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Animal Adaptations

Animal Adaptations

Animal Adaptations

Evolution of Forms and Functions

  • By: R.K. Saxena & Sumitra Saxena

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ISBN: 9788130930121

Bind: Paperback

Year: 2015

Pages: 512

Size: 6.75 x 9.5 Inch

Publisher: MV Learning

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The book Animal Adaptations explores the most fascinating and bizarre types of adaptations acquired by animals which have helped them to live comfortably in the harsh and most hostile environments. Firstly these adaptations refer to the evolutionary mechanisms that have produced them and they secondly refer to the traits that enhance the survival and reproductive success of their bearers. These adaptations have been randomly chosen and discussed by the authors to instil inquisitiveness and interest in the minds of students. No doubt the acquired adaptations impose costs as well as benefits, and the evolution of adaptations depends on the trade-off between those costs and benefits. Determining the costs and benefits of these adaptations is no doubt difficult because individuals differ not only in the degree to which they possess the adaptation, but also in many other ways. It is true that natural selection is instrumental in selecting and preserving these beneficial adaptations in the population and discarding harmful ones. The authors hope to provide substantive new challenges and raise queries in the minds of prospective animal biologists.

Target Audience:

Students and prospective animal biologists.


Heterochrony • Origin, Ancestry, and Evolution of Chordate • Origin and Ancestry of Mammals • Primates and Origin of Homo Sapiens • Homeostasis • Parthenogenesis, Reproduction and Parental care • Aerodynamics and Flight in Animals • Migration • Echolocation • Interspecific Interaction • Behavior • Cryptobiosis • Coral Reefs • Mimicry, Camouflage and Colouration • Polymorphism • Bioluminescence • Biological Clocks and Circadian Rhythms • Electric Organs • Sense Organs • Sound Communication • Weberian Ossicles • Spider • Webs • Glossary • Index

About the Authors:

Dr R.K. Saxena
 is an Associate professor and has been teaching this subject in Sri Venkateswara College, University of Delhi since 1974. A Gold Medallist in M.Sc. from B.I.T.S. Pilani (Rajasthan), he earned his doctorate from the University of Delhi in Cell and Molecular Biology. The author is a member of Indian Society of Cell Biology and is still engaged in active research and has to his credit a number of research publication in the field of ciliate biology.

Dr Sumitra Saxena, an Associate professor at S.G.T.B. Khalsa College, University of Delhi, has been teaching for last forty years. Her research interests have involved studies on the Polytene Chromosomes in Chironomous and she has to her credit several research publications in the field of Cell and Molecular Biology.


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