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Tech Dot Com Book - 8

Tech Dot Com Book - 8

Tech Dot Com Book - 8

Tech Dot Com Book - 8

Book of Computer Science

  • By: Preeti Vasudeva


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ISBN: 9789389400717

Bind: Paperback

Year: 2024

Pages: 172

Size: 8.5 x 11 Inch

Publisher: Amaira Books

Exclusive Distributors: Viva Books

Sales Territory: Worldwide


Tech Dot Com is a series of 8 books for classes 1 to 8. These books are meticulously aligned with the guidelines set forth by the CBSE, as well as syllabi from other leading educational boards. Recommendations of NEP 2020 and NCF 2023 are considered and followed while preparing the text and exercises of the series.


What makes the Tech Dot Com series special?

  • Learning Objectives: List of key learning objectives, ensuring students understand the concepts they will grasp upon completion of the chapter
  • Activity Time: Warm-up activity to assess the previous learning of concepts
  • Remember: Vital points related to specif_c topics highlighted for easy reference and better retention
  • Know More: Supplementary information to broaden the student’s knowledge beyond the chapter’s core concepts
  • Knowledge Check: Periodic questions interspersed amidst chapters to assess and reinforce the student’s understanding
  • Practise in Lab: Sample practical questions to strengthen the understanding of concepts
  • Quick Recap: Summary provided at the end of each chapter for efficient revision and recapitulation
  • Exercise Time: A blend of objective and subjective questions categorised under various segments to solidify understanding and encourage critical thinking
  • Fun with Learning: Distinctive questions formulated to strengthen comprehension as well as augment the student’s abilities in observation, imagination and creativity
  • Apply Your Learning: Thought-provoking questions aimed at fostering the application of knowledge and improving thinking skills
  • Form a Link: Questions that enable students to connect with previously learned concepts for a more cohesive understanding
  • Activity and Project: Hands-on activities and projects to stimulate observation, imagination, creativity and collaborative learning
  • Teacher’s Notes: Useful annotations for educators, providing additional guidance and suggestions for further student instruction
  • Supplementary Chapters: Meticulously crafted chapters to enhance students' understanding and engagement with current coding and technology topics while catering to their unique learning needs


About the Author:

Preeti Vasudeva, [PGDCA, MSc (Computer Science)] is an educator with a reputed school in Delhi NCR. She is an accomplished Computer Science teacher having an experience of over 18 years.

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