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Biological Diversity

Biological Diversity

Biological Diversity

Origin, Evolution and Conservation

  • By: Arun Kumar Sharma, Debal Ray, Soumyendra Nath Ghosh

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ISBN: 9789386385314

Bind: Paperback

Year: 2017

Pages: 488

Size: 6 x 9 Inch

Publisher: Viva Books Originals

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The book is brought out at a time when convergence of a multitude of events has generated enormous interest in conservation of biodiversity. The main feature that distinguishes this book from similar ones is its coverage of subjects. This book is not yet another document listing flora and fauna, but rather it goes into basic processes, responsible for generating, sustaining and accelerating diversification of biodiversity. Similarly it deals with causes of extinction.

The readers will find discussion on the origin of biodiversity, its evolution, threats to biodiversity, as well as an account of the Indian scenario of biodiversity, along with conservation strategies. The chapters are arranged in a logical sequence and have been contributed by the scientists who are considered authorities on the respective research areas. This book would be of use as a ready reference on multiple aspects of biodiversity to students, researchers and policy-makers alike.

A major departure from other books on biological diversity, this book will help the readers understand the basic issues and emerging areas of research. Although this is a multi-authored book, the chapters have been so chosen as to maintain continuity of discussion. The first section of the book deals with the origin and evolution of biodiversity. The second one deals with the drivers of loss in biodiversity, along with an article on mass extinctions. The third section deals with the unique richness of biodiversity in India, from microbes to man. The fourth and last section highlights a few conservation initiatives taken by India, including one global initiative. The authors of all the articles are well-known for their eminence in the respective fields.

Target Audience:

This book would be of use as a ready reference on multiple aspects of biodiversity to students, researchers and policy-makers alike.





Section  I: Origin and Evolution

Chapter 1. Biodiversity – Origin, Evolution and Analysis - A.K. Sharma

Chapter 2. Polyploidy in Relation to Plant Evolution and Speciation – Prem P. Jauhar

Chapter 3.Can Dynamic Conservation of Endemics be Delinked from the Biodiversity in its Totality – P.S. Ramakrishnan

Chapter 4. Evolution and Diversity of Rice Genome – J. Giri, S. Tyagi and A.K. Tyagi


Section II: Current Drivers of Biodiversity Loss

Chapter 5. Ecology of Plant Invasion with Particular Reference to India - Gyan P. Sharma, Hema Singh and J.S. Singh

Chapter 6. Our Changing Geo-Biosphere -V.M. Meher-Homji

Chapter 7. Aquatic Invasive Species in India - Ramakrishna

Chapter 8. Mass Extinction in Anthropocene - Debal Ray


Section  III: Indian Scenario

Chapter 9. Diversity of Bacteria and Archaea: Present Status in India - Tapan Chakrabarti

Chapter 10. Spectrum of Diversity in Indian Flora: An Assessment - Neera Sen Sarkar and Anirban Roy

Chapter 11. A Note on Some Threatened Plants - M. Sanjappa, T.K. Paul and P. Lakshminarasimhan  

Chapter 12. An Analysis of Faunal Diversity in India - Ramakrishna 

Chapter 13. The Natural History of the Hoolock Gibbon Hoolock  hoolock: India's only ape - Anwaruddin Choudhury

Chapter 14. Genomic Diversity of Ethnic Populations of India - Analabha Basu and Partha P. Majumder

Chapter 15. Biodiversity and Food Security in India - P.L. Gautam, C. Thomson Jacob, Y. Singh, C.A. Reddy and K.P. Raghuram 

Chapter 16. Biodiversity of the Sundarbans: Status and Challenges - L.K. Banerjee

Chapter 17. Biodiversity of Oceanic Islands - Andaman and Nicobar: Status and Challenges - K. Venkataraman


Section IV: Conservation Initiatives

Chapter 18. An Appraisal of Global Initiatives in Protection of Biodiversity of Species and a Recommended Model - Promila Kapoor Vijay

Chapter 19. Strategies for Biodiversity Conservation in India - A.K. Ghosh

Chapter 20. Strategies for the Conservation of Crops Wild Relatives? Indian Context - S.K. Sharma and J.C. Rana



About the Editors:

Arun Kumar Sharma (D.Sc., FNA, FNASc, FNAAS, FTWAS), the recipient of Padma Bhushan, is Honorary Professor at the Centre for Advanced Studies, Department of Botany, University of Calcutta. His contribution to cytogenetics is acknowledged not only in India but also all around the globe. He is known for the pioneering study leading to the establishment of a new concept of speciation in vegetatively reproducing plants. He acted as the Chairman, West Bengal Biodiversity Board, Kolkata, since its inception.

Debal Ray is a member of the Indian Forest Service. He had been responsible for management of natural resources over a period of two decades. He has managed diverse ecosystems ranging from alpine to coastal with all possible intermediates in between.  He has been discharging his responsibilities as the Member Secretary of West Bengal Biodiversity Board for more than six years.

Soumyendra Nath Ghosh, a Ph.D. in Zoology, was introduced with the intricacies of life at the time of his studies on social insects, ants. During his stint in the Zoological Survey of India and subsequently in the West Bengal Biodiversity Board, he made important contributions to taxonomy and natural history of Hymenoptera. As Senior Research Officer of West Bengal Biodiversity Board, he is responsible for bringing all the stakeholders of biodiversity under the same umbrella for the cause of conservation.


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