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Darwin of Stellar Astrophysics MEGHNAD SAHA

Darwin of Stellar Astrophysics MEGHNAD SAHA

Darwin of Stellar Astrophysics MEGHNAD SAHA

  • By: Shyamal Bhadra, Rik Chattopadhyay, Ajoy Ghatak

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ISBN: 9789388653541

Bind: Paperback

Year: 2020

Pages: 328

Size: 172 x 242 mm

Publisher: Viva Books Originals

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Professor Meghnad Saha was a great institution builder and had contributed so much for the betterment of our country. This book is a unique compilation of articles on Professor Saha written by his family members and also by eminent personalities; each article shows great contributions made by Professor Saha. Few important lectures delivered by Professor Saha are included to show his thoughts on restructuring scientific programmes and national planning for the betterment of society in pre-and post-colonial period. Apart from scientific works, correspondences with Subhas Chandra Bose during the formation of National Planning Committee mark interesting features of the book. Also reprinted is a 2011 paper (jointly by Russian and German research groups) which describes the importance of Professor Saha's ionization theory after 90 years of its discovery; this paper should be of great interest to astrophysicists. The article on the creation of Positional Astronomy Centre (PAC) at Kolkata has been written with great zeal and emotion by Professor Amalendu Bandyopadhyay, M.P. Birla Institute of Fundamental Research, Kolkata and former director of PAC; the article would provide an account how it was conceptualized by Meghnad Saha as a part of Indian Meteorological Department.

Target Audience:

Useful for people interested in Physics and Astrophysics.






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Chapter 1: Meghnad Saha: A Brief History (Ajoy Ghatak)

Chapter 2: The Saha Equation and Beyond (Jayant V. Narlikar)

Chapter 3: Scientific Work of Meghnad Saha Through Letters and Correspondences (1917-1936) (Prasenjit Saha)

Chapter 4: Early Impact of Meghnad Saha's Ionization Equation • Remarks by Professor Henry Norris Russell • Remarks by Professor Arthur Eddington

Chapter 5: Meghnad Saha as Father • Meghnad Saha - as I saw him (Biswabani Saha) •  Growing up with Father (Krishna Das) • Of Masters and Disciples (Chitra Roy) • My Father as a Person (Sanghamitra Roy)

Chapter 6: Tribute to Meghnad Saha • Professor Meghnad Saha - An Appreciation (Joan Chandra Ghosh) • Meghnad: Unbound Talent and Courage (Debendramohan Bose) • Out of the Ivory Tower (Santimay Chatterjee) • A Forgotten Star (Sam Kean) • A Centenary Tribute to Meghnad Saha (A. A. Kemal)

Chapter 7: Meghnad Saha's Creations • Creation of Positional Astronomy Centre: Saha's Vision (Amalendu Bandyopadhyay) • The Chronicles of “Science and Culture” and Indian Science News Association (Suprakash C. Roy) • Activities Forming National Planning Committee (Compiled by Prasenjit Saha) • Professor Meghnad Saha as an Institution Builder (Shyamal Bhadra)

Chapter 8: Lectures Delivered by Meghnad Saha • Lecture delivered at UP Academy of Sciences “““1933 • Lecture delivered as General President of Indian Science Congress “““1934 • Lecture delivered as a Member of Education Mission in UK in 1944 • Lecture delivered at the symposium on Magnetism held in May, 1954 under the joint auspices of the National Institute of Science of India and Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science (IACS, Kolkata)

Chapter 9: Letters and Correspondences of M.N. Saha • Travelogue by M.N. Saha • Letters by S. Chandrashekhar and by M.N. Saha to his son • Selected Messages of Appreciation

Chapter 10: Articles Written by M.N. Saha on Famous Personalities • List of Articles • Albert Einstein (1879-1955) •  Obituary Notice of Sir Jagadis Chunder Bose (1858-1937)

Chapter 11: Articles on Scientific Works of Meghnad Saha • Meghnad Saha: The Early Years (Binayak Dutta Roy) • Refinements and Applications of Saha Ionization Equation (J. C. Bbattacharyya) • Saha's Influence in the West: A Preliminary Account (David H. DeVorkin)

Chapter 12: Importance of Saha's Ionization Equation

Chapter 13: His Last Years

Chapter 14: Obituary



Science and Culture

Magazine - 30/Jul/2019

Science and Culture

About the Editors:

Shyamal Bhadra, Emeritus Scientist (CSIR), Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science (IACS), Kolkata, worked as a Chief Scientist at CSIR-CGCRI, where he was involved in research in photonics and nonlinear optics. He has published more than 150 research papers in SCI journals. He is the holder of seven national and international patents. He was the editor for eight years of the journal “““ Transactions of the Indian Ceramic Society. He is also actively involved in a Bengali social-science magazine. Dr Bhadra edited a book Guided Wave Optics and Photonic Devices with Prof. Ajoy Ghatak, published by CRC Press, USA. He led a group that received the 2012 Technology Award of Most Significant Technology of the Five Year Plan Period of CSIR for successful commercialization of EDFA (Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier). In 2015, he (and his group) received the CSIR-Best Technology Award of Innovation for successful commercialization of Broadband Supercontinuum Light Source.

Rik Chattopadhyay works as Research Associate in Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science (IACS), Kolkata. After completing B.Sc. with honours in Physics from Calcutta University, he pursued B.Tech and M.Tech in Optics and Optoelectronics from the same university. He obtained his Ph.D. in Applied Optics and Photonics from Calcutta University. He did his Ph.D. work at CSIR-CGCRI. His research interests are in nonlinear fiber optics, photonic crystal fiber based systems and optical analogues of GTR-based phenomena. He has authored and co-authored 22 research articles in SCI journals. He is a recipient of CSIR-Senior Research Fellowship and CSIR-Research Associateship.

Ajoy Ghatak is currently Professor Meghnad Saha Fellow of The National Academy of Sciences, India. He completed his M.Sc. from Delhi University and Ph.D. from Cornell University. He retired from IIT Delhi (as Emeritus Professor) in 2006. Professor Ghatak has research interests in fiber optics and quantum mechanics. He has authored several books including his undergraduate text on optics which has been translated to Chinese and Persian. He is recipient of the 2008 SPIE Educator Award; the 2003 Esther Hoffman Beller Award (instituted by The Optical Society of America) in recognition of his “outstanding contributions to optics education . . . “; International Commission for Optics 1998 Galileo Galilei Award and also the CSIR 1979 S.S. Bhatnagar Award for “outstanding contributions in physical sciences”.


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