at AIIMS. She is the course director for the epilepsy school and EEG workshops, and has delivered guest lectures at various National and International epilepsy conferences. She is the secretary general of the lndian Epilepsy Society.

Mala Manral is working as Dietitian at AllMS since 1995. She has an M.Sc. (H) with specialization in Food and Nutrition from Lady Irwin College, Delhi University. She was awarded Certificate of Registered Dietitian by the Registration Board of the lndian Dietetic Association in 2012. She has contributed a chapter on Healthy eating in Diabetes and Heart condition for a TIMES GROUP BOOK titled Running for Health: A Sustainable Lifestyle Approach. She has special interest in Ketogenic Diet in Epilepsy. She has presented many research papers in International Conferences and delivered guest lectures in conferences. All the recipes prepared by her are standardised.

Damn Preet Kaur Bedi is an ACE Vegetarian Keto Diet Expert. She graduated in science and did Masters in English. She then invented unique pure vegetarian keto recipes after conducting rigorous research on the quality and quantity of the ingredients. All the recipes founded by her are as delicious as non-keto food. All of them are carb free, with common and easily available ingredients. Most of the vegetarian and bakery recipes in this book are formulated by her. Her motivation is her son who had ESES and was put on this diet with an improvement in symptoms.

Dr Bhargavi Ramanujam has done her Neurology training at the RML Hospital at New Delhi, and is currently a part of the Center of Excellence for Epilepsy, AIIMS, New Delhi, as a Scientist. She has special interest in the evaluation of patients with drug resistant epilepsy and psychogenic non-epileptic seizures, and has over 20 research publications in this field.


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