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Viva Berries Class 4 - Semester 1

Viva Berries Class 4 - Semester 1

Viva Berries Class 4 - Semester 1

Viva Berries Class 4 - Semester 1

An Integrated Semester Series - English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and General Knowledge

  • By: Mahananda Pathak, Dr Asha Garg, Simarpan Kaur


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ISBN: 9789390054589

Bind: Paperback

Year: 2021

Pages: 280

Size: 8.5 x 11 Inch

Publisher: Viva Education

Exclusive Distributors: Viva Books

Sales Territory: Worldwide


Follows the NEP 2020 Guidelines

Berries is a result of in-depth research for a series that would meet the daily needs of primary school children. It is a series of 10 books for primary levels. The series is designed in line with the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 guidelines. The subject knowledge gained is linked with the child's everyday experiences. The contents flow from known to unknown, simple to complex and concrete to abstract. Continuity from one level to the next and from one class to another is maintained.


Key Features:

  • The series is based on the concept of one-semester-one-book to reduce the bulk of the school bag.
  • The skill-based approach followed in the series is described on the contents page of each subject.
  • Each book for classes 1 and 2 includes English, Mathematics, Environmental Studies and General Knowledge.
  • Each book for classes 3 to 5 includes English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and General Knowledge.
  • The concepts are reinforced through illustrations, activities, flowcharts and tables.
  • Assessment sheets are included for every subject for evaluation.


Student's Resource Material available at

Teacher's Resource Material available at


Target Audience:

School students of Class 4.




Chapter 1. Bedtime (Poem)

Chapter 2. The Elves and the Shoemaker

Chapter 3. The Legend of Prometheus

Chapter 4. Waiting at the Window (Poem)

Chapter 5. The Calabash Kids

Chapter 6. Doctor Dolittle

Test Yourself-1

Test Yourself-2



Chapter 1. Numbers

Chapter 2. Roman Numerals

Chapter 3. Addition

Chapter 4. Subtraction

Chapter 5. Multiplication

Chapter 6. Division

Chapter 7. Data Handling

Test Yourself-1

Test Yourself-2

Vedic Mathematics



Chapter 1. Green Plants ? The Food Producers

Chapter 2. Adaptations for Survival in Plants

Chapter 3. Reproduction in Animals

Chapter 4. Adaptations for Survival in Animals

Chapter 5. Food and Nutrition

Chapter 6. The Digestive System and Teeth

Chapter 7. Keeping Safe

Test Yourself-1

Test Yourself-2


Social Studies

Chapter 1. Our Country ? India

Chapter 2. Mountains and Fertile Plains of Northern India

Chapter 3. The Southern Plateau, and the Coastal Plains and Islands

Chapter 4. The Desert Land of India

Chapter 5. The Natural Wealth of India

My Diary

Test Yourself-1

Test Yourself-2


General Knowledge

Chapter 1. Plant Healers

Chapter 2. Very High Very Deep

Chapter 3. Folk Dances

Chapter 4. Bookstall

Chapter 5. Kalidasa

Chapter 6. Useful Devices

Chapter 7. Speed Up Your Thinking

Chapter 8. Adventure Sports

Chapter 9. Read to Succeed

Chapter 10. Colourful World   

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