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Project Management Training

Project Management Training

Project Management Training

Includes All the Activities, Handouts, Tools, and Assessments You Need to Create and Deliver Powerfu

  • By: Wes Balakian

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ISBN: 9789387925397

Bind: Paperback

Year: 2019

Pages: 292

Size: 8.5 x 11 Inch

Publisher: ATD Press

Published in India by: Viva Books

Exclusive Distributors: Viva Books

Sales Territory: India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka


On time, on budget, within scope.You'll get them there.

In today's competitive business environment, a prime ingredient to scalability, predictability, and consistency is having a proven method for getting things done. Project management delivers results that organizations of every size and industry need.

Trainer and strategic global advisor Wes Balakian has created highly effective two-day, one-day, and half-day workshops that take the guesswork out of project management training. Hit the ground running with complete programs and all the materials you?ll need to deliver them. With the right tools, your engaging, interactive sessions will help participantspractice key concepts in a group setting and learn project management best practices that give their organizations a competitive edge.


Target Audience:

People interested in Project Management.




INTRODUCTION: HOW TO USE THIS BOOK • Why Is Project Management Training Important? • What Do I Need to Know About Training? • How Much Time Will Preparation Take? • What Are the Important Features of the Book? • How Are the Agendas Laid Out? • How Do I Use This Book? • Key Points • What to Do Next • Additional Resources


Chapter 1: TWO-DAY PROJECT MANAGEMENT WORKSHOP • Project Management: From the Beginning • A Word About Pre-Work • A Word About the Slides, Notes, and Handouts • Two-Day Workshop Objectives • Two-Day Workshop Overview • Day-One Overview • Day-Two Overview • Two-Day Workshop Agenda: Day One • What to Do Between Workshop Days • Two-Day Workshop Agenda: Day Two • What to Do Next • References

Chapter 2: ONE-DAY PROJECT MANAGEMENT WORKSHOP • Project Management: From the Beginning • A Word About Pre-Work • A Word About the Slides, Notes, and Handouts • One-Day Workshop Objectives • One-Day Workshop Overview • One-Day Workshop Agenda • What to Do Next • References

Chapter 3: HALF-DAY PROJECT MANAGEMENT WORKSHOP • Project Management: From the Beginning • A Word About Pre-Work • A Word About the Slides, Notes, and Handouts • Half-Day Workshop Objectives • Half-Day Workshop Overview • Half-Day Workshop Agenda • What to Do Next • Reference

Chapter 4: CUSTOMIZING THE PROJECT MANAGEMENT WORKSHOPS • Customizing the Content and Activities • Customizing the Workshop Format • Project Management Skills Series • Small BitesLunch-and-Learn Seminars • Customizing Delivery With Technology • The Bare Minimum • What to Do Next


Chapter 5: IDENTIFYING NEEDS FOR PROJECT MANAGEMENT TRAINING • Why Needs Analysis? • Strategic Needs Analysis • Structured Interviews • Focus Groups • Surveys • Individual Learning Needs Analysis • The Bare Minimum • Key Points • What to Do Next • Additional Resources

Chapter 6: UNDERSTANDING THE FOUNDATIONS OF TRAINING DESIGN • Basic Adult Learning Theory • More Theoretical Ideas Important to Learning • Multiple Intelligences • Whole Brain Learning • Theory Into Practice • Establishing a Framework • Identifying Behaviors • Practicing • Providing Feedback • Making It Relevant • The Bare Minimum • Key Points • What to Do Next • Additional Resources

Chapter 7: LEVERAGING TECHNOLOGY TO MAXIMIZE AND SUPPORT DESIGN AND DELIVERY • Why Consider Learning Technologies? • Opportunities to Use Learning Technologies • When Designing Training • Before Training • During Training • After Training • While Building a Learning Community • The Bare Minimum • Key Points • What to Do Next • Additional Resources

