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The Special Correspondent

The Special Correspondent

The Special Correspondent

A Handbook for Reporters

  • By: Dilip Awasthi

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ISBN: 9788130908298

Bind: Paperback

Year: 2007

Pages: 208

Size: 140 x 216 mm

Publisher: Viva Books Originals

Sales Territory: Worldwide


Rarely have I come across performing teachers who will tell you that you can also do it. My bad luck. This book practically comes as my revenge towards those seniors who love watching sagging young faces so that their one-upmanship remains intact. Ravi Shankar's sitar possesses the same octaves as any other similar instrument, or Sachin Tendulkar's willow also conforms to the standard dimensions of the bats available in the market. If they can do it, why can’t you? Agreed that these are people with some extraordinary talent. The moot question however is whether each one of us has had a fair chance to explore our own latent talent. My answer is a big No. The reason is simple. Academics always present us with the mountain view of a molehill. My next question is: does Ravi Shankar consult a musical notation book to play a touching tune or Tendulkar grope through the cricketing copybook to sweet-time his shots? It comes to them fairly naturally and spontaneously. The only difference perhaps is that they have slogged to reach these heights. They have worked hard and risen through the ranks. It takes a while to reach a position and produce your best. This book will make the students of journalism and the budding journalists know and feel how it works outside a classroom situation. This revised and updated edition includes a new chapter”Headlining the Story”, covering an important area of news editing.

Target Audience:

Students of Journalism.



Heading for the North East West South • Ignition Is On • Off to Work • Structuring the News Stories • The Art of Interviewing • Writing the Story • Headlining the Story • Packaging the Story • Hi-Tech Reporting • Ready Reckoner • Better Words and Expressions • Glossary of Newspaper Terms


About the Author:

Dilip Awasthi started his career with The Pioneer, and is one of the few journalists who have worked in all major forms of the media — newspaper, magazines, the Internet and television. During the three decades of his career he has worked in Hindi and English language media houses, which include India Today, Zee News and Dainik Jagran. He is an expert on U.P. affairs on the panels of Doordarshan, NDTV and Aaj Tak and has anchored the political capsule Shatranj ke Khiladi on Eenadu TV.


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