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Nursing Research, Revised and Updated Second Edition

Nursing Research, Revised and Updated Second Edition

Nursing Research, Revised and Updated Second Edition

Building Evidence for Practice

  • By: Dr. R. Bincy

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ISBN: 9788130918006

Bind: Paperback

Year: 2017

Pages: 500

Size: 172 x 242 mm

Publisher: Viva Books Originals

Sales Territory: Worldwide


Scientifically designed and meticulously written, this second edition of Nursing Research: Building Evidence for Practice contains an up-to-date and clinically relevant account of the latest advances in nursing research. With lucid organization and clarity in content, the book stands apart from every other book currently available on the subject.

Features of the book:

  • Based on the Indian Nursing Council (INC) and Kerala University of Health Sciences (KUHS) syllabi
  • A student-friendly and innovative approach aided with self-explanatory diagrams
  • Significant and accurate content in all areas of nursing research
  • An efficient book of reference for nursing graduates, postgraduates and Ph.D. research scholars all alike
  • Also immensely helpful in the preparation of various competitive examinations including post-graduation entrances, Ph.D. entrances, Public Service Commission examinations, etc.
  • Practice and example-oriented simplified version

Target Audience:

Students and academicians of Nursing.




Preface to the Second Edition
Preface to the First Edition
Chapter 1. Concept of Nursing Research
Chapter 2. Initiating Research and Overcoming Obstacles
Chapter 3. Research Process
Chapter 4. Research Problem
Chapter 5. Hypothesis
Chapter 6. Searching the Literature
Chapter 7. Conceptual and Theoretical Framework
Chapter 8. Ethical Considerations in Nursing Research
Chapter 9. Research Design
Chapter 10. Mixed Methods Research
Chapter 11. Research Proposal
Chapter 12. Identification of Participants and Data Collection
Chapter 13. Data Analysis and Interpretation
Chapter 14. Communication and Utilization of Nursing Research and Critique of Research Report
Chapter 15. Evidence-Based Nursing
Chapter 16. Quality Improvement in Nursing Research
Chapter 17. Introduction to Statistics
Chapter 18. Ease of Research through Computers
Appendix I: Useful References for Writing and Presenting Research
Appendix II: List of Funding Sources for Nursing Research
Appendix III: Important Websites for Scientific Nursing Research
Appendix IV: Statistical Formulae used in Nursing Research
Appendix V: Experiences of Post-graduate Students in their Nursing Projects
Appendix VI: Evaluation Criteria for Dissertation and Viva for M.Sc. Nursing
Appendix VII: “ t” Table Value
Appendix VIII: Significant Values of -2
Appendix IX: Table of Critical Values of Spearman's Correlation Coefficient
Appendix X: Table of Critical Values of Correlation Coefficient
Appendix XI: Table of Percentage Points for the Wilcoxon Signed-rank Sum Text


About the Author:

Dr. R. Bincy is the principal of the Govt. College of Nursing, Alappuzha, Kerala, and has twenty-seven years of teaching and twenty-two years of research experience. She completed her post-graduation with first rank from the Govt. College of Nursing, Thiruvananthapuram. She was awarded her Ph.D. degree by the University of Kerala in 2004. The Ph.D. Consortium constituted by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Indian Nursing Council (INC) as well as University of Kerala recognized Dr. R. Bincy as a Ph.D. guide. Currently she is a Ph.D. guide and examiner for various Indian universities.
Dr. R. Bincy has guided several postgraduate and Ph.D. scholars in their research projects. Two of her research scholars have been awarded Ph.D. recently. Trained in Trauma Care Nursing from Lorna Linda University, California, USA, Dr. R. Bincy is the author of several works published in national and international journals.
Dr. R. Bincy is presently a member of Board of Studies of various universities of Kerala. Further, the Govt. of Kerala has nominated her as a Senate Member to Kerala University of Health Sciences (KUHS). She has been honoured with Dr. S. Radhakrishnan Award for her valuable contribution to education and research. Her role as the lead co-ordinator at the international conference on “Challenges in Clinical Nursing Research” conducted at Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram, in 2010 is commendable.


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