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30 Powerful Laws of Personal and Professional Success

30 Powerful Laws of Personal and Professional Success

30 Powerful Laws of Personal and Professional Success

  • By: Anupam Kurlwal

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ISBN: 9788130927619

Bind: Paperback

Year: 2014

Pages: 552

Size: 153 x 229 mm

Publisher: Viva Books Originals

Sales Territory: Worldwide

Praise For Dr. Anupam Kurlwal (Asian Admirable Achiever Award)


"I have pleasure in commending Dr. Anupam's successful merging and presenting of so many bits and pieces of lives of greats into understandable and logical lessons in his inspiring book. In short, recommended!"

                                                                        Vinay Singhal, Managing Director,
                                                                       SJV Consultants Pvt. Ltd., Advance
                                                             Management Program, Harvard Business School

"Success in life and business is never easy. If you think so, it's time to listen and read Dr. Anupam who gives dependable advices to get maximum success in your personal and professional life."
                                                    Prof. (Dr.) Satish Arya, Professor-in-English and Principal, B.L.J.S.
                                                                  P.G. College, Tosham, Bhiwani (Haryana), India

"The is book is a rare gem that will be treasured by all who will read it. Rarely have I read a work as thoughtful and life-changing as this one. A remarkable contribution to the field!"
                                                                                   Priyank Tanwar, MBA & LLM,
                                      University of Kent, England, Qualified Solicitor in the High Courts of England and Wales

"Dr. Anupam has a matchless and gifted method to make the reader understand how to deal with the world around and how to make personal and professional changes to best match with one's life goals. For instance, understanding the distinction between choice and decision can make a big difference in one's life experiences."
                                                                        Praveen Kumar, Deputy Manager in Corporate
                                                                        Quality function, Bosch Ltd., Bengaluru, India


How does a super-successful individual think? There are amazing similarities in the success philosophies of all-time greats like Alexander, Joseph II, Lao Tzu, Mao Zedong, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Napoleon Bonaparte, Bismarck, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Henry Ford, Benjamin Disraeli, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Abraham Lincoln, Edison, Lenin and many more such figures. Distilling years of research in the psychology of success into a 30-Lesson programme, Anupam Kurlwal explains how you can use these street-tested philosophical formulae to pull off your dream successes. Combining research with lots of long-overdue practical tips and real-world examples, this user-friendly book will train you step by step in the science of success and motivate you to achieve everything you have constantly dreamt of:


  • Excellent Health
  • Higher Income
  • Good Wealth
  • Cordial Relations
  • Celebrity Status
  • Powerful Leadership
  • Greater significance
  • Maximum Enjoyment
  • Better spiritual Life

A novel approach to achieving your personal and professional success, 30 Powerful Laws of Personal and Professional Success, offers effective advice on what it takes to excel in any sphere of endeavour.

Target Audience:

For people who want to attain personal and professional success.



Who Is Responsible For Your Past, Present And Future Life? • How Well Do You Know Yourself? • How Would You Like To Be Remembered? • What Vision Do You Hold Of Your Future? • Who Do You Want To Be? • What Kind Of Life Do You Want To Live? • Are You Ready To Enter Into The World Of Possibilities? • Have You Progressed From Belief To Faith? • How Do You Know Which Is The Best Choice? • Have You Chosen To Wait? • Do You Doubt Your Ability To Perform? • Do You Fear From An Uncertain Future? • What Can You Do To Conquer Guilt And Shame? • Do Little Things Make Big Differences? • Are You Too Afraid To Laugh? • Why Are You Not As Wealthy As You Should Be? • Are You Ready To Learn Lifelong? • Do You Want To Be Your Own Boss? • How Many Genuine Friends Do You Have? • What Do You Need To Change To Be The Best? • Have You Started Your Spiritual Journey? • Do You Consider Yourself A Leader? • Do You Thank God For What You Have? • What Do You Think Of Yourself? • Are You Motivated To Be Successful? • Can The Imagined Reality Be The Actual Reality? • How Well Do You Take Care Of Yourself? • Is Your Life In Balance? • How Relevant Are You?


About the Author:

Anupam Kurlwal is a behavioural scientist and life coach specializing in motivational psychology, Leadership dynamics and the peak-performance mindset. A law teacher by profession, his interests include spirituality, philosophy, astrology and the occult sciences. He regularly gives motivational speeches and lectures to audiences ranging from laymen to high-profile business leaders. Anupam Kurlwal received the Asian Admirable Achiever Award among many other academic and literary recognitions. His book An Introduction to Alternative Dispute Resolution System is a popular Law textbook.


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