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The Art of Corporate Storytelling

The Art of Corporate Storytelling

The Art of Corporate Storytelling

Only Connect

  • By: Robert Mighall

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ISBN: 9789386105141

Bind: Paperback

Year: 2017

Pages: 192

Size: 6 x 9 Inch

Publisher: LID Publishing

Published in India by: Viva Books

Exclusive Distributors: Viva Books

Sales Territory: India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka


A coherent story can make you better understood, believed in and trusted.

So why is the business world only just discovering its power?

There is not a culture on this earth that does not tell, exchange and enjoy stories. Story is simply effective communication, allowing humans to connect with one another about the things that matter.

Former Oxford fellow in English Literature turned brand consultant, Robert Mighall draws on the psychology, history and creative practice of storytelling to show how modern businesses can exploit its ancient power to move us.
What the corporate world needs most, story does best: establish the human connections upon which trust is built.

The Art of Corporate Storytelling explains how.

What you will find in The Art of Corporate Storytelling

  • The Beginning explains why story has its universal power to move people, and outlines the essential principles of storytelling in any genre.
  • The Middle explains how to build a compelling core story, and how to apply this across a range of corporate communications: from film to digital channels, PowerPoint to Employee Engagement, Sustainability to Investor Relations.
  • The End, shows how trends in Social Media and Content Marketing are making this most ancient communication art ever more urgently relevant.
  • The Art of Corporate Storytelling puts the art of storytelling in the hands of every modern business.

Target Audience:
People interested in General Management.


Preface: A Tale of Two CVs
The Beginning
Chapter One: Why Story
Chapter Two: What makes a Story
The Middle
Chapter Three: How to Develop your Story
Chapter Four: Where to Tell your Story
Through Film • Through Power Point • Through Annual Reporting • Through Sustainability Communications • Through your People • Through the Digital Universe
The End?
Chapter Five: Where Story is going
Notes and Bibliographic References • Acknowledgements

About the Author:

Robert Mighall is a former fellow in English Literature at Merton College in Oxford, and former editor of the Penguin Classics series. He is now a consultant in branding and corporate storytelling for communications business Radley Yeldar in London. He has seen storytelling from all sides, and applies insights from the Story Business to helping clients develop their Business Story.

 He has worked for the likes of GSK, Shell, Lloyds Banking Group, the NHS, Anglo American and Pearson, as well as numerous UK universities and public bodies. He has published on Victorian literature, John Keats, Oscar Wilde and Shakespeare, and he is the author of a cultural history of sunshine.
The Art of Corporate storytelling brings these two worlds together. It is his first business book.


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