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Practical Cookery, 14/e

Practical Cookery, 14/e

Practical Cookery, 14/e

For Level 2 Commis Chef Apprentices and NVQS

  • By: David Foskett, Patricia Paskins, Neil Rippington, Steve Thorpe

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ISBN: 9781510461802

Bind: Paperback

Year: 2019

Pages: 648

Size: 216 x 279 mm

Publisher: Hodder Education

Exclusive Distributors: Viva Books

Sales Territory: India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka


Trust Practical Cookery: the classic recipe and reference book used to train professional chefs for over 50 years.

This 14th edition of Practical Cookery is the must-have resource for every aspiring chef. It will help develop the culinary knowledge, understanding, skills and behaviours in the new Commis Chef (Level 2) apprenticeship standards and prepare apprentices and work-based learners for end-point assessment. It also supports those on NVQ programmes in Professional Cookery or Food Production and Cooking.

  • Covers the latest preparation, cooking and finishing techniques, as well as the classics every chef should master with over 500 reliable recipes and 1,000 photographs.
  • Provides clear illustrations of how dishes should look with close-up finished shots for every recipe, and clear step-by-step sequences to master techniques.
  • Ensures learners are fully up to date, with new content on the latest technology within the hospitality sector, up-to-date safe and hygienic working requirements, and new content on costing and yield control.
  • Helps assess knowledge and understanding with a new “Know it” feature that will support preparation for professional discussions and knowledge tests.
  • Allows students to showcase the practical skills required for assessment with a new “Show it” feature.
  • Encourages apprentices to think about how they have demonstrated professional behaviours with a new “Live it” feature.

Target Audience:

This book has been designed to help you develop the knowledge, understanding and skills you will need as you train to become a professional chef. This book is useful for students of Diploma in Food Production and Cooking, Diploma in Professional Cookery and for apprentice following the Commis Chef apprenticeship standard.


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Chapter 1: Culinary knowledge, skills and behaviours • The seasonal calendar of food • Modern technology in the kitchen • The importance of mise-en-place • Food safety • Taste • basic flavour profile • Common food groups and basic requirements for a balanced diet • Special diets • Food allergies and intolerances • Knives • Commonly used kitchen equipment for cooking, processing and finishing dishes • Operational control • Standard operating procedures and standards of performance: setting brand standards • Portion control • Responding to feedback • Key influences, trends and fashion

Chapter 2: Food safety • What is food safety and why does it matter” • What the law says • Keeping yourself clean and hygienic to comply with legislation • Keeping work areas clean and hygienic • Preparing, cooking and holding food safely • Storing food safely • Food safety management systems

Chapter 3: People • Basic team roles in the professional kitchen • Developing your skills

Chapter 4: Business • General costs for hospitality and catering • The food supply chain • Sourcing and purchasing of food commodities • Food waste management and recycling • Risks and hazards within food preparation areas • Identifying and mitigating risks • Legal requirements for reporting incidents and accidents

Chapter 5: Stocks, Soups and Sauces • Stocks • Soups • Sauces

Chapter 6: Eggs • The structure of eggs • Types of eggs • Purchasing and quality points • Preparing and cooking eggs • Storing eggs

Chapter 7: Rice, pulses and grains • Rice • Pulses • Grains

Chapter 8: Pasta and noodles • Pasta • Noodles

Chapter 9: Fish and shellfish • Fish • Shellfish

Chapter 10: Meat and offal • Meat • Lamb and mutton • Beef • Veal • Pork • Bacon • Offal and other edible parts of the carcass • Other meat preparations

Chapter 11: Poultry and game • Poultry • Chicken • Turkey • Duck and geese • Game

Chapter 12: Vegetables and vegetable protein • Vegetables • Vegetable protein

Chapter 13: Bread and dough products • Ingredients • Dough • Bread • Finishing and presentation • Allergies

Chapter 14: Basic pastry products • Ingredients for pastry work • Storage and food safety • Preparation and cooking techniques in pastry work • Finishing and presentation

Chapter 15: Cakes, sponges, biscuits and scones • Cakes • Batters and whisked sponges • Biscuits • Convenience cake, biscuit and sponge mixes • Decorating and finishing for presentation • Storing cakes, sponges, biscuits and scones

Chapter 16: Cold and hot desserts • Ingredients commonly used in desserts • Egg custard-based desserts • Ice creams and sorbets • Fruit-based and other desserts • Finishing and presentation • Healthy eating and desserts




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