Chapter 8: DELIVERING YOUR PROJECT MANAGEMENT WORKSHOP: BE A GREAT FACILITATOR • The Learning Environment • Program Preparation Checklist • Participant Materials • Handouts • Presentation Slides • Workbooks and Journals • Videos • Toys, Noisemakers, and Other Props • Facilitator Equipment and Materials • A Strong Start: Introduction, Icebreakers, and Openers • Feedback • Role Plays • Participant Presentations • Ball Toss • Journaling • Responding to Questions • Training Room and Participant Management • A Word About Dealing With Difficult Participants • An Unforgettable End • The Bare Minimum • Key Points • What to Do Next • Additional Resources

Chapter 9: EVALUATING WORKSHOP RESULTS • Levels of Measurement • Level 1: Measuring Participant Reactions • Level 2: Measuring the Extent to Which Participants Have Learned • Level 3: Measuring the Results of Training Back on the Job • Level 4: Measuring the Organizational Impact of Training • Return on Investment • Reporting Results • The Bare Minimum • Key Points • What to Do Next • Additional Resources


Chapter 10: THE FOLLOW-UP COACH • Before the Workshop Begins • During the Workshop • At the Close of the Workshop • After the Workshop • What to Do Next • Additional Resources • Training • Project Management and Interpersonal Skills


Chapter 11: LEARNING ACTIVITIES • Learning Activities Included in Project Management Training

Chapter 12: ASSESSMENTS • Assessments Included in Project Management Training

Chapter 13: HANDOUTS • Handouts Included in Project Management Training

Chapter 14: PROJECT MANAGER TOOLKIT • Tools Included in the Project Manager Toolkit

Chapter 15: ONLINE SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS AND DOWNLOADS • Access to Free Supporting Materials • Customizable Materials • Working With the Files • PDF Documents • PowerPoint Slides



About the Author:

Wes Balakian is CEO of True Solutions Inc., a Dallas-based global project management consulting and training organization. He is a published author, accomplished speaker, strategic facilitator, and program manager delivering strategic planning and program management consulting services to a variety of organizations including military, nonprofit, governmental, and commercial entities throughout the world. During his career, he has been a management consultant, a college professor, a corporate executive, and a business owner. Before founding True Solutions Inc., he held management positions with several Fortune 100 companies and served as a senior strategic planning and performance management consultant and adviser to many global corporations.

As a strategic facilitator Wes has worked with boards of directors and executive management to develop strategic initiatives that have delivered positive results to Fortune's Global 1000 companies. Wes's innovative style has helped him become a proven leader in program management, portfolio management, project planning, and delivery of business solutions across industries. He is well versed in corporate culture and strategic alignment as it relates to organizational maturity, business process, logistics, and manufacturing and is known for his practical expertise as a successful mentor and facilitator. His experience includes development of critical business process improvement strategies and short- and long-term strategic planning for executive management teams. He has extensive knowledge in implementation and management of complex, business-to-business process solutions for client relationship management and workforce optimization. Wes has consulted or worked for many global organizations, including J.P. Morgan, Texas Instruments, Verizon, MCI, EDS, Flowserve, Cisco Systems, and Hewlett-Packard.

As a true project management evangelist with a long history of volunteerism, Wes has been instrumental in changing the way program and project management is delivered, perceived, and globally received. His award-winning programs have been taught and used by dozens of organizations, including Oracle, Saudi Telecom, Aramco, Shell, Ericsson, MBFS (Mercedes-Benz Financial Services), Sabre, Delta Airlines, U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, General Services Administration, Federal Reserve Bank ,and the city of Dallas. Balakian, who is a PMP® credential holder, has authored several books on project management and PMP® exam preparation. He has been a contributing leader of the Project Management Institute (PMI) since 1999 and has held positions on PMI's board.

Wes holds an advanced master's certificate in project management from George Washington University's School of Business. He recently graduated from PMI's Leadership Institute Master Class in Budapest.


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