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Perfect Grammar

Perfect Grammar

Perfect Grammar

Perfect Grammar

How to Recognise, Correct and Avoid Grammatical Errors

  • By: Dr Derek Soles

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ISBN: 9788130933665

Bind: Paperback

Year: 2016

Pages: 192

Size: 140 x 216 mm

Publisher: Studymates Limited

Published in India by: Viva Books

Exclusive Distributors: Viva Books

Sales Territory: India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka


Ideal for Students, teachers, business people, and creative writers
Who else wants to make their writing sparkle? How often have you written something and not been sure if it is correct? Should you write • its?, • it's? or • it is? Armed with this book, you will never make those errors again. This is an essential guide for students and teachers in education and for people in business. Communication is in any organisation and good grammar is the  oil that lubricates the flow of communication.

The book explains:
 •  The causes of run-on sentences
 •  Pronoun reference and agreement
 •  The many enemies of sentence clarity
 •  How to avoid sentence fragmentation
 •  Verb tense
 •  Subject-verb agreement

As well as this, the book explains the rules of punctuation and the relationship between grammar and usage.

Target Audience:

This book is helpful for students and academicians of English business people and creative writers.


Chapter 1: The anatomy of an English sentence
The simple sentence •  The compound sentence •  The complex sentence •  The compound complex sentence Tutorial
Chapter 2: Writing complete sentences
Sentence fragments caused by a missing subject or verb •  The sentence fragment caused by a subordinate conjunction or a relative pronoun •  When the sentence fragment is acceptable •  Tutorial
Chapter 3: Avoiding run-on sentences
Correcting a run-on sentence by adding a coordinate conjunction •  Correcting a run-on sentence by using punctuation •  Correcting a run-on sentence using a subordinate conjunction •  Correcting a run-on sentence using a relative pronoun •  Correcting a run-on sentence by using a phrase •  Tutorial
Chapter 4: Writing clear sentences
Recognising and avoiding faulty parallelism •  Recognising and avoiding misplaced and dangling modifiers •  Recognising and avoiding ambiguous shifts •  Recognising and avoiding wordiness  •  Recognising and avoiding faulty predication  •  Tutorial
Chapter 5: Pronoun reference and agreement
Avoiding ambiguous pronouns  •  Gender specific pronouns  •  Tutorial
Chapter 6: Pronoun case
Definition •  Select the proper case when the pronoun is paired with a noun  •  Avoid misuse of who and whom •  Use possessive case before a gerund, objective case before a participle •  Use the subjective case after the verb • to be? •  Avoid misuse of the reflexive pronoun •  Tutorial
Chapter 7: Subject-verb agreement
Beware of words that come between a subject and its verb •  The collective noun •  Sentences with more than one subject •  Agreement and the indefinite pronoun •  Singular verbs with plural complements Tutorial
Chapter 8: Verb tense
Regular and irregular verbs •  To lay and to lie •  Will and shall •  Perfect verb tense •  Tense and when writing about works of art and literature •  Tutorial
Chapter 9: Grammar and punctuation
When to use a semi-colon between sentences •  Commas separate non-essential words, phrases, and clauses •  The comma between coordinate adjectives •  Words, phrases, and clauses in a series •  Tutorial
Chapter 10: Grammar and usage
Nouns and pronouns frequently misused •  Verbs frequently misused •  Modifiers frequently misused •  Tutorial

Supplementary exercise A •  Supplementary exercise B •  Answers to supplementary exercise A •  Answers to supplementary exercise B •  Glossary


About the Authors:

Dr Derek Soles teaches in higher education and is a very experienced teacher of English. Derek soles is the author of The Academic Essay, from Studymates.


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