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As You Like It

As You Like It

As You Like It

Edited and with an introduction by Harold Bloom

  • By: Pamela Loos

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ISBN: 9788130933849

Bind: Paperback

Year: 2016

Pages: 270

Size: 152 x 228 mm

Publisher: Facts On File Inc.

Published in India by: Viva Books

Exclusive Distributors: Viva Books

Sales Territory: India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka


Shakespeare's romantic comedy As You Like It sets up a number of dualities that are explored but never resolved, exposing the complex relationships that exist between romance and realism, nobleman and commoner, and male and female. This invaluable new study guide to one of Shakespeare's greatest comedies contains a selection of the finest criticism through the centuries on As You Like It, including commentaries by such important critics as Samuel Johnson, George Bernard Shaw, W.H. Auden, and many others. Students will also benefit from the additional features in this volume, including an introduction by Harold Bloom, an accessible summary of the plot, an analysis of several key passage, a comprehensive list of characters, a biography of Shakespeare, essays discussing the main currents of criticism in each century since Shakespeare's time, and more.
Each volume in the Bloom's Shakespeare Through the Ages contains the finest criticism on a particular work from the Bard's oeuvre, selected under the guidance of renowned Shakespearean scholar, Harold Bloom Intended for students just beginning their exploration of Shakespeare, these invaluable study guides present the best of Shakespeare criticism, from the 17th century to today In the process, each volume also charts the flow over time of critical discussion of a particular work.
This essential series is unique not only in the range of commentary it provides on each of Shakespeare's greatest works, but also in its emphasis on the greatest critics in our literary tradition — including such critics as John Dryden in the 17th century, Samuel Johnson in the 18th century, William Hazlitt and Samuel Taylor Coleridge in the 19th century, A. C. Bradley and William Empson in the 20th century, and many more Some of the pieces included are full—length essays; others are excerpts designed to present a key point.

Target Audience:

Students and academics of English Literature.


Series Introduction • Introduction by Harold Bloom • Biography of William Shakespeare • Summary of As You Like It • Key Passages in As You Like It • List of Characters in As You Like It
As You Like It in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries • 1709—Nicholas Rowe. “The Argument of As You Like It,” from The Works of Mr William Shakespear • 1710—Charles Gildon. “Remarks on the Plays of Shakespear” • 1765—Samuel Johnson As You Like It (notes), from The Plays of William Shakespeare • 1767—Edward Capell. “Introduction,” from his edition of As You Like It • 1788—William Richardson “On the Melancholy Jaques,” from Philosophical Analysis and Illustration of Some of Shakespeare's Remarkable Characters
As You Like It in the Nineteenth Century • 1809—August Wilhelm Schlegel. “Criticisms on Shakspeare's • Comedies,” from Lectures on Dramatic Art and Literature • 1817—William Hazlitt. "As You Like It,” from Characters of Shakespear's Plays • 1833—Anna Jameson. “Rosalind,” from Characteristics of Women: Moral, Poetical, & Historical • 1839—Hermann Ulrici. “As You Like It,” from Shakspeare's Dramatic Art • 1856—William Maginn.” Jaques,” from Shakespeare Papers • 1863—Charles Cowden Clarke “As You Like It,” from Shakespeare-Characters: Chiefly Those Subordinate • 1884—Heena Faucit, Lady Martin “Rosalind,” from Shakespeare's Female Characters • 1893—Richard G Moulton “How “As You Like It” Presents Varied Forms of Humor in Conflict with a Single Conventionality,” from Shakespeare as a Dramatic Artist: A Popular Illustration of the Principles of Scientific Criticism • 1894—A Wilson Verity "As You Like It: Critical Remarks,” from The Works of William Shakespeare • 1896—George Bernard Shaw “Toujours Shakespeare,” from Dramatic Opinions and Essays with an Apology by Bernard Shaw • 1898—George Brands. ““As You Like It,”“ from William Shakespeare: A Critical Study
As You Like It in the Twentieth Century • 1932—G.K. Chesterton “The Repetition of Rosalind,” from Chesterton on Shakespeare • 1947—W.H. Auden "As You Like It,” from Lectures on Shakespeare • 1951—Harold C. Goddard "As You Like It,” from The Meaning of Shakespeare • 1955—Harold Jenkins. "As You Like It,” from Shakespeare Survey • 1959—C.L. Barber “The Alliance of Seriousness and Levity in As You Like It,” from Shakespeare's Festive Comedy • 1972—Thomas McFarland. “For Other Than for  Dancing Measures: The Complications of As You Like It,” from Shakespeare's Pastoral Comedy • 1981—Louis Adrian Montrose. ““The Place of a Brother” in “As You Like It”: Social Process and Comic Form,” from Shakespeare Quarterly • 1988—Harold Bloom. “Introduction,” from As You Like It • 1992—Harold Bloom. “Introduction,” from Rosalind
As You Like It in the Twenty-first Century • 2002—E.A.J. Honigmann. "The Charm of As You Like It,” from Shakespeare: Seven Tragedies Revisited: The Dramatist's Manipulation of Response
Bibliography • Acknowledgments • Index


About the Editor:

Series Editor Harold Bloom is Sterling Professor of the Humanities at Yale University and the author of more than 30 books, including Shelley's Mythmaking (1959), Blake's Apocalypse (1963), Yeats (1970), The Anxiety of Influence (1973), A Map of Misreading (1975), Kabbalah and Criticism (1975), Agon: Toward a Theory of Revisionism (1982), The American Religion (1992), The Western Canon (1994), Shakespeare: The Invention of the Human (1998), How to Read and Why (2000), Hamlet: Poem Unlimited (2003), Where Shall Wisdom Be Found” (2004), and Jesus and Yahweh: The Names Divine (2005). In 1999, Professor Bloom received the American Academy of Arts and Letters” Gold Medal for Criticism.


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